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Arch blots (1920x1080) [Wallpapers Arch]

Mon, 2017/03/27 - 2:05pm

Arch blots 2 (1920x1080) [Wallpapers Arch]

Mon, 2017/03/27 - 2:03pm

Sunset [Landscapes]

Mon, 2017/03/27 - 9:50am
Sunset, Aniva gulf

MacOS [Mouse Cursors]

Mon, 2017/03/27 - 7:26am

Another spring [Wallpaper Other]

Sun, 2017/03/26 - 10:26pm
Picture size available 1920x1200.

Now Dock [Plasma 5 Extensions]

Sun, 2017/03/26 - 8:36pm
This is a Plasma Panel and Plasmoid that try to implement the mac or plank way of task management... Now Dock development is...

Simple System Monitor [Plasma 5 Extensions]

Sun, 2017/03/26 - 2:22pm
A simple monitor for plasma, completely written in QML and Javascript. Currently can show OS info, CPU load/temp and memory load. Support...

Tortoise [Animals]

Sun, 2017/03/26 - 9:27am
"Susi" the old-aged tortoise from Thuringia Germany

Colors [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2017/03/26 - 5:58am
Colors icon theme. Uses elements of Vibrancy-Colors,Faenza,Numix Colors Blue Green Orange Purple Yellow

Simple Linux Lite Plymouth with progress bar [Plymouth Themes]

Sat, 2017/03/25 - 12:15pm
copy to /usr/share/plymouth/themes run this in terminal sudo ln -sf /usr/share/plymouth/themes/lite-colorT/lite-colorT.plymouth...

Gray October over the Moutains [Landscapes]

Sat, 2017/03/25 - 11:29am
Blick vom Ruppberg zum Thüringer Wald Zella-Mehlis, Thüringen

Hidden in the dark [Abstract]

Sat, 2017/03/25 - 11:13am
Open to interpretation.

Simplistic Blue [Abstract]

Sat, 2017/03/25 - 5:41am
Another Abstract I did while goofing around with Gimp.

Proverbs 12-8 [Abstract]

Sat, 2017/03/25 - 5:03am
This is a simple abstract that I was I asked to create by a good friend.

Built in Furniture Supplier [Wallpaper Other]

Sat, 2017/03/25 - 4:00am
Built in Furniture Supplier Decon is on top list when you are looking Built in Furniture Suppliers, Built-in furniture are a very special type of...

Magestic View From Neuschwanstein Castle [Landscapes]

Fri, 2017/03/24 - 7:11pm
A photo taken by me while visiting Neuschwanstein castle last year. If you are a photo professional feel free to edit this and add some...

gealach [Plasma 5 Extensions]

Fri, 2017/03/24 - 6:08pm
# gealach This is a rewritten Plasmoid displaying the current phase of the moon. Gealach (or ghealach) is the gaelic word for moon. On being...

Cool Plymouth Theme for Ubuntu or derivated distros [Plymouth Themes]

Fri, 2017/03/24 - 5:57pm
first thanks to Anaron from deviantart here is the original subject link :...

Freedom [Wallpaper Other]

Fri, 2017/03/24 - 5:27pm
The Gift of freedom is yours by right. Freedom to express yourself in your way. The freedom we all seek is with in us; not within a distant...

Linux Lite Plymouth UNIVERSAL RESOLUTION [Plymouth Themes]

Fri, 2017/03/24 - 3:26pm
for all screens resolutions below 2160x1440 extract the file and copy the liteboot folder and replace the existent one on...