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Kwave 0.9.0 (KDE Sound Application)

Mon, 2015/05/25 - 2:57pm
ThumbnailKwave 0.9.0
(KDE Sound Application)
Kwave is a sound editor designed for the KDE Desktop Environment.

With Kwave you can edit many sorts of audio files including multi-channel files. Kwave also includes many plugins to transform the audio data in several ways and presents a graphical view with a complete zoom- and scroll capability.
Supports many sound formats, playback and recording via ALSA and OSS.

0.9.0 [2015-05-25]

* first version hosted on KDE (kdereview) and SourceForge
* added command line parameter for selecting the GUI type
* in MDI mode: new menu entry + function to arrange sub windows vertically
* handbook: added text command reference
* handbook: added plugin reference
* enabled the "Help" buttons of all plugins and let them open the corresponding
section in the handbook
* make system: new target "update-handbook" (updates command, file info
and plugin cross references)
* make system: fixed dependency problem in translation
* new commands: "window:sendkey", "window:screenshot", "window:close"
and "window:resize"
* built-in variable ${LANG} for kwave commands
* support for delayed command execution
* debug plugin: always compiled in, but only visible in debug build
* new command sync(): wait for commands scheduled with delayed
* bugfix: exporting a mono file as MP3 produced a stereo MP3 file
* MP3: emphasis, copyrighted, original got lost during save/load
* file info dialog: MPEG settings were not handled properly
* bugfix: assert/numeric overflow in selectnextlabels() at end of file
* new plugin: stringenter
* bugfix: minimized windows were not migrated properly when switching GUI type
* new command: window:minimize
* bugfix: missing range check in noise generator (when used per script)
* bugfix: saveblocks plugin did not work when omitting file extension
* saveblocks plugin: use escaped strings for storing settings instead of base64

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Resources Monitor 1.0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Sun, 2015/05/24 - 7:34pm
ThumbnailResources Monitor 1.0
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Plasma 5 plasmoid for monitoring CPU, frequency, RAM and swap activity.

- initial import

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GIF Viewer 0.4 (Plasmoid Script)

Sun, 2015/05/24 - 2:10pm
ThumbnailGIF Viewer 0.4
(Plasmoid Script)
GIF Viewer is a simple plasmoid which can play GIF animations on your desktop!

v0.4 GIF Viewer
* don't reset GIF file at restart

v0.3 GIF Viewer
* rewritten to python2 (no need to compile)

v0.2 plasma_applet_gif
* resize image with keeping aspect ratio,

v0.1 plasma_applet_gif
* first release

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Extended Systemmonitor DataEngine 2.2.2 (Plasmoid Binary)

Thu, 2015/05/21 - 9:44pm
ThumbnailExtended Systemmonitor DataEngine 2.2.2
(Plasmoid Binary)
Extended Systemmonitor DataEngine is DataEngine for monitoring GPU usage, GPU temperature, HDD temperature and with support some of music players.

NOTE PyTextMonitor now provides the DataEngine.

You may edit DataEngine configuration. It is /usr/share/config/extsysmon.conf or $HOME/share/config/extsysmon.conf depending on the type of installation. Uncomment needed line and edit it.

In Plasma widgets and plasmaengineexplorer.

tar xJf ext-sysmon-2.2.2-src.tar.xz
mkdir ext-sysmon/build && cd ext-sysmon/build
make && sudo make install

* kdebase-workspace or plasma-frameworks

Optional dependencies
* proprietary video driver
* hddtemp or smartmontools (make sure that it may be run with `sudo` without password. Just add following line to `/etc/sudoers`: `$USERNAME ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/hddtemp`)
* music player

Make dependencies
* automoc4 or extra-cmake-modules
* cmake


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Awesome Widgets 2.2.2 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Thu, 2015/05/21 - 9:43pm
ThumbnailAwesome Widgets 2.2.2
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
awesome-widgets (ex-pytextmonitor)



A collection of minimalistic widgets which looks like Awesome Window Manager widgets.

* easy and fully configurable native Plasma widget which may be used as Conky widget or as Awesome-like information panel
* panel which shows active desktop status
* clear Conky-like configuration with html tags support
* custom command support (it may be simple action as well as special custom tag)
* graphical item support - tooltips, bars

See links for more details.

Didn't find required feature? Just ask for it!

tar xJf pytextmonitor-2.2.2-src.tar.xz
mkdir awesome-widgets/build && cd awesome-widgets/build
make && sudo make install
NOTE on Plasma 5 it may require -DKDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS=ON flag

* plasma-framework

Optional dependencies
* proprietary video driver
* hddtemp (make sure that it may be run without password)
* smartmontools (make sure that it may be run without password)
* music player (mpd or MPRIS supported)

Make dependencies
* cmake
* extra-cmake-modules

* Homepage
* Migration to 2.*
* Custom scripts and graphical bars


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Social Networks Visualizer 1.7 (KDE Scientific)

Thu, 2015/05/21 - 8:48am
ThumbnailSocial Networks Visualizer 1.7
(KDE Scientific)
Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV) is a cross-platform, user-friendly tool for the analysis and visualization of Social Networks, built in C++ and Qt.

It lets you construct social networks (mathematical graphs) with a few clicks on a virtual canvas or load social network data of various formats (GraphML, GraphViz, Adjacency, Pajek, UCINET, etc).

SocNetV enables you to modify the social networks, analyse their social and mathematical properties, produce reports for these properties and apply visualization layouts for relevant presentation of each network. The application supports multirelational loading and editing. You can load a network consisting of multiple relations or create a network on your own and add multiple relations to it.

With regards to network analysis, SocNetV computes graph-theoretic properties, such as density, diameter, geodesics and distances (geodesic lengths), connectedness, eccentricity, etc. It also calculates advanced structural measures for social network analysis such as centrality and prestige indices (i.e. closeness centrality, betweeness centrality, information centrality, power centrality, proximity and rank prestige), triad census, cliques, clustering coefficient, etc.

Furthermore, random networks (Erdos-Renyi, Watts-Strogatz, ring lattice, etc) and well-known social network datasets (i.e. Padgett's Florentine families) can be easily recreated. SocNetV also offers a built-in web crawler, allowing you to automatically create networks from links found in a given initial URL.

SocNetV offers various layout algorithms based on either prominence indices (i.e. circular, level and nodal sizes by centrality score) or force-directed models (i.e. Eades, Fruchterman-Reingold, etc) for meaningful visualizations of the social networks.

The application includes a simple web crawler, which scans a given web page for links and visualizes the network of all webpages/sites linked from it.

There is also comprehensive documentation, both online and while running the application, which explains each feature and algorithm of SocNetV in detail.

Source code, packages and executables for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are available.

The program is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License 3 (GPL3).

Version 1.7 - May 20, 2015
Codename: "groups"
* New feature: Group select and edit for nodes
From this version nodes can be selected with mouse
and edited in groups. Just select some nodes, and
right click on a selected node or in the canvas, then
select Node Properties.
Also, there are now the familiar Select All (Ctrl+A) and
Select None (Ctrl+Shift+A) shortcuts to select all nodes
at once.

* New feature: Node properties dialog
A new dialog (Node Properties) offers all the editing
operations in one place.
The user can change node label, size, value, color
and shape.
If multiple nodes are selected, the new properties
are applied to all of them. In this case, the labels
are automatically incremented (i.e. label1, label2, etc)

* New feature: Preview network file
Due to the different codepages used by the Windows, Linux
and Mac, a network file saved i.e. in Windows containing
non-Latin characters could not be loaded by SocNetV because
the program always tried to read and write in the OS locale
codepage. Furthermore, a bug in GraphML writing function
meant that SocNetV always used UTF-8 as Document Encoding,
even when the file was not UTF-8.
The solution offered from this version is a nice file
previewer which by default appears when loading a file.
With it, the user previews the file in many different
encodings to find the correct one, namely the one where all
characters appear as they should. By pressing OK, the file
is loaded and the network is displayed on the canvas.
Linux and Mac users should always use UTF-8, except when they
try to load files saved in Windows computers.
Windows users should probably use Windows-1253, except when
they want to load files saved in Mac/Linux or files containing
non-latin chars (i.e. Russian).
Russian Windows users should probably use KOI8-R encoding.

* Change: UTF-8 default encoding for writing files
From this version, SocNetV by default uses UTF-8 codec for all
output textstreams, such as network files.

* Change: New keyboard shortcuts for nodes and links
From this version, keyboard shortcuts are becoming key
sequences in the form of Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Key
For instance, Ctrl+X followed by Ctrl+A (for adding
nodes) and Ctrl+L followed by Ctrl+A (for adding links).

Version 1.6 - May 11, 2015
Codename: "crawl me"

* New feature: Working Webcrawler
This is the first 1.x release with working web crawler.
The crawler consists of two parts: a spider and a parser.
The spider visits a given initial URL (i.e. a website)
and downloads its HTML code.
The parser scans the code for 'href' links to other pages
(internal or external) and adds them to a queue of URLs
(called frontier).
As URLs are added in the queue, the spider visits them and
downloads their HTML which is scanned for more links by the
parser, and so on...
The end result is the 'network' of all visited webpages as
nodes and their real links as edges.
Please note that the parser searches for 'href' links only
in the body section of the HTML code.
To start the web crawler, go to menu Network > Web Crawler
or press Shift+C. A dialog will appear, where you must
enter the initial web page (seed).

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CV Assistant 1.1.2 (KDE Text Processing)

Thu, 2015/05/21 - 8:05am
ThumbnailCV Assistant 1.1.2
(KDE Text Processing)
CV Assistant helps you create specialized resumes in Word .docx format fast and easy. The idea is to have a master resume with all skills and experiences in it. Then based on skills mentioned in the job advertisement, export a clean but well formatted word .docx file as a summarized resume with only relevant skills in it. This increases your chance of getting a job interview as most companies are using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) or at best hiring managers which may be unaware of similarity between phrases like \"skilled in MS Word\", \"familiar with Microsoft Word\" and \"Fully experienced with office suites\". There must be a software to help managers filter irrelevant resumes and as a consequence job seekers need to create specialized resumes for each and every job position with the same wordings used in the advertisement. CVAssistant helps you create specialized resumes free of charge and this software remains for free! Add all your skills to CV Assistant, pick only relevant ones.

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kde-desktop-custom-menu 0.1 (KDE Improvement)

Wed, 2015/05/20 - 7:08pm
Thumbnail kde-desktop-custom-menu 0.1
(KDE Improvement)
I just maked a desktop custom context menu for KDE 4.
Now I will make it to work for Plasma 5.

Project URL :

This is my small contribution to Open Source.

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showebkam 0.0.6 (KDE Video Application)

Mon, 2015/05/18 - 5:20pm
Thumbnailshowebkam 0.0.6
(KDE Video Application)

kde laucher => multimedia => showebkam


Copyright (C) 2013
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3
or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU
Free Documentation License here

it's a simple script that detects and show your webkam using ffplay or avplay. Make sure that your webkam is correctly installed , to check this type in a terminal

ls /dev | grep video



example :

showebkam -b /usr/bin/ffplay :set the path for ffplay or avplay
showebcam -d :enable debug mode
showebkam -ds :remove your config file located here /home/sem/.config/showebkam/.showebkam
showebkam -e :edit the config file /home/sem/.config/showebkam/.showebkam
showebkam -log :show the logfile /tmp/showebkam.log
showebkam -w video1 :set webcam 1 , you can get the list of your webcams typing ls /dev | grep video
showebkam -ws :write settings in the /home/sem/.config/showebkam/.showebkam
showebkam -vs 320x240 :set the video size for your webcam
showebkam -v :show the version and exit
showebkam -h :print this help

untar => just run ./install => system wide installation

(note the menu can't find the launcher you have to go in the multimedia section ... after a reboot you will will be able to find it :D )

i have tested only systemwide installation ... it should works even in local installation but i have not tested if you can see the launcher in multimedia section ...

yes i know webcamoid , and i know that in my system plasma crashes :D

yes there are other programs that i don't know i did it in 30 minutes so ...any insult is welcomed


well if ffplay can handle showebcam can

try to do this in konsole

ls /dev | grep video

if it's empty well that's is the problem
your webcam is not recognized!


config file template

cat $HOME/.config/showebkam/.showebkam


added as option and new menu entry to edit settings

new script with functions new options in the command line

0.0.4 fix the infamous error launching application aka menu entry... again -.-

0.0.3 fix menu entry
remove the log to avoid errors if you get before some of them

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iQPuzzle 0.9.0 (KDE Other Game)

Thu, 2015/05/14 - 12:22pm
ThumbnailiQPuzzle 0.9.0
(KDE Other Game)
iQPuzzle is a diverting I.Q. challenging puzzle. Pentominos are used as puzzle pieces and currently 53 different board shapes are available, which have to be filled with them.

Additional packages for other distributions, new boards and some configuration options (keyboard/mouse) are planned for the future.

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KEncFS 1.5.0 (KDE System Tool)

Wed, 2015/05/13 - 2:53pm
ThumbnailKEncFS 1.5.0
(KDE System Tool)
KEncFS is a gui frontend for encfs. With KEncFS you can easily create, mount, umount and delete your encrypted filesystem.

Now it works in KDe4 and in KdePlasma5.

Use of KEncFS is very simple: to create a new encrypted filesystem you must create new or select two existent dirs, one directory to archive encrypted files and another directory to mount on the encrypted filesystem with encfs (a mountpoint). After this, you can select a conventional ID for your encrypted filesystem and then a password.

With KEncFS you can also manage your encrypted filesystem. You can browse, mount, umount, remove from list (not from disk) your encrypted filesystem, in easy way.

Author: Felice Murolo - Salerno - Italy
eMail: (delete RE-MO-VE and send your email)

** KENCFS - (c) 2010-2014 by Felice Murolo, all rigths reserved
** Author: Felice Murolo, Salerno, Italia
** eMail:
** GNU Lesser General Public License Usage
** KEncFS and it\'s sources may be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser
** General Public License version 2.1 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.LGPL included in the
** packaging of this file. Please review the following information to
** ensure the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 requirements
** will be met:

Open a konsole into source dir and write

$> qmake-qt4
$> make
$> sudo make install

Note: the automatic installation is done in the following directories:

/usr/bin/ for KEncFS itself
/usr/share/doc/kencfs-1.3 for this README
/usr/share/kde4/apps/kencfs/translations for .qm files of languages
/usr/share/applications/ for kencfs.desktop file

If you want to change some of those path, adjust qmake file.

Note: KEncFS has nothing to do with programs with similar name (for example k-encfs), who carry out similar functions. This is a new program designed specifically for KDE4.

- KEnCFS is now in the Portage-tree for Gentoo! (25 sep 2011)

- KEncFS is now in the AUR for ArchLinux! (28 dec 2012)

If you like this application, please donate something. All money raised will be donated to charity for meritorious initiatives.

12 sep 2010 1st version, 1.0a

12 dec 2010 version 1.1
- fixed some minor bugs in sources.
- fixed a major bug (segmentation fault). It was generated by pressing a button (browse or umount or remove) when no row was selected into treeview of filesystem
- fixed a window title
- added warning request when you try to remove a filesystem

25 sep 2011, version 1.2
- Now, double click on the line corresponding to a filesystem, it turns on the mounting and opening.

08 jan 2013, version 1.2.1, fixed Layout Direction of "Mount" button, some little text, a reference into qtlocalpeer.cpp

07 mar 2014,version 1.3.0, fixed a little bug in FS Removal and added KDE WALLET support - If you use this, please consider to protect your kdewallet with password. Added Romanian translations. Added Czech translations.
28 apr 2014, version 1.3.1, added support for ENCFS (Fuse) errors (thanks to sharkcow for suggestion)

29 aug 2014, version 1.4.0, added the ability to auto-mount crypted filesystem on start, using kdewallet for password storage. There is a new configure option for this feature.

13 may 2015, version 1.5.0, KencFS works in KDE4 and in KdePlasma5.

Nicolai Beuermann for KDEWallet support idea
Arthur Țițeică for Romanian translations
Miloš Kožina for Czech translations
Hennings Kopf for automount via KDEWallet idea

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Loop action overlays 1.0 (KDE Improvement)

Tue, 2015/05/12 - 10:35am
Loop action overlays 1.0
(KDE Improvement)
Change default action-overlays with something that suits the theme much more

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FabariaGest rc1 1.0 (KDE Financial)

Sun, 2015/05/10 - 7:28pm
ThumbnailFabariaGest rc1 1.0
(KDE Financial)
ITA LANGUAGE: Un software gestionale che ti aiuta ad organizzare le attività commerciali della tua azienda. FabariaGest permette di gestire in modo semplice e intuitivo fatture, prezzi, schede prodotto, clienti e molto altro. Dopo una semplice installazione, il programma è già pronto per l\'utilizzo e non ha bisogno altre operazioni. Grazie alla struttura del database, la ricerca degli elementi negli archivi è facile ed estremamente veloce. Puoi esportare tutti i documenti (clienti, fornitori, articoli, preventivi, ordini, inventari, elenchi vari..) nei principali formati d\'uso (.csv, .xls, .pdf).

Per gli atri pacchetti compresi quelli per mac os x visitare il sito

Disponibili i pacchetti per OpenSuse e Ubuntu.

FabariaGest 1.0 rc1
(versione non adatta all'uso quotidiano)

backup log
rimosso query.bindvalue
aggiunta la gestione eccezione per tutte le classi presenti
aggiunnto supporto LOG per tutte le classi presenti
implementate le scorciatoie tastiera
rimozione delle classi sound.cpp, sound.h, topheader.cpp e topheader.h
Aggiunta selezione banca dal pannello impostazioni
fix anno nuova fattura vendita, ordine, preventivo, ddt
Rimozione supporto phonon
fix aggiornamento lista scadenze in mainwindow
fix payment fom fattura elettronica
Aggiunta lettura memoria RAM
Aggiunto supporto LOG_DEFAULT_ALL
fix prezzo con iva e prezzo senza iva fattura_acq
fix inserimento scadenze
fix inserimento articoli da fattura_acq
fix database still use
fix inserimento per anno
fix inserimento ddt in fattura
fix add scadenze
fix title mainwindow
Aggiunto supporto riesecuzione wizard
fix log write into file
fix change Q_OS_UNIX to Q_OS_FREEBSD
fix azienda

FabariaGest 1.0 beta2
(versione non adatta all'uso quotidiano)

fix update sql
fix bundle osx
fix mimepart invio email
fix mysql plugin driver for osx
fix plugin osx
fix compilazione su mac os x
fix installer for windows
fix open fattura elettronica(attempt 40 seconds)
fix visualizzazione iban in fattura vendita
fix selezione clienti,fornitori in ddt,ordini,preventivi,fatture vendita
fix visualizzazione evaso in ddt
fix visualizzazione listini
fix close scarico magazzino
add listino and categoria ddt,fatture_acq,ordini,preventivi,fatture vendita
fix find banche
fix update articoli form ddt
fix date non possono essere string
fix inserirmenti che non possono essere null
fix lista scadenze(buffer overflow)
fix update listino
add listino and categoria articoli
fix scadenze, distinta riba
fix invio email fattura di vendita
fix fattura vendita alla chiusura
fix inserimento fatture_acq,fatture,ordini,preventivi,ddt
fix add anno alla creazione del database
Add software update
implementazione email per ordini,ddt,preventivi
fix visualizzazione inserimento e aggiornamento ddt,ordini,preventivi
Aggiunto supporto LOG(Sperimentale)
Fix accesso database online
implementazione utility run backup and restore database
Fix exportazione pdf articoli, banche,carico magazzino,codice fiscale,
fattura vendita, preventivi, scadenze, scarico magazzino
Aggiunto supporto gestione eccezioni
fix show about
Aggiunta visualizzazione storico email
Aggiunto supporto aggiornamento
Add eliminazione allegato email
Add invio fatture tramite email
Add support smtp client
Aggiunta cifratura base64 file per fattura e fattura elettronica
Aggiunta utility run backup and restore database
Supporto completo fattura elettronica
Add allegati fattura
Fix visualizzazione pulsanti fornitori e clienti
Add pulsante donate
Fix aggiornamento e creazione database


FabariaGest 1.0 beta1
(versione non adatta all'uso quotidiano)

Fix sconto fatture
Fix sconto preventivi
Fix sconto ordini
Fix sconto ddt
Fix sconto fatture di acquisto
Aggiunto supporto allegati fattura con eliminazione(sperimentale)
Fix installazione plugin su windows
Aggiunto menu salvataggio fattura elettronica
Impostazione id fatture acquisti, fatture, preventivi, ordini, ddt
Pulsanti visibili all'utente finale
Aggiunto supporto compilazione cmake
Importazione elenco stati
Completamento fattura elettronica
Aggiunti paesi per fattura elettronica
Fix bug inserimento articoli
Impostato aggiornamento database se trova un db più vecchio
Aggiunto salvataggio password criptato
Aggiunto supporto esportazione excel
Risolto bug barcode in prodotti
Risolto bug rilevamento prezzi articoli e magazzino da fatture

FabariaGest 1.0 alpha2
(versione non adatta all'uso quotidiano)

Aggiornamento database
Nuova gestione della creazione database
Corretto bug main loop
Corretti bug per l'avvio dei plugin.
Corretto bug visualizzazione codice fiscale.
Corretto bug visualizzazione temi.
Corretto bug impostazione menu.
Corretto bug avvio audio tramite phonon.
Corretto bug avvio main per windows e osx.
Implementazione sperimentale fattura elettronica.
Implementazione dettagli plugin.
Implementazione scadenziario home
Integrato il supporto a FreeBSD.
Implementazione schermata di avvio.
Implementazione gestione dei fornitori.
Implementazione salvataggio ridimensionamento finestra.

FabariaGest 1.0 alpha1
(versione non adatta all\'uso quotidiano)

implemetazione aggiornamento automatico(sperimentale)
implementazione stampa nuova
implementazione fattura
implementazione ordine
implementazione ddt
implementazione preventivi
implementazione carico e scarico magazzino
implementazione nuova trayicon
implementazione stampa codice a barre più di uno su una pagina
implementazione inventario
implementazione keyevent e mousevent(già articoli,categoria,prest_lib,presto completato)
implementazione suono avvio
implementazione logo brillantinato
implementazione fattura elettronica (sperimentale)
esportazione pdf e in csv

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Sloveian Radio Station Streams 1.0 (Amarok 2.0 Script)

Sat, 2015/05/09 - 10:25am
ThumbnailSloveian Radio Station Streams 1.0
(Amarok 2.0 Script)
SLO Radio Station Streams

A script that sets up a Service containing a list of Slovenian online Radio Station Streams

-First version
-Added Slovenian Radio stations.

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CuteReport 1.0 (KDE Printing)

Tue, 2015/05/05 - 12:13am
ThumbnailCuteReport 1.0
(KDE Printing)
CuteReport is report solution. It is based on Qt framework and can be easily integrated into any Qt application.

It has powerful template designer with Form designer, Page editor, Dataset editor and other modules. Functionality of CuteReport designer and CuteReport library can be easily extended by writing custom plugin. As dataset can be used any sources such as CSV file, file system, any kind of databases, version control systems, remote file storages, etc. It contains a large set of bands and items, such as line, rect, circle, image, barcode, charts.

CuteReport designer comes with GPLv3 license and library comes with LGPL. So you can use CuteReport library with your open source or proprietary softwares.
Also Professional commercial version is available via project web site.


- Version number has been added to "About" dialog;
- documentation russian translation has been added;
- ExtMemo crash fixed;
- Preview export dialog set default path as report file path;

v1.0 rc4
- objectInspector icons added;
- global variables implemented: LINE, PAGE, PAGES, TPAGE, TPAGES
(Warning!!! for previous version users: replace _line, _page, etc with the new variable style)
- page signals fixed;
- Barcode item rendering fixed;
- script engine improvements;
- PageEditor now has some new widgets: FontEditor, AlignmentEditor, FrameEditor
- page sorting fixed;
- automatic dataset populating;
- renderer fixes;
- Mainwindow log widget does not show internal Qt messages anymore;
- Script "print" function reimplemented to send log message;
- Script runtime error handler has added;
- CSV dataset fixes;
- renderer is exposed to script as "engine" instead of "renderer";
- report examples have been udated;
- multiple settings of printers and renderers are possible now
- Options dialog improved
- Memo stretchMode maxHeight implementedж
- SQL Storage: settings validation before object loading (Volkov Ivan)
- "Save file" on exit dialog fixed;
- Image item preview of picture stored in Resource storage implemented;
- Default tab mode for most designer editors is set to vertical small
- Extended Memo: helper initial focus fixes;
- Multi-object selection has been fixed;
- Multi-object property changing has been added;
- Memo item: textMargin now support vertical and horizontal margin value
- Pen join style by default is Miter
- CSV dataset fix: determine fields in format data."0" if CVS has no header line
- Copy/Paste functionality is added
- Item border types (Middle, Outer, Inner) has been implemented to support some border drawing types
- Resource storage fix to correct support sqlite databases
- Report load dialog line thickness has been fixed
- printer Landscape fix (SF #23)

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Avconv Audio Converter 1.0.3 (KDE Service Menu)

Mon, 2015/05/04 - 1:25pm
ThumbnailAvconv Audio Converter 1.0.3
(KDE Service Menu)
Depends on: avconv , mediainfo

an audio converter to mp3, ogg, wav and flac using avconv.
Supports folder conversion (recursively, with copy of little non-audio files).
Can extract audio track from a video file.
Can Change Sample Rate, Bit Depth (in reduction ! ), Bit rate (quality).
Many Options.

Languages: English, French

Works great on Ubuntu 14.04.

Change language behaviour.

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Webslice 0.0.1 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Sun, 2015/05/03 - 7:35pm
Webslice 0.0.1
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Very first contribution and version of Webslice.

It\'s a window on the web. Like a browser, but without controls, and with a static URL (defined in the prefs) to load from.

It\'s a little crude, and full of bugs, but it\'s already useful, so enjoy.

It\'s a cheap way of creating plasmoids from webpages !

If you know ways of helping me building this plasmoid, please go to the Github page ! I\'m a noob in QML and any help is welcome.

What is working : loading a page, and setting it in the prefs.

- Adjust the zoom automagically
- Display only a part of the page (defined with the id of the block, like the old webslice)
- Auto refresh
- Transparent background
- Controls in right click, to refresh the page manually
- ...

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Semantik 0.9.4 (KDE Education)

Sun, 2015/05/03 - 3:55pm
ThumbnailSemantik 0.9.4
(KDE Education)
Semantik - a mindmapping-like tool for document generation (reports, thesis, etc).

The requirements are:

KDE4 >= 4.8
Python >= 2.3 && Python < 3.0

KDE4 development packages (kdebase-devel)
Python2 development package
The program kde4-config in the PATH

Some systems may require special compilation options such as:
PYTHON=python2 PYTHON_VERSION=2.7 waf configure build

Semantik 0.9.4
* Resize class elements
* Remember window settings in semantik-d
* A few fixes on the linear view

Semantik 0.9.3
* Generated HTML documents no longer reference pdf files
* Save Semantik diagrams on exit
* Minor changes in pdflatex documents
* New class element in diagrams
* Zoom improvements

Semantik 0.9.2
* New diagram items: matrix, boundary, class
* template fixes (Issue 39)
* Fix for null bytes inserted through copy-pasting
* Removing an item from the linear view no longer causes an assertion (Issue 41)
* Build script fix for Python 3 (Semantik still requires Python 2 though)

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Nootka 1.1.6 (1.2-rc1) (KDE Education)

Sat, 2015/05/02 - 10:08pm
ThumbnailNootka 1.1.6 (1.2-rc1)
(KDE Education)
Nootka is open-source application
to help with learning (also with teaching) classical score notation.
Mostly it is for guitarists,
but it can be used for ear training as well.


interactive interface to discover the rules of musical notation
exercises with possibility to create own sets
accurate method for detecting sung and played sounds and melodies
natural sound of guitars
clefs (treble, bass and others) and grand staff
analyze of results
different kinds of guitars and theirs tuning
Czech, French, German, Polish and Russian translations

Binary packages are available for Linux, Windows and MacOs.

Open Build Service integration doesn't work properly, so visit Nootka site to get deb-s and rpm-s.

1.1.6 (1.2-rc1)
- advanced settings for pitch detection process
- improvements and fixes the pitch detections
- polishing and bugs fixing

- improvements of melodies in exams
- bug fixes
- ready for distribution

- playing/pitch detecting of melodies
- exam/exercises adjusted to play/guess melodies
- many other changes
- ported to Qt5

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Netctl GUI 1.4.4 (KDE Networking Tool)

Wed, 2015/04/29 - 10:28pm
ThumbnailNetctl GUI 1.4.4
(KDE Networking Tool)

Qt4/Qt5 graphical interface for netctl (several scripts for work with network connection in Archlinux). It may work with profiles and may create new profiles. Also it may create a connection to WiFi. Moreover, it provides a widget and DataEngine for KDE4/KF5.

Feel free to ask me for a new features =)

mkdir build && cd build
make && sudo make install

Available cmake flags:
* components:
-DBUILD_DATAENGINE:BOOL=0 - do not build DataEngine
-DBUILD_GUI:BOOL=0 - do not build GUI
-DBUILD_HELPER:BOOL=0 - do not build helper daemon
-DBUILD_LIBRARY:BOOL=0 - do not build library
-DBUILD_PLASMOID:BOOL=0 - do not build Plasmoid
* additional components:
-DBUILD_DOCS:BOOL=0 - do not build developer documentation
-DBUILD_TEST:BOOL=1 - build auto tests for the library and the helper
* project properties:
-DDBUS_SYSTEMCONF_PATH=/etc/dbus-1/system.d/ - path to dbus system configuration files
-DSYSTEMD_SERVICE_PATH=lib/systemd/system - path to systemd services
-DUSE_CAPABILITIES:BOOL=0 - do not use setcap to get privileges to the helper
-DBUILD_KDE4:BOOL=1 - build plasmoid for KDE4 instead of KF5
-DUSE_QT5:BOOL=0 - use Qt4 instead of Qt5 for GUI

qt5-base (if Qt5 is used) or qt4 (if Qt4 is used)

Optional dependencies
kdebase-workspace (KDE4 widget)
plasma-frameworks (KF5 widget)
sudo and kdebase-runtime (sudo support)
wpa_supplicant (WiFi support)

Make dependencies
qt5-tools (if Qt5 is used)


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