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kde-service-menu-md5sum 0.0.1 (KDE Service Menu)

Sun, 2014/12/28 - 12:27pm
Thumbnailkde-service-menu-md5sum 0.0.1
(KDE Service Menu)
yes i know there are other md5sum
but first i have downloaded one and it doesn\'t work so ....
i did it in few times

it gives you the md5sum , and if you specify a value it can test if it\'s the same

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PyQt5 5.4 (KDE Development Tool)

Fri, 2014/12/26 - 11:20am
PyQt5 5.4
(KDE Development Tool)
PyQt5 is a comprehensive set of Python bindings for Qt v5. It is available under the GPL and a commercial license.

This release adds full support for Qt v5.4.0 including the QtWebChannel and QtWebEngineWidgets modules and the (no longer deprecated) QtXml module.

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Krossword 0.18 alpha (KDE Board Game)

Thu, 2014/12/25 - 10:01am
ThumbnailKrossword 0.18 alpha
(KDE Board Game)
A crossword puzzle game and editor for KDE.

It's based on KrossWordPuzzle[1] by Friedrich Pülz[2] (code from the last revision available on KDE svn[3]). The development has stopped since many years and the original author is unreachable (various attempts to contact him).
For these reasons we (Cilium[4] and me) had to fork it.

General aims of the project:
- maintain the codebase;
- simplify the code where possible aiming to port it to Qt5/KDE Frameworks 5;
- improve the user experience.

Currently it's in alpha stage with some rough edges.

You can contribute with:
- translations (currently available bs, cs, de, eo, es, et, fr, ga, gl, hu, it, mai, mr, nds, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, sk, sv, tr, ug, uk);
- themes;
- crosswords;
- reporting online *.puz providers (even not-English ones);
- packages;
- ...

Comments are welcome.


Version 0.18 alpha 3 - 25 December 14:
- Added language support (with KrossWordPuzzle old translations. Thank you KDE translators!).
- Added a French provider (, just the free crosswords).
- Added a new English provider (
- Reworked menu layout (better organization).
- Added a new plain theme (Ink).
- Improved default theme.
- And various minor changes and fixes.

Version 0.17 alpha 2 - 15 October 14:
- More standard and simple interface (no more tabs, they weren't really useful and wasted vertical space).
- Added support for black cells/squares.
- Heavy (under the hood) reworking/rewriting of the library to simplify the code and solve some bugs.
- Ask for user confirmation for Solve and Clear answers actions (to avoid unwanted clicks).
- Removed emoticons in clue list (they were ambiguous...smiles for a potentially wrong answer).
- Using system font for the crossword view (to avoid ugly mix between themed/not themed letters with "special" characters common in many not-English languages).
- Added font color option for themes.
- Improved the background handling in themes.
- Fixed theme loading of some color options.
- Updated (to reflect the code changes) and improved the themes.
- Fixed the the congratulations message size issue with a simpler approach.
- Fixed minimum zoom for very small crosswords.
- Fixed a (not common) crash in download dialog caused by preview generation.
- Some fixes for image/pdf exporting.
- Continuing work in preparation of Qt5/Frameworks 5 porting.
- And other minor changes.

Version 0.16 alpha - 22 July 14:
- Ported to current libkdegames.
- Reworked zoom handling.
- Updated download providers for crosswords (and added some new ones).
- Now it's possible to add to library a crossword opened from file manager, etc.
- Some background rendering improvements.
- Fixed a bug on table generation in Dictionary handling.
- Tweaks to library view.
- Initial works on a Qt5/Frameworks 5 porting perspective.
- Removed old code for compatibility with Qt < 4.6 and KDE 4.3.
- Added C++11 support.

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Douban FM for Amarok 0.1.0 (Amarok 2.0 Script)

Wed, 2014/12/24 - 12:55pm
ThumbnailDouban FM for Amarok 0.1.0
(Amarok 2.0 Script)
a simple script for accessing musics on Douban FM in Amarok.

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Nootka 1.1.4-alpha (KDE Education)

Tue, 2014/12/23 - 5:32pm
ThumbnailNootka 1.1.4-alpha
(KDE Education)
Nootka is open-source application
to help with learning (also with teaching) classical score notation.
Mostly it is for guitarists,
but it can be used for ear training as well.


interactive interface to discover the rules of musical notation
exercises with possibility to create own sets
accurate method for detecting sung and played sounds
natural sound of guitars
clefs (treble, bass and others) and grand staff
analyze of results
different kinds of guitars and theirs tuning
Czech, French, German, Polish and Russian translations

Binary packages are available for Linux, Windows and MacOs

- playing/pitch detecting of melodies
- exam/exercises adjusted to play/guess melodies
- many other changes
- ported to Qt5

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cb2Bib 1.5.0 (KDE Scientific)

Mon, 2014/12/22 - 10:20pm
Thumbnailcb2Bib 1.5.0
(KDE Scientific)
The cb2Bib is a tool for rapidly extracting bibliographic references from email alerts, journal web pages, and PDF files. It facilitates the capture of single references from unformatted and non standard sources. Output references are written in BibTeX. Article files can be easily linked and renamed by dragging them onto the cb2Bib window. Additionally, it permits editing and browsing BibTeX files, citing references, searching references and the full contents of the referenced documents, inserting bibliographic metadata to documents, and writing short notes that interrelate several references.

Document postprocessing and keyword extraction have been improved. A bug that prevented proper indexing when a document conversion was missing has been fixed.

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Kate Base64 support 2 (KDE Text Editor)

Sun, 2014/12/21 - 4:54pm
ThumbnailKate Base64 support 2
(KDE Text Editor)
This script adds four new functions to the Kate Editor:

b64encode: encodes the select text or all document, if no text is selected, to BASE64
b64decode: decodes from BASE64 the selected text or all document if no text is selected.
b64xmltidy: Splits XML tags, one for each line
b64wrap80: Line wraps at column 80 the selected text or all document if no text is selected.

Made it work on Kate most recent versions.

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Gmail Feed 1.0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Sat, 2014/12/20 - 4:36pm
ThumbnailGmail Feed 1.0
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Gmail Feed is a plasmoid for Plasma 5. It provides a list of your unread emails from your Gmail inbox. You also get notified when you receive new messages.

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Natrix IP calculator 2.0 (KDE Networking Tool)

Mon, 2014/12/15 - 6:35pm
ThumbnailNatrix IP calculator 2.0
(KDE Networking Tool)
Generic IP calculator tool written on Qt 4 framework with ability to calculate parameters of IPv4/IPv6 networks, and with ability to convert simple numbers from/to HEX/BIN/DEC. Supports localization with *.qm files (Qt Linguist). It\'s stylized as KDE application, since I found it pretty and simple for usage.

natrix-calc (2.0-1) trusty; urgency=medium

* Second release.
* Major changes: added IPv6 calculation and number conversion
* Added more languages: ua,cs,es,fr,ja,hu,kk,sr,sv,be,tr,fi,hr,zh,mn,it,pl
* A lot of ui and code changes and fixes

-- Svyatoslav Vorona Sat, 13 Dec 2014 03:55:11 +0300

natrix-calc (1.0-1) trusty; urgency=low

* Initial release.

-- Svyatoslav Vorona Wed, 3 Dec 2014 23:04:15 +0300

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Massif Visualizer 0.4 (KDE Development Tool)

Fri, 2014/12/12 - 8:57pm
ThumbnailMassif Visualizer 0.4
(KDE Development Tool)
Massif Visualizer is a tool that - *who would guess that* - visualizes massif data. You run your application in Valgrind with `--tool=massif` and the open the generated `massif.out.%pid` in this application. You can also compress the log with Gzip or Bzip2 and open it transparently with the visualizer.

The application consists of three parts:

# The Overview Chart

The first thing you will notice is a nice chart that displays the same as e.g. `ms_print` does in Ascii-Art: total memory consumption over time.

What Massif-Visualizer goes further is by additionally showing the top ten most cost-intensive locations in your code as a stacked graph below the total cost. The graph also reacts on user-interaction.

This view you can use for

- checking whether your application has memory leaks
- finding too expensive peaks
- finding locations that significantly contribute to the overall memory consumption of your application

# The Snapshot Data Tree

Directly next to the above chart, you will see a tree with all of the massif data. The tree items are colored depending on their cost, with red opaque being the most interesting (peak) elements. Green/transparent items are negligible and do not add significant cost to your application.

You can also search the tree and when you select something in it, the snapshot gets highlighted in the overview chart and the call graph gets updated.

# The Call Graph for Detailed Snapshots

Massif generates a few detailed snapshots that essentially make up the tree. If you want to get an overview in a more comfortable way than the simple tree view, switch over to the detailed snapshot tab and see
the tree visualized as a call graph. Zoom in, zoom out, use the birds eye view and see what contributes to a given snapshot. Note that function calls with the same memory cost are grouped to easily find the interesting parts.

11/17/2014: Release of version 0.4.0
- multiple enhancements to the GUI
- many performance improvements

11/20/2011: Release of version 03
- translations into 18 languages
- hiding functions via context menu
- basic custom allocator support
- configurable precision of memory size display
- various optimizations and bug fixes
08/08/2011: add Mac OS X links
11/06/2010: add OBS build service
11/05/2010: Release of version 0.2
- build fixes make it possible to run on Mac OS X
- KGraphViewer is now optional
- prepare for move to KDE extragear
11/02/2010: Release of version 0.1
03/30/2010: First announce on KDE-Apps

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ZCover 0.1 (KDE Improvement)

Fri, 2014/12/12 - 2:09am
ThumbnailZCover 0.1
(KDE Improvement)
This is a concept that is functional.
I call ZCover. To me music like having ordered. All my CDs have passed to the computer for practicality. And I like to have them classified.
Some time ago I programmed this little plugin. Now I've extended at the request of friends.

When the directory that has videos or music must have a folder "ZCover" was call is active. If they are music files, each CD has to be in a folder with music files and one image that "Cover.jpg" (see the screenshot) is called. If they are video files, the cover of this video has to be within the "ZCover" directory with the same name and "jpg" format.

This is a concept that can compile and run. Foul complete to be at the desired level. Among things that I wonder if it should work:

  • 1. When I enable "ZCover" plugin must disable the plugin "folders". I wish we can mix the two features. If it is not a "ZCover" folder apply the default plugin Dolphin.

  • 2. When a "ZCover" folder files are displayed in a special view within Dolphin as a bookcase. (I know, is very typical but why not).

  • 3. Different styles of boxes by using themes. (This is easy to program)

  • 4. Metadata stored within the "ZCover" folder.

  • I would like to know your opinion of the concept and if you help me to complete the plugin 100%
    Do not forget that it is a concept.
    Instructions for compiling are in the README file.
    I added the script that I use to compile and test that uses Checkinstall.

    Thank you.

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    GIF Viewer 0.3 (Plasmoid Script)

    Tue, 2014/12/09 - 5:51pm
    ThumbnailGIF Viewer 0.3
    (Plasmoid Script)
    GIF Viewer is a simple plasmoid which can play GIF animations on your desktop!

    v0.3 GIF Viewer
    * rewritten to python2 (no need to compile)

    v0.2 plasma_applet_gif
    * resize image with keeping aspect ratio,

    v0.1 plasma_applet_gif
    * first release

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    PeaZip 5.5.1 (KDE Archiving/Backup)

    Tue, 2014/12/09 - 5:47pm
    ThumbnailPeaZip 5.5.1
    (KDE Archiving/Backup)
    PeaZip is a cross-platform, desktop neutral file archiver utility that provides an unified portable GUI (Qt and GTK2) for many Open Source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX...

    Create 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, ZIP files

    Extract over 150 archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX and many more...

    Features of PeaZip includes extract, create and convert multiple archives at once, create self-extracting archives, split/join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hashes, export job definition as scripts.

    Installation and integration in *x systems:

    If experiencing problems running PeaZip compiled for Qt, start it as:
    peazip -style=cleanlooks

    If experiencing problems with PeaZip compiled for Qt widgetset, it is available PeaZip compiled for GTK2 libraries as alternative, or it is possible to compile the application for its own Qt version using Lazarus/FreePascal IDE, which supports compiling the sources for various widgetsets: Win32, WinCE, fpGUI, Carbon, Qt, GTK1, GTK2.

    On Linux systems, PeaZip installer automatically create menu entries for KDE (on most versions); to add PeaZip to Gnome menu copy the "Archiving" folder placed in PeaZip/Freedesktop_integration/nautilus-scripts to system's Nautilus script's folder (in most versions open "Scripts" menu in system's context menu, and select "Open script's folder").

    Qt widgetset packages requires Qt 4.5 or more recent, and needs installed in /usr/local/lib or equivalent directory (copy the file and run ldconfig; it is done automatically in installable packages), such as /usr/lib or /usr/lib32 on some 64 bit distributions.
    A copy of is available in PeaZip's directory, ./usr/local/share/PeaZip/ for the installable packages.
    If the Qt version does not start on some systems, as some system's visual styles may cause recursive repainting error, you can fix the problem starting it in a console (or script) as: peazip -style=cleanlooks

    On 64 bit systems, backend binaries in PeaZip/res path can be freely replaced by users with respective 64 bit counterpart (if available).

    PeaZip Portable is standalone software and doesn't need installation and can be used from removable or remote paths without changing the host system (useful is system needs to stay library-freezed).
    'Freedesktop_integration' folder in PeaZip's path contains .desktop files and Nautilus scripts to help users to configure tighter integration of PeaZip with desktop environment's menus.

    2014 12 09
    Improved file manager, various fixes, localizations update.

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    WebView test 0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

    Mon, 2014/12/08 - 6:31pm
    WebView test 0
    (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
    Plasmoid to test webview qml type. ( made JUST to report a bug )

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    soundKonverter 2.1.2 + 2.2.0 rc1 (KDE Sound Application)

    Mon, 2014/12/08 - 3:01pm
    ThumbnailsoundKonverter 2.1.2 & 2.2.0 rc1
    (KDE Sound Application)
    soundKonverter is a front-end to various audio converters.

    The key features are:
    - Audio conversion
    - Replay Gain calculation
    - CD ripping

    See the wiki ( for more information.

    new in 2.1.2:
    -Fix: False error detection in the Replay Gain tool
    -Fix: Properly re-paint conversion file list on status change

    new in 2.1.1:
    -Add: Check for MP4 support in faac
    -Fix: Don't run vorbisgain more than once per directory
    -Fix: Progress bar jumps when a file finished

    new in 2.1.0:
    -Add: Update translations

    new in 2.0.91 (2.1.0 rc2):
    -Add: Full GUI support for album artist tags including the CD ripper
    -Add: Chinese translation
    -Change: Replace uses of fixed pixel metrics with sizes based on the default font size
    -Fix: CD ripper layout

    new in 2.0.90 (2.1.0 rc1):
    -Add: Hide main window when started with --replaygain argument
    -Add: Option to eject CD after ripping has been completed (enabled by default)
    -Add: New space holder for the "meta data" naming mode that contains the source directory
    -Add: Configuration options for cdparanoia
    -Add: icedax ripper plugin
    -Add: Copy album artist tags
    -Change: Remember last folder for add files/directory/playlist dialogs
    -Change: Add symlinked files to file list

    Full changelog:

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