KDE 2 Final Beta Preview is out!

The final beta preview of KDE 2, code named Kandidat, has been announced and is available for download(remember there are several ftp mirrors). It is now based on the final Qt 2.2 and and won't work with a Qt 2.2 beta. Update: Debian packages of this final beta are already available in the woody distribution.

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by Christian Groove (not verified)

Great job

Unfortunately there are no rh-62 packages
available. Due to the success of this
distribution it would be a grant, iff
this environment will be considered too.

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

The official Red Hat package manager who was responsible for this was unfortunately on vacation. He's back now.

Robert actually tried his hand at creating the RPMs but dropped the effort once Bero came back. So it shouldn't be too long before the Red Hat RPMs are out if they aren't already.

There's no conspiracy or boycotting involved at either end. Btw, do try compiling from source if you can't wait. It's not that hard.


by KLM (not verified)

Unfortunately the RPMs at the moment do not include koffice and kdegraphics (which is very important to me because of kdvi, my favorite dvi viewer).

It also seems that the rpms are assembled from scratch and not using the spec file from the Beta3 ones. If it is true -- why ?

KDE is great !!! I'm looking forward for kdegraphics rpm to try the Beta5 finally.


by Felix Rodriguez (not verified)

I have RedHat and ended up compiling it. It took me a whole day. So yes a rpm would be less time consuming although I did get much more satisfaction from compiling it from the source.

by W. Havinga (not verified)

This is why a Dual Celeron rules.

After you have compiled qt, kdelibs and kdesupport, you can start two compile jobs (just ./configure;make in two dirs at the same time) which goes nearly twice as fast. Still takes half a day (4 to 5 hours or so) to compile a complete KDE from scratch. This using 2x466 Celeron with only 64 MB memory (which is about just enough not to let it swap when compiling 2 things at a time - 128 MB would be great, but memory is too expensive at the moment)

Oh, and this machine (complete with case, Abit BP6 mobo, cheapo VGA, 4.3Gig HDD, 2x466 celeron, 64MB RAM, no screen) cost me less than $500 (about 1200 dutch guilders)

by Ossi (not verified)

just use
make -j 2
instead of "struggeling" with several compiles at once ;-)

by Vad (not verified)

Actually, the real problem in my mind is not
the lack or RPMs, but the lack of binary tarballs.
I really want to beta test KDE2, but I do real
work with my machine. So overwriting KDE1 with
a beta version -- even a really cool one --
is a definite no-no.

I used to try out KDE CVS builds all the time
when Christopher Molnar was building binary
tarballs. I would have loved to have done the same
with 1.94.


by Matthias Lange (not verified)

What distribution are you using?

On my SuSE 6.4, KDE2 peacefully coexists
with kde1 in /opt/kde2 and /opt/kde2 respectively.

it is not difficult to set up, simply type

rpm -i k*.rpm

pizza salami please