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Auro-100-transparent [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/08 - 7:22pm
I took the Agik transparent desktoptheme but made a few changes in it. So now the panel is 100% transparent. Feel...

Auro-B [Aurorae Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/08 - 6:58pm
I gave the Auro-G Aurorae windowborder theme other control buttons. I hope they are easier to see.

Copperwhite [Aurorae Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/08 - 3:51pm
Black and blue

Huen [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Wed, 2017/11/08 - 8:58am
Huen generates a Plasma theme colourised to match your current wallpaper. Demonstration video here: N.B. this must...

Summer Aurorae Theme [Aurorae Themes]

Tue, 2017/11/07 - 7:30pm
Plasma Color Schemes & qtcurve : Icon Theme :

Hard Disk Totals [System Monitor Tabs]

Tue, 2017/11/07 - 12:42pm
Displays read and write totals for disks.

Copperwhite [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Tue, 2017/11/07 - 12:32pm
Adapted for Manjero Linux

Mac OS X Icon [Icon Themes]

Mon, 2017/11/06 - 8:39am
This icon theme inspired on Mac OS X icons and it contains the icons for Devices and Places only. The other type icons will be uploaded soon ;-)

Glass of water [Icon Themes]

Mon, 2017/11/06 - 7:47am
Стакан воды Used icon Oxygen Team, Human-O2 by schollidesign, MAC OS X by balasakthi, OSX BY N00bun2, Faenza by Matthieu James,...

OlliFri Qtcurve Dark Blue [QtCurve]

Sun, 2017/11/05 - 5:34pm
Dark QtCure based Plasma 5 theme with blue switches and sliders Dunkles QtCure basierendes Plasma 5 Thema mit blauen Schaltern und Slidern

Git Cola Dolphin Service Menu [Dolphin Service Menus]

Sun, 2017/11/05 - 5:11pm
Simple service to open Git Cola in the current directory. Important: Requires "git-cola". Please install it before using the...

Lava Plasma grille Wallpaper [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Sun, 2017/11/05 - 2:57pm
3D Wallpaper plasma logo in lava with honeycomb grille To download click Files and then Click in the icon DL Para fazer o download clique em...

Material Plymouth theme [Plymouth Themes]

Sun, 2017/11/05 - 11:08am
ONLY FOR 1024X768 SCREEN RESOLUTION LOGOS MADED IN FLAMINGTEXT WEBSITE you can easily create your own to adapt to your sreen...

Systemd Control [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Sun, 2017/11/05 - 2:50am
This is a simple plasma applet for KDE Plasma 5 to control systemd services. It is not designed to be a complete user interface for systemd, but...

Plasma Vivo [QtCurve]

Sat, 2017/11/04 - 9:55pm
Tema QtCurve con colores vivos en las barras de progreso y sliders. Hay algunos problemas con la barra lateral de libreoffice, ya que no...

Plasma Vivo [QtCurve]

Sat, 2017/11/04 - 9:51pm
Tema Plano, con colores vivos en Sliders, Barras y otros detalles.

Sci-Fi HUD [Conky]

Sat, 2017/11/04 - 11:12am
Resolution 1920x1080 pack it into the user folder and start conky_start

Dex Icon Theme ( KDE ) [Icon Themes]

Sat, 2017/11/04 - 12:54am
*YOU NEED TO LOGOUT * Dex Icon Theme - KDE Plasma Color Schemes & qtcurve : *YOU NEED TO LOGOUT *

OlliFri QtCurve Gray Glas [QtCurve]

Fri, 2017/11/03 - 4:26pm
A gray QtCurve theme. For those who do not like too bright surfaces. Ein in Grau gehaltenes QtCurve Thema. Für alle die zu helle Flächen nicht...

Vallpaper [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Fri, 2017/11/03 - 2:43pm
Plasma5 different wallpaper (slideshow, color) for each desktop Install: sudo plasmapkg2 -g -t wallpaperplugin --install Vallpaper