KDE 3.0 Beta2 is Out

KDE 3.0 Beta2 was announced today after a delay due to a variety of problems. This new release should provide a great opportunity for those interested in helping hunt down bugs or simply seeing where the future of KDE is headed. Read the full announcement for details. "One of the major improvements brought by KDE 3.0 over KDE 2.2 is the Javascript/DHTML support in Konqueror. The DOM 2 model, used to render an HTML page, is now mostly implemented, and changes to the DOM tree are handled much better. The Javascript bindings and support is almost complete, faster and more stable than in KDE 2. These changes result in a much-improved rendering of dynamic websites and is something users will immediately appreciate."

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by jd (not verified)

I have been running recent CVS for a few days and I must say it rocks! When they say konq is improved they are not kidding, I rarely have any problems with 2.2.2, but the latest just flies. :)

Yes, there is a heap of minor bugs, but I found it very stable and quite workable.

by zack (not verified)

Is AA finally working in this release? That has been something that's been keeping me from switching over to KDE3 from KDE2. What can I say, I'm an AA junkie ;)

by Sam (not verified)

he,he AA in 3.0 is much better in my eyes than in 2.2

Do I need to say more ?

by emmanuel (not verified)

last time i checked, non-AA fonts were displayed as well as AA fonts and i couldn't find a way to display ONLY AA fonts => was really a problem..

i hope it's fixed now..

by Tim (not verified)

It's a feature, not a bug..



by emmanuel (not verified)

i'm sure you know the axiom "a bug is a feature that you cannot turn off" (or vice-versa).

by Erik Hensema (not verified)

No, it doesn't work. I've setup AA without any trouble in KDE2, but I can't get it to work in KDE3.

Using Suse 7.1, downloaded the binary RPMs.

by me (not verified)

if this ain't AA...
kde cvs (compiled sources)

by ac (not verified)

Try running qtconfig. This is a bug that will be fixed before release.

by not me (not verified)

I ran qtconfig, and it still doesn't work. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. What happens is most programs started from Kicker (and kicker itself) don't use all the new fancy alpha-transparency and AA fonts. If I start a KDE program from the terminal, I get nice alpha-blended shadows and stuff but I still can't access any AA fonts. Using KDE and qt-copy from just before beta2 (probably during the CVS and mail blackout, CVSup was still working), on Debian.

I'll try compiling again soon, hopefully that will fix the problem. If not, maybe I'll start trying to investigate what's happening.

by Sad Eagle (not verified)

Edit startkde and remove LD_BIND_NOW=true..
Unfortunately,that will slow some things down

by Anonymous (not verified)

Usually removing "true" only from this line will help too.

by not me (not verified)

Well, even that didn't do it. Hopefully it will fix itself next time I update KDE/QT.

by Sad Eagle (not verified)

Edit startkde and remove LD_BIND_NOW=true..
Unfortunately,that will slow some things down at kdeinit will not be as
effective at reducing the linking time.

by Danny (not verified)

Avtually, for me (LM 8.2cooker), AA is working perfectly, except that
in KHTML, it is not listening to my XftConfig preferences (no AA between 8 and 15 pt).

by Dr_LHA (not verified)

Yet again - no Redhat binaries. I'd love to try this out at home, but I'm running a little known and little used OS called Redhat 7.2 :-)

by Richard Moore (not verified)

Then talk to redhat. We don't build binaries for anyone - some distros choose to make the effort and some don't.


by Dr_LHA (not verified)

> Then talk to redhat. We don't build binaries for anyone - some distros choose to make the effort and some don't.

Yeah - I know. Sorry if this seemed aimed at the KDE developers - it wasn't - I was just being a grouch. "bero" needs to pull his finger out and get working on it. :-)

Closest I can find is this:


by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

Bero is working his arse off.
He does these builds on his OWN time outside of RH time AFAIK.

Cut him some slack and call/email/yell at RH tech support. It is no secret what RH thinks about KDE, it is just Bero is not in agreement with them.

-ian reinhart geiser

by Dr_LHA (not verified)

> Bero is working his arse off.

As evidenced by the link I gave to the web page he maintains with the daily CVS builds. I just happen to think also that a beta2 set of rpms would be more useful than daily CVS builds for bug reporting/fixing. I don't care who builds them - but it'd be nice if someone did.

> It is no secret what RH thinks about KDE, it is just Bero is not in agreement with them.

Well they do have 2.2.2 available for RH7.2 - so I think you should cut RH some slack. Personally my only gripe with RH at the moment is that they don't support CUPS in their KDE rpms - meaning I have to recompile kdelibs from source.

by Eduardo (not verified)

> Well they do have 2.2.2 available for RH7.2 - so I think you should cut RH some slack.

Yeah, right. With a showstopper bug like this:

which renders all non-us keyboards unusable. Yeah, you can use KDE, but you cannot use it in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, etc... That is why KDE support in Red Hat -despite the efforts of bero- is downright laughable.

by Dr_LHA (not verified)

> Yeah, right. With a showstopper bug like this:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=54220

Hmm.. that does suck.

> which renders all non-us keyboards unusable.

Well that's not entirely true: My UK keyboard works under RH's KDE 2.2.2 fine.


by Carg (not verified)

You have already commented on this on Slashdot and bero has replied. One day before you posted here, actually.

Others can read the comments on http://slashdot.org/~bero-rh.

by Eduardo (not verified)

I have answered him, too. His "workarounds" don't work in my particular keyboard layout. Besides that, the workaround is not docummented.

by Carg (not verified)

Calling/mailing/yelling RH's tech support won't do you any good. You only get that support if you paid for it, and even if you did, the support doesn't include beta versions of software included with Red Hat.

Bero is in agreement with RH, at least until HE says otherwise. Don't put words in his mouth.

by Ant Banks (not verified)

kwitcherbitchen & check rawhide....ftp://rawhide.redhat.com

by Dr_LHA (not verified)

No beta2 rpms there. Some CVS builds.

by daniel (not verified)

Why cant you just compile it yourself?

by Darren Mossman (not verified)

I suggest learning how to compile from source. Never worry about not
finding binaries again.

by Spider (not verified)

Well, thats all nice and dandy if you run a LFS system, but if you ever want the full use of a package manager, you do -not- want to blend "built-from-source" and prepackaged software, since that will make upgrades more or less impossible, and also will probably break quite some dependencies (from source overwrites packaged version, fex.)

by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

So far i have been VERY impressed with KDE 3.0. We demoed it at LWE on an AMD K6 and it was more responsive than KDE 2.2 on my athlon at home.

My only gripe thus far is it seems there are a few rough areas with Keyboard accelleration and styles. (I hate the default QT styles, and it seems keys randomly do things in KDE 3.0)

I was most impressed that I was able to move my KDE 2.2.1 to KDE 3.0 cvs preferences better than I was able to go from KDE 2.1 to 2.2.

Next target KOffice... now that is really starting to look sexy too. I love the new KPresenter, it will really be worth the wait.

-ian reinhart geiser

by Sad Eagle (not verified)

If you can't access KDE styles, run qtconfig (It's in bin directory under Qt3 install root),
go to Library Paths tab, and add $KDEDIR/lib/kde3/plugins to it. Save, and KDE should
be able to find its styles.

Not being able to find KDE style plugins is a minor and subtle Qt buglet the fix for which
should be in there sometime soon..

by Lecter (not verified)

Thanks for the tip.
I was wondering why my favorite style
has disappeared...

by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

wow, thanks
now i have have light3 :)

-ian reinhart geiser

by someone (not verified)

A KDE developer not using CVS before any exhibition and not reading http://www.kde.org/info/3.0.html or mailing-lists? :-)

by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

um, i dont get it?
i read the lists, as well as one can, and am on cvs, core-devel and devel.

-ian reinhart geiser

by someone (not verified)
by someone (not verified)

Sad but true that there will be no KOffice 1.2/KOffice for KDE 3 until mid August which will be around the time when KDE 3.1 will be released.

by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

Why is this sad?
Why not make KOffice as stable as possible?
Sometimes I wonder why people love running crappy software just to say they have the latest beta. Good things come to those who wait, and better things come to those who help ;)

-ian reinhart geiser

by ne... (not verified)

I don't think you understand. KDE betas are much better than some
version 5.00.2195 software ;-). Plus all this waiting, I mean, there
is only so much drooling a man can do. After that he needs his fix.

by Monkey Beater (not verified)

cvs checkout koffice
make -f Makefile.cvs
./configure --prefix=$yourkdedir
make install


Yes it is infintely more stable than Openoffice even as prealpha, and printing even works ;) There are a whole boatload of new features there, and some neat stuff on the backside. KWord and KPresenter are looking very solid, and Kontour is getting a major overhaul. Even Krayon is getting a great deal of attention.

-ian reinhart geiser

by someone (not verified)

Krayon great deal of attention? Don't exagerate, http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-cvs&w=2&r=1&s=krayon&q=b

by someone (not verified)

Every KDE Beta is accompanied by a call to 3rd party developers to port their KDE2 applications to KDE3 and best until KDE 3.0 release. I think the hope is to make the switching period from KDE2 to KDE3 short. Only KDE itself will not deliver a KOffice release for KDE3 for at least 5 months. This will cause many users and distributions not to switch to KDE3 as default soon. In my opinion there should be something like "KOffice 1.1.2 for KDE3" even if the slogan given is "no new KOffice release without WSYIWYG".

by ac (not verified)

Relax. someone (not you) is porting KDE 1.1.1 to KDE3.

by someone (not verified)

Who? URL? That's the first time I hear about this.

by someone (not verified)

Found it myself, didn't exspect it in the KOffice user mailing-list: http://lists.kde.org/?l=koffice&m=101363976127826&w=2

by Eric E (not verified)

Hi yall,

I was thrilled to find out that KDE3b2 had been packaged into Mandrake 8.1 RPMs - saves me many hours of compiling. Even more excited to find that they don't overwrite KDE 2.2, but instead install to /opt/kde3. I'm installing now.
Huge kudos to all of the good folks at Mandrake for this. With luck, future RPMs releases will let you run as many concurrent KDE's as your disk will allow, all easy as you please.

One weird thing did happen, though, when I installing
and all subsequent RPMs I get the following message:

file /opt/kde3/lib/libkdecore.so.4.0.0;3c6af3c8 is truncated

A truncated library seems like trouble to me, so I downloaded the RPM again and reinstalled - same result.
Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know what it's about?

Thanks for advice, and thanks for the great work on KDE.



by Somebody (not verified)

now get me some debs dammit! I cant even compile cause there's no up-to-date qt3 deb package, and I cant really be arsed to compile qt3 (that and I've hardly got any disk space... pride more than necessity stopped me from upgrading from a 5Gb hard disk but maybe I really do need a bigger one...)

by DanielS (not verified)

Yeah, comments like this are what makes me want to work my arse off even MORE than I already am! Great!

My .deb's are halfway there, but I've recently had to abandon all my morals and beg for access to a build box on debian-kde. I suggest you try building all of qt, kdelibs, etc, with *NO* guarantee of a successful build, on a p2 350. Then to have kdebase stop because it's run out of room, even when there's nothing else on your largest partition apart from /.

I hope to have the .deb's out soon, but remember: I have a life, too. I have school, work, and more. I also have a gf 220km away, which will take up most of my weekend except for Saturday, because I didn't see her today.

You'll get the debs when I have time. In the meantime, deal with KDE2.2.

Of course, you can just run debuild -B -us -uc from the source trees, but I don't recommend it. I have no idea whether or not it'll build right, and it may or may not install in the right places. That's why it's taking a while - I'm redoing the packaging from scratch to be more sane, and thoroughly testing them. If you want to help, jump on #debian-kde on OpenProjects and talk to either myself or anyone else if I'm not around, and see what you can do to help; it'd be much appreciated.

Eek, bell's just rung for 6th session. Indo, whoo.


BTW: if you're really, really desperate for kdelibs packages, I have some packages of those that largely work; there are only two known issues which I have both workarounds and proper fixes for. Email me.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

:: I have school, work, and more. I also have a gf 220km away, which will take up most of my weekend except for Saturday, because I didn't see her today.

Hey, guys... here's a brilliant concept: if you use debian, why not pool together and do something for this guy? Seriously - you all use the fruits of his labour... it would be nice to support him.