People Behind KDE: Rik Hemsley

This week, in The People Behind
, Tink interviews Rik Hemsley, who is actively working on Empath, a
groupware project much like Outlook for the KDE PIM project. In fact, his claim to fame is that "people seem to know me as the Empath man, but it's not even released yet."

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by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

Empath? Where can I read more about it?

What about Aethera (earlier called Magellan)?
theKompany is working on it, and the first beta should be made available this month.

More information here.

I can't find anything about which license it will use, so maybe that's the reason for two seperate products?

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

It will be a GPL license for the client application.

by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

Thanks for the info - which made me more curious ;-)
What license will be used for the server? Or that is maybe not decided yet?

What about the first public beta is it still scheduled to be released in november?

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

The server is a closed source commercial product, we have to make money somewhere :). It is designed to allow small to medium companies, or even large and huge companies, able to implement groupware and workflow control for a much lower cost than Notes or Exchange with a lower cost of ownership as well. We are still working on all the details in terms of what the server will handle, but coding has already started.

Right now we are still anticipating that the first Aethera public beta will still be in November. I've had to pull a couple of developers to finish some other projects, so we got slightly delayed.

by Hasso Tepper (not verified)

> I can't find anything about which license it
> will use, so maybe that's the reason for two
> seperate products?

Three separate products. Magellan is not dead.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Am I the only one who knows that the GPL is *viral*?
Look at all the restrictions!
KDE made a mistake by using the GPL.
They should have used the BSD license instead!

Compare the BSD license with socialism:
"You can have this. And you can do whatever you want."
Compare the GPL with communism.
"You can't have this. You can only do what we tell you."

Anybody who doesn't agree is ignorant to the reality.

(actually I'm only quoting some posts of some stupid Slashdot poster)

by Lenny (not verified)

Why do you quote things which are plainly stupid and wrong ?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Give your comments to those stupid Slashdotters, not me.

by Another anonymous (not verified)

You're the one who chose to post the comments in here. Take responsibility for your own actions!

by none (not verified)

Yes gpl is really bad.. and has a lot of restriction
Bsd is the best!

Open sould be really open.. better closed source then..

by Anonymous (not verified)


by Mike Hunt (not verified)

I actually found this quite inspiring: it shows people that they can go (almost) straight from menial job to being a productive KDE programmer - most people think they have to have 10 years C++ to be any help.

by krazyC (not verified)

well this kid is probably very smart.

by Mike Hunt (not verified)

Probably. But I'm sure a lot of KDE users are of this level of intellect (degree from good university), but just think of C++ as one of those things they wish they'd got around to learning.

by krazyC (not verified)

true. i see what you mean.

by caatje (not verified)

very inspiring indeed.

i'm a pascal (delphi) programmer, but right now i'm studying c++ to write my first c++ (kde) app.

by F@lk (not verified)

Do you remember what the joke about gzip was? ;-)