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Morningstar [Skrooge Quote Sources]

Thu, 2016/12/08 - 9:51pm
To download quotes from

Google [Skrooge Quote Sources]

Thu, 2016/12/08 - 9:50pm
To download units from google finance

Amundi [Skrooge Quote Sources]

Thu, 2016/12/08 - 9:49pm
To download quotes from

PCLinuxOS Wallpaper [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/12/08 - 6:22am
PCLinuxOS Neon

PCLinuxOS Wallpaper [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/12/08 - 3:39am
PCLinuxOS White Emboss

PCLinuxOS Wallpaper [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/12/08 - 3:37am
PCLinuxOS Rising

PCLinuxOS Wallpaper [Wallpaper]

Thu, 2016/12/08 - 3:30am

PCLinuxOS Wallpaper [Wallpaper]

Wed, 2016/12/07 - 8:19pm
My first uploaded wallpapers. Please comment and advise. Will make wallpaper fo you if you like.

autoentrepreneur [Skrooge Report Templates]

Wed, 2016/12/07 - 12:29pm
This report is for french "autoentrepreneur" to display the "Livre chronologique des recettes" and the "Registre des achats" by professional...

freelance [Skrooge Report Templates]

Wed, 2016/12/07 - 12:21pm
This report is for french freelancers to display the list of operations for the period of time. A version with splits is available to:...

love4debian-red-1920x1080 [Wallpapers Debian]

Wed, 2016/12/07 - 10:15am
A simple & minimalistic dark Debian wallpaper, with dark "black-to-red" background, and with red "Love for Debian abstract symbols" in foreground....

freelance-ventilee [Skrooge Report Templates]

Wed, 2016/12/07 - 9:57am
This report is for french freelancers to display the list of operations (and splits) for the period of time.

Love4debian-green-1920x1080 [Abstract]

Wed, 2016/12/07 - 9:44am
A simple & minimalistic wallpaper, dark green background, Love for Debian in foreground. Simply love !!

Hot marmulyada [Wallpaper]

Wed, 2016/12/07 - 12:03am
Image resolution 2560x1600, 1680x1050, 1024x768. Enjoy! :)

Yes You can do it! [Abstract]

Tue, 2016/12/06 - 11:16pm
Image resolutions available 2560x1600, 1024x768, 1680x1050, 1600x900 and 2560x1600 without text header. Welcome!

Wallpaper Fedora summer Обои Fedora summer [Wallpapers Fedora]

Tue, 2016/12/06 - 12:15pm
Cute Wallpapers for desktop distributive Fedorа bright juicy. File format *.jpg , size 1280x1024. In order to use copy to /usr/share/wallpapers....

Kdenlive testing title [Kdenlive Template]

Mon, 2016/12/05 - 8:23pm
A basic testing title to download

#'Twas as the day was dawning# [Wallpapers Gnome]

Mon, 2016/12/05 - 8:16pm
(1920 x 1200) Zorin Wallpaper - old logo

Kdenlive rendering test [Kdenlive Profile]

Mon, 2016/12/05 - 7:17pm
This is a test for the new profile category

SDDM Theme Breeze Nightmode [SDDM Login Themes]

Mon, 2016/12/05 - 6:19pm
SDDM Theme Breeze Nightmode is a modification of the standard Breeze (Plasma 5.8.4) theme. ADDED: - Option to change the plain color...