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Frog in the pond [Nature]

Fri, 2017/02/24 - 1:31pm
Frosch im Gartenteich. Aufgenommen in Suhl, Thüringen

love ubuntu [Wallpapers Ubuntu]

Fri, 2017/02/24 - 12:51pm
love ubuntu

Gasoline [Plasma Color Schemes]

Fri, 2017/02/24 - 10:37am
A color scheme for Gasoline Aurorae Theme

Fake OSX [KDE Plasma Screenshots]

Fri, 2017/02/24 - 12:58am
Just playing around.

GoldBooma2 [Mouse Cursors]

Fri, 2017/02/24 - 12:11am
A set of 35 gold-colored 3D mouse cursors for Linux (32×32 pixel), including most of the css3 cursors. To install: extract the files, then run...

Gamma.Gold [Mouse Cursors]

Thu, 2017/02/23 - 10:25pm
A set of 43 gold-colored 3D mouse cursors for Linux, including all the css3 cursors. To install: extract the files, then run the “install”...

Gasoline [Aurorae Themes]

Thu, 2017/02/23 - 8:42pm
i,Designed for myself

Wallpapers HD [Wallpapers KDE]

Thu, 2017/02/23 - 9:53am
Windows Wallpapers

time dilation wallpaper [Abstract]

Wed, 2017/02/22 - 5:38pm
Each subjective reality consists in the form that what we see or feel in a dilation of time ... by the interpretation that our thought can...

cpp_sharedlibrary [KDevelop App Templates]

Wed, 2017/02/22 - 4:42pm
Simple C++ dynamic library skeleton, with CMake (Tested only on Linux)

Rocky Stream [Landscapes]

Wed, 2017/02/22 - 4:27pm
Slippery Rock Creek, Pennsylvania, U.S,A

Farm Memories [Landscapes]

Wed, 2017/02/22 - 4:23pm
Pennsylvanian Farm

Evening Hillside [Landscapes]

Wed, 2017/02/22 - 4:17pm
Wallpaper Landscapes

Space and Time Landscape Wallpaper [Landscapes]

Wed, 2017/02/22 - 12:18pm
Simply... beautiful. :)

Yellow square [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/02/22 - 12:15pm
Жёлтый квадрат Download [url][/url]

Fashion [Manga and Anime]

Tue, 2017/02/21 - 10:45am

iOS iCons [Icon Themes]

Mon, 2017/02/20 - 11:48pm
TESTING 1, 2, 3 Under constructions. Recommended only for GNOME 3.22 Tested only on GNOME 3.22.2 in Fedora 25 Please tell me about...

Breeze AlphaBlack [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Mon, 2017/02/20 - 7:02pm
I took the default Breeze Light theme and made all the panel related stuff a slightly transparent black. You can change the color too. *...

ubuntu wallpaper [Wallpapers Ubuntu]

Mon, 2017/02/20 - 3:47pm
original ubuntu wallpaper

Pastel-Bird [Plasma Color Schemes]

Mon, 2017/02/20 - 9:51am
A shiny color scheme like in Microsoft Apps