Antialiased Konqueror!

Keith Packard, member of the XFree86 Core Team and author of the highly anticipated Render extension for X, posted an exciting screenshot Sunday to kde-devel: Konqueror displaying using antialiased text! Unfortunately the code is not ready for general use, but Keith offered a rough patch for Qt to set things in motion. Matthias Ettrich (along with many other enthusiastic core developers) expressed interest, and mentioned Keith's code may be included as soon as Qt version 2.2.3. You can read the full discussion on kde-devel, starting with Keith's initial announcement, here.


I still have a RiscPC, and an a3000 before that (although I run linux on my x86)

This is a VERY welcome addition - I used Acorns for years before seeing a windows machine, and my eyes hurt as they followed every jagged pixel :o)

Its the sort of thing that you dont notice so much until its gone.

By Funky_Peanut at Wed, 2000/12/06 - 6:00am

I've still got my RISC-PC and A3010. The anti-aliasing on these beats anything I've ever seen, including Mac OS X, Windoze Whistler and the Render extension to X (very welcome, though). It even looks good on a 640x256 screen in 8bpp...

By jpmfan at Wed, 2000/12/06 - 6:00am

Here's a pic and some info on a fully antialiased KDE:

By Zank Frappa at Thu, 2000/12/07 - 6:00am