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Kid3 3.3.2 (KDE Sound Application)

Mon, 2016/03/14 - 4:41pm
ThumbnailKid3 3.3.2
(KDE Sound Application)
If you want to easily tag multiple MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, Opus, DSF, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, MP2, Opus, Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack and WMA files (e.g. full albums) without typing the same information again and again and have control over both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, then Kid3 is the program you are looking for.

With Kid3 you can:
- Edit ID3v1.1 tags
- Edit all ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 frames
- Convert between ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags
- Edit tags in MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio, WavPack, WMA, AIFF and WAV files
- Edit tags of multiple files, e.g. the artist, album, year and genre of all files of an album typically have the same values and can be set together.
- Generate tags from filenames
- Generate tags from the contents of tag fields
- Generate filenames from tags
- Rename and create directories from tags
- Generate playlist files
- Automatically convert upper and lower case and replace strings
- Import from, MusicBrainz, Discogs, Amazon and other sources of album data
- Export tags as CSV, HTML, playlists, Kover XML and in other formats
- Edit synchronized lyrics and event timing codes, import and export LRC files

Thu Mar 10 17:55:29 CET 2016 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.3.2
* New:
+ Setting for text encoding used in playlists and exports.
* Improved:
+ Support removing tags in MPC, WavPack with TagLib 1.11.
* Fixed:
+ Windows: Fix plugin name in qmldir.
+ Windows: Crash when adding large pictures to Ogg files.
+ Windows: Go back to older Qt 5.4.2 to avoid random crashes.
+ Stripping of ID3v2 tags from WAV files with TagLib 1.11.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Thu Dec 17 14:53:06 CET 2015 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.3.1
* New:
+ Package for Android.
+ Support setting of data in GEOB frames from CLI and scripts.
+ Icons for high pixel density displays.
* Improved:
+ Trim values from tags in format strings to avoid whitespace when
setting file names from tags.
+ Updated Czech translation.
* Fixed:
+ List picture in get command of kid3-cli also if its description
is empty.
+ Set configured text encoding in picture frames.
+ Make file renaming work when saving non writable files.
+ Use high resolution icon in task switcher.
+ Avoid cropping in picture preview window on high pixel density

Thu Oct 1 17:09:46 CEST 2015 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.3.0
* New:
+ Make order of quick access frames configurable.
+ Support separators and submenus in user action context menu.
+ Restore defaults button in settings dialog.
+ CSV import from multiple directories.
+ Support for in embed lyrics script.
+ Support for chapter and table of contents audiobook frames.
+ Mac, Windows: Support for podcast frames.
* Improved:
+ Display user friendly names for all supported frames.
+ Updated Czech translation.
+ Change file permissions in the case of modified file names.
* Fixed:
+ Wrong and missing translations.
+ Removing ID3v1 genre with id3lib.
+ KDE 5: Name filters used in file dialogs, blocking file dialogs.
+ KDE 5: Invoking help in settings dialog.
+ KDE 4: Build with kdelibs-4.14.11.
+ Qt 5.5: Spurious popping up of download dialog.
+ Do not abort build if qmlplugindump cannot be started.

Sat May 9 11:18:57 CEST 2015 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.2.1
* New:
+ Support APE cover art.
* Improved:
+ Mac: Do not show empty menu icons for About, Find, Replace.
* Fixed:
+ Wrong size of picture when switching from file with only IDv1 tag to file with picture.
+ Mac: Empty root instead of file tree when opening file on network share.
+ Allow escaping of single quotes in kid3-cli.
+ Qt4: Do not run qmlplugindump when building, it needs an X11 connection.

Fri Mar 13 06:36:03 CET 2015 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.2.0
* New:
+ Support QML/JS scripts for user actions.
+ Batch embed, export, and resize album art.
+ Batch lyrics download.
+ Recursive tag export.
+ Support build with KDE 5.
+ Support DSF files with TagLib 1.9.1.
+ Option to mark pictures larger than a given size.
+ Number tracks can reset track number for each folder.
+ Number tracks can only format numbers or set total.
+ Only expand subtree if shift is pressed with "Expand all".
+ Support Ogg FLAC files.
+ QML plugin.
* Improved:
+ File suffix for export (e.g. picture) is determined by mime type.
+ Image dimensions are displayed below picture.
* Fixed:
+ Crash when TagLib file is saved with changes in tags and file name.
+ Deletion of picture frames from Ogg/Opus files.
+ Setting description of Ogg pictures in frame table.
+ Reactivate support for AAC and MP2 files with TagLib.
+ Mac OS X: Avoid excessive memory consumption.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.
+ Adapted to Amazon server update.

Sun Nov 9 13:30:51 CET 2014 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.1.2
* New:
+ Allow user to change the file permissions of read-only files.
* Improved:
+ Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
+ Reduce number of open file descriptors with TagLib >= 1.8.
* Fixed:
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.
+ Correctly add missing frames when editing multiple files.
+ The value of an existing frame on multiple files can be set
via D-Bus.
+ File names with special characters in Mp4V2Metadata on Windows.
+ Appdata passes appdata-validate check.

Thu Aug 21 19:06:09 CEST 2014 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.1.1
* New:
+ Validation for date/time, track and disc number frames.
+ Mac OS X: Drop on dock icon.
+ Timeout command in kid3-cli to overwrite command timeout.
+ Build option WITH_NO_MANCOMPRESS to disable gzipped manpages.
* Improved:
+ Updated Czech translation.
+ Support drag'n'drop from https, ftp.
+ Show picture type in frame table.
+ Allow import from file/clipboard with empty date fields.
+ Mac OS X: Placement of Preferences, Quit, About in application menu.
+ Add AppData and comment in desktop file for GNOME Software.
+ Handling of RPATH to private libraries.
* Fixed:
+ Setting of POPM frames using kid3-cli.
+ Removing of COMM, PRIV, TXXX, free form frames.
+ Windows: kid3-cli output redirection.
+ Mac OS X: Support case-sensitive filesystems.
+ Mac OS X: Fix drag'n'drop on OS X 10.10 Yosemite Preview.
+ Restore Ogg files if writing fails.
+ Format while editing for tag 2.
+ Support composer when importing from MusicBrainz.
+ Opening external links from handbook.

Mon Apr 21 09:34:23 CEST 2014 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.1
* New:
+ Support for synchronized lyrics and event timing codes.
+ Import and export of LRC (synchronized lyrics/Karaoke) files.
+ Find and replace strings in tags and file names.
+ Display details and sort columns in file list.
+ Open and Open Containing Folder file list actions.
+ Support Ogg and Opus cover art.
+ Export format CDRDAO TOC for CDs with CD-text from WAV tags.
+ D-Bus command expandFileList() to expand the whole file list.
* Improved:
+ Updated Czech, Finnish, Estonian translations.
+ GUI and usability, keyboard navigation.
* Fixed:
+ Restore Quick Access Tags settings properly.
+ Support tags from file name with 2 character extensions (e.g. ".wv").
+ Keyboard shortcuts settings with Mac OS X 10.9.
+ Build without Phonon.
+ Fingerprint decoding and resampling with libav.
+ D-Bus command expandDirectory().

Wed Nov 27 17:39:57 CET 2013 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.0.2
* Fixed:
+ Translations and handbook are not found on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
+ Application termination when main window is closed while handbook
is open.
+ Tag 1 genre combobox is empty if "show only custom genres" is set.
+ Session restoration.
+ Detection of installed Qt 5.
+ KDE application does not find libraries if prefix is not /usr.
+ Build if all translations are disabled.
* Improved:
+ Added new genres introduced in Winamp 5.6.

Tue Oct 29 18:15:04 CET 2013 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.0.1
* Fixed:
+ Filename format configuration can not be changed.
+ Menus get broken when toolbar is changed in KDE version.
+ Incorrect conversion of configuration in KDE version.
+ Unintended result selection in first track of fingerprint import.
+ Crash at exit after canceling fingerprint import with GStreamer.
+ Prefer GStreamer 0.10 over 1.0 to avoid hang in Phonon.
+ Build with readline needing termcap (as used in Slackware).
+ Build with FFmpeg 2.0 (as used in openSUSE 12.3).
+ Honor LIB_SUFFIX if set (as used in Fedora).

Mon Oct 14 21:30:42 CEST 2013 Urs Fleisch
* Release 3.0
* New:
+ Command-line interface kid3-cli.
+ Use common shared libraries for KDE, Qt-only and CLI versions.
+ Plugins for metadata libraries and importers.
+ Support Opus files with TagLib 1.9.
+ Support GStreamer 1.0.
+ Support libavresample 0.0.3.
* Improved:
+ Editing without leaving the keyboard.
+ When saving a file fails, tell user if it is not writable.
+ Escape metacharacters in HTML export.
+ Updated Czech translation.
+ Updated Finnish translation.
+ Cleaned up configuration option sections.
* Fixed:
+ Crash when saving non-FLAC file with flac extension.
+ Support minimum Mac OS X version 10.5.
+ Load Qt libraries only from bundle on Mac OS X.

Sat Mar 2 09:36:02 CET 2013 Urs Fleisch
* Release 2.3
* New:
+ Automatic batch import for multiple directories.
+ Import catalog number and release country from Discogs and
+ Quick access tags are configurable for tag 2.
+ Setting for default file name to save cover art.
+ Select all in directory.
+ Apply text encoding.
+ Support Qt 5.0.
* Improved:
+ Better responsiveness when working with a huge number of files,
long operations can be aborted (filtering, renaming, expanding).
+ Support custom frame names in formats and imports.
+ Display accuracy and cover art URL for imports.
+ Added more unified frame types.
+ GUI and usability.
* Fixed:
+ Swapped mapping of too and enc for M4A files.
+ Compatibility of ID3v2.4.0 COMM frames with iTunes.
+ Do not remove spaces in Vorbis comment field names.
+ Crash and decoding for fingerprints with libav 9.1.

Mon Dec 3 11:09:12 CET 2012 Urs Fleisch
* Release 2.2.1
* Improved:
+ Updated Czech translation.
* Fixed:
+ Fixed selection of language and handbook with Qt 4.8.

Fri Oct 26 17:07:27 CEST 2012 Urs Fleisch
* Release 2.2
* New:
+ Option to load last opened file on startup.
+ Option to use locale for character conversion.
+ Support new features of TagLib 1.8: More ID3 frames, ID3v2.3,
tracker modules (MOD, S3M, IT, XM).
+ Support use of GStreamer instead of FFmpeg for Chromaprint decoding.
+ Support building with latest libav/FFmpeg libraries.
* Improved:
+ Extract year from "YYYY-MM.." date frame for %{year} format code.
+ Character conversion for roman numbers.
+ Dutch translation.
+ Finnish translation.
* Fixed:
+ Avoid crash when exporting album cover while editing multiple files.
+ Check if file format supported before converting to ID3v2.3.0.
+ Rewritten Discogs import to use Discogs API v2.0.

Fri May 11 21:20:06 CEST 2012 Urs Fleisch
* Release 2.1
* New:
+ Keyboard shortcuts configuration for Qt-only version.
+ Use Chromaprint for import from MusicBrainz Fingerprint, is now
also available on Windows and Mac OS X.
+ Serbian translation.
+ Support build with Qt5.
* Improved:
+ Support most frames in format codes with %{framename}.
+ Support iTunes ID3v2.4 frames TCMP, TSO2, TSOC.
+ Option to use the native file dialogs for Qt-only version.
+ Handling of pictures in WMA files.
+ Use themed icons.
+ Building with shared libraries on KDE.
+ Handle carriage return characters in output from user commands.
* Fixed:
+ Windows: Avoid truncation of file when renaming with illegal
+ Limit number of open file handles.
+ Nicer icons, install SVG instead of SVGZ in kid3-qt.
+ Fixed import from Amazon.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Sat Oct 29 11:23:46 CEST 2011 Urs Fleisch
* Release 2.0.1
* Fixed:
+ Prevent cursor from jumping to end in format line edits.
+ Correctly update file selection after add, edit or delete frame.
+ Build system finds DocBook XSL on various Linux distributions,
finds Phonon on Ubuntu 11.10, can build with shared libraries.
+ Correctly set bundle version on Mac OS X.
+ Czech translation.

Tue Aug 30 19:02:37 CEST 2011 Urs Fleisch
* Release 2.0
* New:
+ Import from tags to extract and move information between tags.
+ Play a track on double click (optional).
+ Searching in help browser.
+ Move files to trash instead of deleting them.
+ Automatic setting of checkboxes when frame is changed.
+ Support for APE tags with TagLib 1.7.
* Improved:
+ Major refactoring to improve software architecture, separated
GUI from application logic using the Qt 4 Model/View
architecture. This required dropping support for Qt 3 and
KDE 3. Unified build system using CMake for KDE and Qt-only
+ The file list is updated on file system changes and is faster.
+ Import sub-dialogs are modeless and do not block import dialog.
+ Import table is editable and has optional columns for file
names and paths (selectable with context menu).
+ The tracks to import can be selected, e.g. to import only one
CD from a doulbe-CD album.
+ Number Tracks can number the tracks of multiple directories.
+ Multiple directories can be selected with Rename Directory.
+ M4A support with TagLib (can fully replace libmp4v2).
+ Exports are displayed in a table if they contain tabulators.
+ Adding and editing formats is now more user friendly.
+ GUI and usability.
* Fixed:
+ Genre and track total in M4A files with TagLib.
+ Execution of user action without command.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Sat Jan 15 16:52:22 CET 2011 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.6
* Improved:
+ The total number of tracks can be set in the "Number Tracks"
+ All numeric fields can be padded with zeros.
+ Parts of the filename can be ignored when generating tags from
the filename.
+ Updated Estonian, Italian and Czech translations.
* Fixed:
+ Track number digits option works now with ID3v2.4 and UTF8/UTF16.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Sun Sep 26 14:14:55 CEST 2010 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.5
* New:
+ Versions without KDE (kid3-qt, Windows, Mac OS X) now have also
icons, a toolbar, and functions "Open Recent", "Show Statusbar".
+ A simple audio player is available via "Tools" and context menu.
+ Option "Auto Hide Tags" to hide unused tags.
+ Option to set number of digits in track number.
+ Support for cover art in WMA files.
+ Context menu items "Expand all" and "Collapse all".
+ Double click on picture to add or edit cover art.
+ Chinese translation.
* Improved:
+ Faster filter.
+ Frame difference shows all frames of the selected files.
+ The buttons "From Filename" are now beside the corresponding
format and named "To Tag 1" and "To Tag 2". The buttons
"From Tag 1" and "From Tag 2" are beside their format.
* Fixed:
+ Setting pictures using D-Bus function setFrame().
+ Correct extensions for ".aac" and ".mp2" files when generating
filenames from tags.
+ Correct setting of URL field in WXXX frames when set in table.
+ Do not lose focus in frame tables when window is deactivated.
+ MIME types, documentation adapted for KDE 4.5.

Sun Feb 28 2010 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.4
* New:
+ Support for cover art in Ogg files.
+ Import from Amazon.
+ Separate formats for "to filename" and "from filename".
+ Czech translation.
* Improved:
+ Use of UTF8 and UTF16 encoding when non-ASCII characters are used.
+ GUI and usability.
* Fixed:
+ Correctly set tags when tags of multiple files are selected,
edited, and then copied to the other tag.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Fri Oct 23 2009 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.3
* New:
+ Advanced playlist dialog.
+ Support for WMA/ASF, AIFF and WAV files.
+ Estonian, Finnish and Turkish translations.
* Improved:
+ When changing the current file while a tag field is being edited,
the changes are preserved.
+ Translation system.
+ Settings in Number Tracks dialog can be saved.
+ Filter files without attached pictures.
+ Support for libmp4v2 1.9 and TagLib 1.6.
* Fixed:
+ Show album art when multiple files are selected.
+ From Tag 2 option can be restored in Rename Directory dialog.
+ Picture download.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Wed Apr 29 2009 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.2
* New:
+ Import of album cover art from various sources.
+ Mark changed tag fields and filenames.
+ Option to store ID3v2 genre as text instead of numeric string.
+ Track number format with configurable amount of leading zeros.
* Improved:
+ Directory deb to generate Debian packages for KDE 4 and Qt 4 or KDE 3 and Qt3.
+ Proxy authentication with Qt 4.
+ Display and editing of COMM, PRIV, UFID, MCDI and POPM frames.
+ Technical details (bitrate, codec, ...) for export and filter.
* Fixed:
+ Format replacements %c, %y, ... are replaced with empty strings if the corresponding field is empty
+ Charset for import.
+ ID3v1 fields are displayed correctly after saving when the ID3v2.3 encoding is set to UTF16.
+ Correct header information for MP3 files with attached picture or without ID3v1 tag.
+ Adapted to Discogs server update.

Sat Oct 25 2008 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.1
* New:
+ Dutch translation.
+ New general frame types Album Artist, Grouping, Lyrics, Media, Remixer.
+ Setting character encoding for ID3v1.1 tags.
+ Import additional tags from Discogs and MusicBrainz.
* Improved:
+ All frame types (not only Artist, Album, ...) can be used for all operations (e.g. import, export, tag file name, rename, ...).
* Fixed:
+ Build for KDE 3 without id3lib or TagLib
+ Supress using unsupported UTF-8 for ID3v2.3
+ Qt 4, KDE 4: Wrong track times in import dialog when some track times are missing.
+ KDE 4: Translations with arguments (%1, %2).
+ Windows: Displaying pictures with JPEG plugin.
+ MacOS X: Dropping and displaying pictures.

Thu Apr 3 2008 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.0
* New:
+ File filter.
+ D-Bus interface to control application by scripts.
+ Long format codes %{title}, %{album}, ... and tooltips for formats.
+ Support for FLAC pictures.
+ Polish translation.
* Improved:
+ GUI and usability.
+ Rename directory wizard.
+ Use xdg-open as the default web browser.
+ Display description instead of TXXX and WXXX.
+ Add pictures to files by drag and drop and from cllipboard.
+ Compilation with GCC 4.3 and compiler detection for kid3-qt.
+ Support for TagLib 1.5.
* Fixed:
+ KDE 4 docs in correct directory.
+ Crash when TSST frame was added to ID3v2.3.0 tag.
+ Disappearing ID3v1 genres.
+ Possible crash when import or export format was added.

Thu Nov 15 2007 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.10
* New:
+ All frames can be edited in tables, not only the standard tags.
+ Support for MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio, and WavPack files.
+ Default encoding can be configured.
+ Italian translation.
+ Support build with KDE 4.
* Improved:
+ Conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 for all supported frames.
+ GUI and usability.
+ Qt4 version builds without Qt3Support module
* Fixed:
+ Correct kid3-qt icon.
+ kid3-qt builds correctly without id3lib or without MusicBrainz.
+ Remove deleted user actions from configuration.
+ Allow new export/import formats with empty fields.
+ Reread file after conversion from ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3.
+ Rename directory does not rename when tags are empty.

Sat May 5 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.9
* New:
+ Hierarchical directory tree instead of flat file list.
+ Enhanced context menu commands, can be used to browse for lyrics and album art.
+ Import from
+ Conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags.
+ Editor for custom genres.
+ Option to mark truncated ID3v1.1 fields.
* Improved:
+ Frames are listed alphabetically and can be edited and deleted in multiple files.
+ Import from (formerly
* Fixed:
+ MusicBrainz fingerprint import.

Tue Nov 21 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.8.1
* Fixed:
+ A new Custom genre was added on termination.

Sat Nov 11 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.8
* New:
+ Import from, Discogs and MusicBrainz release database.
+ Support for ID3v2.4 and MPC using TagLib.
+ Context specific help in dialogs.
+ Support build with Qt4.
* Improved:
+ Show tag formats.
+ Remove non-letter characters before matching by title in import dialog.
+ Buttons to save dialog specific settings.
* Fixed:
+ Allow building with tunepimp 0.5.x.
+ Place kid3.desktop in /usr/share/applications/kde/.
+ Fix inadvertent changes of ID3v2.3 genre strings.
+ Remove trailing zeroes in unicode strings.

Wed Jun 7 2006 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.7
* New:
+ Export dialog can export tags as CSV, HTML, playlists, Kover XML and other formats. CSV files can be imported again.
+ Show/hide ID3v1.1/ID3v2.3 controls.
+ Custom strings can be used for ID3v2.3, Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC genres.
+ Automatic numbering of tracks.
* Improved:
+ Direct menus for and MusicBrainz import.
+ import has suggested search string, search history.
+ Imported tracks can be reordered to match track number, title or length.
+ Format while editing affects most operations, is split into separate options for filenames and tags, menu commands to apply filename format and tag format.
+ Case conversion is done before string replacements, so that "case exceptions" can be corrected.
+ Builds with libtunepimp 0.4.x.
* Fixed:
+ Remove temporary Ogg file when filename and tags are changed.
+ Mark file as changed when Ogg genre is changed.
+ Correct length restriction for ID3v1.1 comment.
+ Open directories with special characters from the command line.
+ Import from file/clipboard does not use durations from previous import.

Mon Oct 24 2005 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.6
* Support for Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC files
* Import from MusicBrainz
* Usability improvements

Mon Jul 26 2004 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.5
* When importing, check the length and the count of the tracks
* Keyboard shortcut configuration
* Rename and create directories from tags
* Display information about tags, bitrate, length, ...

Sat Jan 24 2004 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.4
* Direct import from
* compliant kid3.desktop file
* Accept input if there is no year or genre information
* File renaming works on Windows filesystems if case changed
* Context menu in string replacement table
* Progress bar while saving directory

Sat Oct 18 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.3
* Automatic case conversion and string replacements
* Import of album data from and other sources
* Improved Windows (Qt only) version: persisted configuration, online help
* Support files for KDevelop and Visual C++
* Improved Unicode support, however some bugs in id3lib have to be fixed before this is of real use

Sat Sep 06 2003 Egor S. Orlov
* Added russian translation

Thu May 13 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.2.1
* Now uses the standard automake/autoconf build process provided by kapptemplate.

Sat Apr 26 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.2
* Use QScrollView for control widgets at the right side and separate them from the filelist by a QSplitter, so that the window can be resized to a small size.
* Show busy cursor while reading and writing files.

Thu Jan 16 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Started ChangeLog.

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CodeShip 1.0.1 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Mon, 2016/03/14 - 12:04am
ThumbnailCodeShip 1.0.1
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
This is a simple plasmoid for KDE Plasma 5. It shows the build status of your latest codeship builds.


plasmapk2 -i codeshipDirectory

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SysTach 0.1 (Plasmoid Binary)

Sun, 2016/03/13 - 8:47am
ThumbnailSysTach 0.1
(Plasmoid Binary)
SysTach for KDE/Plasma

KDE4.x hybrid Plasma (native/QML) rewrite of the SysTach SuperKaramba widget:



* Connects to ANY KDE Engine and Datasource
* Radial Gauges
* Digital and Text Gauges (not yet implemented)
* Automatic ranging
* SVG-Skinnable Widgets

Current build is x68_64 only.
The Source link below is a ZIP file of the entire Master branch.
The Master branch is also linked at the top of the page, under Version Control.

Version 0.1 - First Release

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Redshift Control 1.0.13 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Sat, 2016/03/12 - 5:25pm
ThumbnailRedshift Control 1.0.13
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Plasma 5 applet. Allows enabling and disabling redshift process. Provides advanced redshift settings and mouse-wheel manual screen temperature controlling.

- redshift
- qt5-graphicaleffects (e.g. package for kubuntu users: libqt5qml-graphicaleffects)

- Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download new plasma widgets
- find this applet and install through the first item with .plasmoid extension

- full redshift mode settings exposed
- no icon in tray expanded view fixed

- unnecessary logging removed
- passive timeout prolonged so no active/passive tray flickering visible during day/night transitioning

- option for enabling geoclue2 (redshift's location provider)
- showing current temperature in tooltip
- option for preserving current screen temperature

- enters plasmoid-passive state after a few seconds

- fixes for hiDPI fonts

- minor textation fixes & tooltip tuning

- colour and size fixes to better match plasma themes (by alexander255 from github)

- mouse wheel fixes
- various settings added
- brightness and gamma is taken into account in manual mode
- manual temp step settings added

- initial import

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KRunner Translator 0.6.1 (KDE Improvement)

Sat, 2016/03/05 - 11:08pm
ThumbnailKRunner Translator 0.6.1
(KDE Improvement)
This is a plugin for Plasma 5 KRunner. It's a translator and it translates text. Please have a look at the README or the github page for a detailed description.

Example: fr-en maison

this will translate the french word "maison" into english

Thanks for your feedback and kudos!

• improve configuration user interface

• support for
• primary and secondary language for simplified syntax

• use glosbe instead of google translate
• always use ssl

• bugfix installation directory
• code cleanup

• porting to kf5
• fix copy to clipboard

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KDE CHM Thumbnailer 0.2.1 (KDE Improvement)

Sat, 2016/03/05 - 12:28pm
ThumbnailKDE CHM Thumbnailer 0.2.1
(KDE Improvement)
A KDE thumbnail generator for the CHM file format. It depends on CHMlib
Since 0.2.1 release it works with KDE Frameworks 5, for KDE 4 just keep using 0.2 stable release.

Tested with a limited set of CHM files. It should work with standard compliant documents (

Once installed go to Configure Dolphin -> General -> Previews and select CHM documents.


* epub?
* fb2?

Comments are welcome.

0.2.1 (KF5)
KF5 porting

0.2 (last KDE 4 release)
An alternative strategy for some not standard CHM files
Minor improvements

Minor improvements

Fix an issue with Kubuntu 11.10. Thanks to srog.

Fix uppercase issue with a bad chm

First release

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KDE ePub Thumbnailer 1.1 (KDE Improvement)

Fri, 2016/03/04 - 3:18pm
ThumbnailKDE ePub Thumbnailer 1.1
(KDE Improvement)
A KDE thumbnail generator for the ePub file format.
It works with KDE Frameworks 5, for KDE 4 just keep using 1.0 stable release.

Once installed go to Configure Dolphin -> General -> Previews and select ePub documents.

If you have some epub files containing a cover, but not supported by the thumbnailer, please tell me, I'll be glad to test them.

Since 0.9 it doesn't require libepub (ebook-tools).

* fb2?
* chm?

Comments are welcome.

Stable KF5 release

1.0.9 beta
KDE Frameworks 5 porting

Stable KDE 4 release

0.9 beta (nolibepub branch)
Complete rewrite:
* It requires no more libepub.
* Increased supported ePub files.

* Added another strategy to find the cover, currently shaped on Sigil (by dliw) [0.3]
* German translation added (by dliw) [0.3]
* Better memory management
* Minor code improvements

* Increased supported ePub files:
- a new strategy to retrieve the cover from standard compliant ePub files;
- the "old" strategy now is the second option;
- a little improvement to increase the possibility of a successful result.
* Some minor improvements.
* Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation added. Thanks to nihui.

first release

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KDE fb2 Thumbnailer 0.3.1 (KDE Improvement)

Thu, 2016/03/03 - 7:26pm
ThumbnailKDE fb2 Thumbnailer 0.3.1
(KDE Improvement)
A KDE thumbnail generator for the FictionBook (fb2) file format.
Since 0.3 release it works with KDE Frameworks 5, for KDE 4 just keep using 0.2 stable release.

Once installed go to Configure Dolphin -> General -> Previews and select FictionBook documents.

I don't use this file format, so I tested the thumbnailer on a very limited set of freely available files. If you have some fb2 files containing a cover, but not supported by the thumbnailer, please tell me, I'll be glad to test them.

* epub?
* chm?

Comments are welcome.

Fixed support for zipped fb2 (new dedicated mimetype:
Code improvements

KDE Frameworks 5 porting

- Added support for zipped fb2 files
- Added support for not specification compliant files (no coverpage tag)

First release

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Yakuake 3.0.1 (KDE System Tool)

Thu, 2016/03/03 - 2:01pm
ThumbnailYakuake 3.0.1
(KDE System Tool)
Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.

--- What's new ---

Yakuake v3.0.1 is a minor bugfix release addressing installation and integration of the hicolor application icon.

This is the first stable version of Yakuake based on KDE Frameworks 5. It bundles a new default skin implementing KDE's Breeze visual identity and includes an assortment of bug fixes.

--- Essential links ---

Yakuake's website:
Report bugs and wishes at:
Older releases:

Changes in 3.0.1:
* Fixed installation and integratin of hicolor application icon.

Changes in 3.0:
* Yakuake was ported to KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt 5.
* A new default skin follows the Plasma 5 Breeze design.
* Terminal focus is now preserved more reliably when closing and reopening Yakuake.
* Config changes made via the title bar menu are now synced to disk immediately, and thus preserved if Yakuake is killed instead of quit gracefully.
* The option to auto-update tab titles with the title bar contents no longer interferes with manually setting a tab title. To return to auto-updating just clear the title.
* Performance improvements in the compositor-unassisted animation code path.
* Fixed bug causing incorrect window height calculation in multi-monitor systems.

Changes in older releases:

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eYaSDP 1.2.0 (Plasmoid Binary)

Tue, 2016/03/01 - 4:27am
ThumbnaileYaSDP 1.2.0
(Plasmoid Binary)
eYaSDP is a plasmoid that allows to set a number of system buttons in your panel or desktop for comfortable and quick access.

Port for KDE5 available at

[*] Features
- Actions: Shut-down, Reboot, Log-out, Lock screen, Hibernate, Suspend, Switch user and Turn-off screen
- Customizable number of buttons
- Contextual menu actions
- Customizable icons
- It scales to fit your panel size
- Multilingual support

If you find a bug or have thought about a new feature, please, feel free to post your feedback.

[*] Supported languages:
- English (default)
- French
- German
- Greek
- Italian
- Russian
- Spanish
- Ukrainian
- Translators are welcome. Please, see the translation kit below.

[*] Integrity checks for eyasdp-1.2.0.tar.bz2:
- MD5Sum: 811c091990b9b525abdbb1c6892e93d5
- SHA1Sum: 7b2e459d9894f47b31d87dc32e5ea90721745915

2013-11-06 - v.1.2.0
- Added integration with systemd-logind DBus system (suspend & hibernate)
- Fallback to UPower DBus system when systemd-logind not available (suspend & hibernate)
- Added Gentoo Linux ebuild installation script (thanks to Kroz)

2013-09-22 - v.1.1.0
- Added Russian translation (thanks to Alex Kolesnik)
- Added Ukrainian translation (thanks to Alex Kolesnik)
- Removed some compilation warnings

2013-09-03 - v.1.0.0
- Fixed incompatibilities with Qt 4.8 / KDE 4.11
- Improved way of invoking DBus objects

2011-12-12 - v.0.9.0
- Added Greek translation (thanks to Dimitrios Glentadakis)
- Added Italian translation (thanks to Davide Mora)

2011-11-28 - v.0.8.0
- Added new standard KDE Help entry in the contextual menu
- Added German translation (thanks to Nils Görs)
- Fixed some literals lack of space in the Settings dialog to show French translation

2011-11-14 - v.0.7.0
- Adapt the layout depending on the panel orientation (thanks to Downdiagonal for his patch!)
- Added French translation (thanks to Bribanick Dominique)
- Notify the user if an action cannot be carried out
- Removed some compilation warnings

2011-11-08 - v.0.6.0
- Added multilingual support (i18n)

2011-11-05 - v.0.5.0
- First public version

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plasma5-applets-system-panel 1.0.0 (Plasma 5 Plasmoid)

Tue, 2016/03/01 - 2:50am
Thumbnailplasma5-applets-system-panel 1.0.0
(Plasma 5 Plasmoid)
Plasma5 applet that displays a panel with a set of system actions

If you find a bug or have thought about a new feature, please, feel free to post your feedback.

[*] Supported actions:
- Standby (turn off monitor to save energy)
- Lock screen
- Leave (log out, restart or shut down the computer)
- Switch user (switch user o create new session)
- Sleep (suspend to RAM)
- Hibernate (suspend to disk)

[*]Other features
- Supports different layouts

[*] Integrity checks for plasma5-applets-system-panel-1.0.0.tar.gz:
- MD5Sum: 187f9bb2f20749b9a413fdad17e9def6
- SHA1Sum: 8d782a7604490db936ec84abaa7991e8051f8396
- SHA256Sum: 80aa4c37835d445fc1b82876cfef1b44584d7369449af5c18165a3a36463b704

2016-03-01 - v.1.0.0
- First public version

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Pardus Project - Virtual Keyboard 0.1.0 (Plasmoid Binary)

Mon, 2016/02/29 - 2:59pm
ThumbnailPardus Project - Virtual Keyboard 0.1.0
(Plasmoid Binary)

Qt virtual Keyboard

It is a basic virtual keyboard based on x11 key_code relations and server-client programming.

Qml based gui.

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KEncFS 1.6.0 (KDE System Tool)

Sun, 2016/02/28 - 2:53pm
ThumbnailKEncFS 1.6.0
(KDE System Tool)
KEncFS is a gui frontend for encfs. With KEncFS you can easily create, mount, umount and delete your encrypted filesystem.

Now it works in KDe4 and in KdePlasma5.

Use of KEncFS is very simple: to create a new encrypted filesystem you must create new or select two existent dirs, one directory to archive encrypted files and another directory to mount on the encrypted filesystem with encfs (a mountpoint). After this, you can select a conventional ID for your encrypted filesystem and then a password.

With KEncFS you can also manage your encrypted filesystem. You can browse, mount, umount, remove from list (not from disk) your encrypted filesystem, in easy way.

Author: Felice Murolo - Salerno - Italy
eMail: (delete RE-MO-VE and send your email)

** KENCFS - (c) 2010-2016 by Felice Murolo, all rigths reserved
** Author: Felice Murolo, Salerno, Italia
** eMail:
** GNU Lesser General Public License Usage
** KEncFS and it\'s sources may be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser
** General Public License version 2.1 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.LGPL included in the
** packaging of this file. Please review the following information to
** ensure the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 requirements
** will be met:

Open a konsole into source dir and write

$> qmake-qt4
$> make
$> sudo make install

Note: the automatic installation is done in the following directories:

/usr/bin/ for KEncFS itself
/usr/share/doc/kencfs-1.3 for this README
/usr/share/kde4/apps/kencfs/translations for .qm files of languages
/usr/share/applications/ for kencfs.desktop file

If you want to change some of those path, adjust qmake file.

Note: KEncFS has nothing to do with programs with similar name (for example k-encfs), who carry out similar functions. This is a new program designed specifically for KDE4.

- KEnCFS is now in the Portage-tree for Gentoo! (25 sep 2011)

- KEncFS is now in the AUR for ArchLinux! (28 dec 2012)

If you like this application, please donate something. All money raised will be donated to charity for meritorious initiatives.

12 sep 2010 1st version, 1.0a

12 dec 2010 version 1.1
- fixed some minor bugs in sources.
- fixed a major bug (segmentation fault). It was generated by pressing a button (browse or umount or remove) when no row was selected into treeview of filesystem
- fixed a window title
- added warning request when you try to remove a filesystem

25 sep 2011, version 1.2
- Now, double click on the line corresponding to a filesystem, it turns on the mounting and opening.

08 jan 2013, version 1.2.1, fixed Layout Direction of "Mount" button, some little text, a reference into qtlocalpeer.cpp

07 mar 2014,version 1.3.0, fixed a little bug in FS Removal and added KDE WALLET support - If you use this, please consider to protect your kdewallet with password. Added Romanian translations. Added Czech translations.
28 apr 2014, version 1.3.1, added support for ENCFS (Fuse) errors (thanks to sharkcow for suggestion)

29 aug 2014, version 1.4.0, added the ability to auto-mount crypted filesystem on start, using kdewallet for password storage. There is a new configure option for this feature.

13 may 2015, version 1.5.0, KencFS works in KDE4 and in KdePlasma5.

28 feb 2016, version 1.6.0, fixed annoiyng "separate window" for 'File' menu. Fixed window icon. Fixed kwallet security problem. Some changes into code for graphic stuff.

Nicolai Beuermann for KDEWallet support idea
Arthur Țițeică for Romanian translations
Miloš Kožina for Czech translations
Hennings Kopf for automount via KDEWallet idea

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QMapShack 1.6.0 (KDE Scientific)

Thu, 2016/02/25 - 4:52pm
ThumbnailQMapShack 1.6.0
(KDE Scientific)
QMapShack is a consumer grade software to work with data aquired by GPS devices. The data can be displayed on a variety of maps and stored in a database. Additionally new data can be created to plan tours.


* Garmin vector maps and *.jnx raster maps
* Raster maps supported by GDAL
* GEMF raster maps
* Online maps (TMS and WTMS (partially))
* Display multiple maps in one view
* Reproject maps on-the-fly to view's projection
* Digital elevation model independent from maps
* Hillshading and slope coloring

GIS Data:

* 100% project oriented data handling
* Summarize project by a diary
* Support for tracks, routes, waypoints and areas
* Support of track point extensions (e.g. heart rate)
* Support GPX, SLF, FIT and QMapShack's own binary format
* Simple geocache support
* Store projects in a database
* Support for multiple databases


* Undo/redo history for all items
* Track point edit mode to create/change tracks, routes or areas
* Cut/copy/combine/reverse tracks
* Various filter to enhance tracks
* Track point extensions like heart rate, cadence,...
* Fine tune track statistics by activities
* Colorize track by extension or activity
* Create routes and calculate them by Routino (offline) or MapQuest (online)
* Use offline router to draw tracks on-the-fly.

GPS Devices:

* Support for newer Garmin devices
* Support for TwoNav devices
* Project oriented data organization on devices
* Synchronize your project with a group of devices attached


* License GPL3+
* Runs on all *nix systems as well as on Windows and OS X.
* GUI has been translated to Czech, Dutch, French, German and Spanish
* Wiki documentation is English
* Needs Qt5, GDAL, Proj4 and Routino installed
* For device support on Linux DBus and UDisk2 must be installed

V 1.6.0
* Fix: Toggle key focus of on-screen profile
* Fix: Printing correct unit in a plot's xLabel instead of `distance [%1]`
* Fix: CPlot: Replace hardcoded check for TotalElapsedSeconds() with proper values from the source actually used
* Fix: Avoid div-by-zero in case the distance between two points is 0
* Fix: Precision of plot scale for small values
* Fix: Implemented linear interpolation for drawing zoomed plots correctly
* Fix: Avoid drawing tics outside the plotting area
* Add: Additional extensions created by `MIO Cyclo ver. 4.2`
* Add: Map/DEM: Add move up/move down to context menu as alternative to drag-n-drop
* Add: Support for .slf (Sigma Log Format) files
* Add: Support for .fit (Garmin Fitness Format) files
* Add: (Trk) Filter to split a single track containing several segments into several tracks
* Add: (Trk) Filter to remove extension values
* Add: Support for MySQL database
* Add: Support for accessing the database from multiple instances at the same time
* Add: User info to item history
* Add: (Trk) Setup for line width and arrows
* Add: (Trk) line coloring: local, global, automatic setup of limits
* Add: (Trk) plot limits: local, global, automatic setup of limits
* Add: (Trk) colorize track by activity
* Add: Adventures to Garmin devices. Projects are stored as adventure.
* Add: "Archive" folder for Garmin devices.
* Add: Show/hide action for projects on devices.
* Add: Support GEMF raster maps
* Add: Make custom waypoint symbols path configurable
* Add: Reflect partially loaded projects in the checkbox state
* [Issue #80] Selected segment by select tool diseappears when zoom +- or pan
* [Issue #86] Updating map path when adding new maps
* [Issue #91] undo last change crashes qmapshack when drawing a track or a route
* [Issue #89] *.GPX files are not recognized
* [Issue #100] Show file/server when hovering a database
* [Issue #106] Profil with no or bad data does not open trackdetails
* [Issue #107] Patches for 'original' & 'debugging' typos
* [Issue #108] Use the correct order of extensions for Garmin TPX1
* [Issue #112] correct display of menu entries on OS-X for all languages.
* A lot of lttle GUI fixes bug fixes and other improvements
* Converted code closer to c++11

V 1.5.0
* Add track filter to remove track points with invalid position
* Add options to "cut track" function (keep only first or second, keep both)
* Add Dutch translation (not finished yet)
* Add selection of track properties as source for graphs
* Add colorize track by track point properties
* [Issue #68] Bubbles not moving when moving the map
* [Issue #67] "Save Map Screenshot" does not save grid correctly
* [Issue #69] "light gray" colored tracks are displayed in "dark blue" when imported from GPX file
* [Issue #72] Database/Workspace inconsisteny in QMS 1.4.0
* [Issue #70] Removed maximumSize for comboGrades
* [Issue #19] Map-drag resizes or moves window with KDE 5
* Many little bugfixes, some of them causing random crashes

V 1.4.0
* Export selected map area to image or printer
* Add activity to trackpoints to differentiate track statistic
* Add dialog to setup coord. format
* Add option to send console debug output to a logfile
* Add `Show on/Hide from Map` in context menu of one or more projects
* Add closing the `Track Profile` view via keypress ESC
* Add stepwise aborting of current operation in `Add Track/Route/Area` (similar to using right mouse / button `Abort`)
* Fix: Qt5 internal translations for Linux
* Fix: Line Edit usage hint is not removed on abort
* Fix: OS X, various path issues. (icon path, workspace not saved)
* Map: Fix race conditions in WMTS/TMS map handler
* Map: Add hint for missing SSL library when using WMTS/TMS maps
* Map: Slowdown automatic map panning
* Trk: Fix Douglas-Peuker filter
* Trk: Read & write 3rd party track point extensions
* Trk: extend track point info by extension values
* [Issue #57] Trk: Fix color table for green and gray
* [Issue #59] Not possible to change names of empty projects
* [Issue #60] Tab label is not updated when track name is changed
* [Issue #54] In tracks editor, mouse cursor does not change according to selected tool with keyboard shortcut
* [Issue #64] Install QMapShack icon in hicolor theme too.
* [Issue #65] loading routino XML files fixed (added to bundle and support for OS-X specific directory structure).
* [Issue #61] Add average speed to selected area statistics popup
* [Issue #32] Add arrows to indicate edited track direction

V 1.3.1
* Add OS X support.
* Moved to libRoutiono provided by the offcial Routino release
* Add MapQuest as online routing service
* Add edit details dialog for routes
* Display instructions on highlighted routes.
* Speed up projects with many tracks and waypoints
* Add all tracks summary to project details
* Insert new projects on top of device entries in the workspace
* Fix random crashes due to multi threaded data access
* Add device name to extended item name.
* Add "City" waypoint icons
* Fix race condition when creating new items
* Optimize creating new waypoints in a row
* Add a new progress dialog and fix many problems with displaying progress
* Add routes to project details (diary)
* Avoid crash in project details page when switching the sort mode to fast
* Fix random crash when restoring the workspace
* Fix some crashes due to lack of thread serialization
* Project details: Fix crash on resize and other reentrant problems.
* Fix crash when route on-the-fly
* Waypoint details: Move history to tab
* Track profile: Fix DEM line for units other than metric
* History: Add sanity checks when restored from database.
* Plot: Add zoom for x axis
* Replaced CGetOpts with Qt QCommandLineParser
* [Issue #33] Add a summary table (distance, ascent, descent) when editing tracks
* [Issue #34] First point of edited track does not behave as next ones
* [Issue #35] Routing using Routino : crash when route is too long
* [Issue #37] "Select" tool issue when editing tracks
* [Issue #39] Not possible to change names of objects with no name
* [Issue #31] Add hotkeys for track editor buttons
* [Issue #49] Hide screen option when buttons are pressed.
* And many other small fixes...

V 1.3.0
* Cluttered items select: make text sensitive, too
* TwoNav: Fix problems with decoding records created with old firmware.
* [Issue #20] Add command "Duplicate View"
* Ask for saving chnages when closing db project via db folder check box
* Rework user interface to edit line items (tracks, routes, areas)
* Add Routino as offline auto-router
* Add GUI tool to create Routino database files
* Rte: Create route from selected waypoints
* Complete lines via router in line edit mode
* View: Fix bad scaling on startup when using square scale
* [Issue #25] Saved tracks get wrong timestamps
* [Issue #23] Update French translation and fix missleading translation
* Trk/Wpt: Make track/waypoint correlation an option if it takes too long.
* Workspace: Add warning when loading a project twice
* Speed up project file loading
* Trk: Allow combining tracks for tracks on devices.
* Trk: Allow pre-selection of several tracks for combining tracks
* Many GUI fixes and code cleanup.

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Kwave 0.9.1 (KDE Sound Application)

Sun, 2016/02/21 - 9:37pm
ThumbnailKwave 0.9.1
(KDE Sound Application)
Kwave is a sound editor built on KDE Frameworks 5.

With Kwave you can edit many sorts of audio files including multi-channel files. Kwave also includes many plugins to transform the audio data in several ways and presents a graphical view with a complete zoom- and scroll capability.
Supports many sound formats, playback and recording via PulseAudio, ALSA and OSS.

0.9.1 [2016-02-21]

* ported to KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) / Qt5
* playback via Qt Multimedia
* bugfix: saved plugin parameter lists with escaped characters were not
unescaped when loading again
* compile fix for armv7l
* codec_mp3: added missing "help" button to encoder setup dialog
* fixed invocation of file dialog, as suggested by EBN
* support for cmake > 3.3, fix for policy CMP0063
* cmdline option "--nofork" no longer exists
* bugfix: multiple issues in context of switching the GUI type in scripts
* bugfix: fixed issues in saveblocks plugin with special characters in
filenames and patterns, format strings of second and later invocations
of patterns were ignored
* saveblocks: allow path separators in filename patterns to make it possible
to create subdirectories
* saveblocks: added patterns to include file info (file meta data) or the
title of the current block
* workaround for bug in KDE #345320 (missing translators in help/about dialog)
* about plugin: added info about translation team
* added screenshot of the edit_label dialog
* bugfix: tooltips of the fileinfo dialog were not translated
* new make target: "make msgstats" to show the progress of translations
* compile fix for armv7l
* playback: dropped Phonon support (was broken and no longer supported by KF5)
* bugfix: hourglass cursor was not taken back in playback setup dialog
* RPM: format of changelog has changed
* changed plugin install directory and prefix/suffix
* curve widget: use same colors as in frequency response widget, for better
readability on bright color themes

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Kminicom 1.0.1 (KDE System Tool)

Sun, 2016/02/21 - 2:08pm
ThumbnailKminicom 1.0.1
(KDE System Tool)
Kminicom is a KDE/Qt graphical interface to the well known Minicom that replaces its text based window system.
The GUI handles all the settings and displaying features of Minicom :

- set and maintain the parameters used by Minicom
to manage the modem and the serial line
- display all what is received from the serial line. This includes search or save the displayed text to a file
- edit / maintain a set of macro commands using the macro editor page of the settings dialog
- prepare files upload and download operations for Minicom.

This is a beta release : dial and kermit features of Minicom are not yet available.

A modified release of minicom-2.6.2 is provided by this package. See README for detailed explanations about these modifications and a few words about the communication mechanism between both parts of Kminicom.

Build requires Cmake, KDE4 >= 4.8.x and Qt4. lrzsz, as used by Minicom, is required for files transfer.

A Git repository is available at git://

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bells 1.0 (KDE Sound Application)

Fri, 2016/02/19 - 7:36pm
Thumbnailbells 1.0
(KDE Sound Application)
This program simulates tower bell ringing as performed in English church towers.
It produces both audible and visible output in real-time by processing a composition file provided by the user.
Example files are included. The user can interact with the program in real-time to alter the course of the ringing.

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Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP) 1.12.1 (Plasmoid Binary)

Sat, 2016/02/13 - 12:01pm
ThumbnailCustomizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP) 1.12.1
(Plasmoid Binary)
For >=KDE-4.2 (no plasma 5 support)

NEWS: I currently don't have the time to update the plasmoid or even work on a plasma 5 version. Sorry! But I will be happy to have either someone else take over the project or to publish corrected xml files to at least maintain the kde 4 version of this plasmoid

This is another weather plasmoid.
It aims to be highly customizable, but a little harder to setup than other weather plasmoids.
Nearly any weather forecast provider can be used, as long as the data is provided as html files (no flash).
The information how to extract the information from these html files is stored inside xml files.
Commands like grep, head, tail, sed, awk, ... will do this job.

For now, xml files for the weather providers (°C) (city identifier example: BRXX0043) (°C) (city identifier example: 80331 or UKXX0085) (°C) (city identifier example: Ciudad-de-Mexico-MXDF0132) (°C) (city identifier example: Paris-FRXX0076) (°C) (city identifier example: New-Delhi-INXX0096) (°C) (city identifier example: London-UKXX0085) (°C) (city identifier example: DE0006515) (°C) (city identifier example: 12844) (°F) (city identifier example: 12844) (°C) (city identifier example: 101010100) US (°C) (city identifier example: 85001) US (°F) (city identifier example: 85001) world (°C) (city identifier example: 305448) world (°F) (city identifier example: 305448) (°C) (city identifier example: Roma) (°C) (city identifier example: Warszawa) (°C) (city identifier example: 4944) (°C) (city identifier example: id=2643743 or q=London,UK) (°F) (city identifier example: id=5506956 or q=Las Vegas,US)

are included, but feel free to write your own ones.
Please note, that some of the xml files might not work properly for all locations.
If they don't, try to update your definition files: either install latest cwp release or/and download latest xml definition
file package from
and unpack the xml files into ~/.kde4/share/apps/cwp (the cwp application folder inside your kde directory).

To access extended information about current weather condition, left-click inside the current weather description!
The time, when the provider updated his weather information is shown italic when clicked on update time.

CWP saves current weather data on exit inside $HOME/./share/apps/cwp folder, so after crashes you might want to clean up
this directory, or completely remove it.

Parts of the source code are taken from weather plasmoid 0.4, KDE 4.2, qimageblitz, yaWP.
Thanks to the developers!

If you experience any bugs, please report them here.
plasmoidviewer plasma_applet_cwp
or starting plasma from the console
might give you some debug information.

- xml: updated (thanks to Evi1M4chine)

- xml: removed support because the website is unparsable now
- xml: splitted into celsius and fahrenheit versions
- modifications for locating correct data path

- xml: location fixed
- xml: location fixed
- xml: location fixed
- xml: links fixed
- xml: fixes
- xml: fixed

- xml: fixed
- removed due to severe site changes, rendering access impossible

- xml: city name fixed in some cases

- xml: Current temperature fixed
- xml: north wind symbol fixed (thanks to wettermeister)
- xml: city name fixed in some cases

- weather information is stored on disk each time updates are downloaded
- xml: current weather description fixed

- xml: location fixed for some locations

- xml: initial support (WARNING: all configurations need to be updated!)
- xml: sunrise / sunset fixed
- xml: sunrise / sunset and wind direction fixed
- xml: sunrise / sunset fixed

- xml: fixes

- xml: gismeteo: icon fixes
- xml: fixes

- xml: fixes (thanks to Evi1M4chine). Weather icons from weather provider should be preferred over system icons!
- xml: [in,espanol,uk] UV index fixed

- xml: update time added
- xml: weather description modified
- xml: current weather icon fixed
- xml: (World): possibly wrong temperature fixed
- increased number of possible weather icons

- xml: fixes for some URLs

- xml: fixes (thanks to jcasoliva)
- xml: 5th day fixed

- xml: fixes (thanks to Maurizio A.)
- xml: location fixed
- xml: current weather conditions fixed
- xml: (US): fixed (new location code)
- xml: (World): fixed (new location code)

- icon for calm wind conditions
- xml: all: inserted "calm" wind condition if possible
- xml: fixed
- xml: changed (thanks to Maurizio A.)
- xml: espanol / in / fixed
- xml: gismeteo: location fixed

- xml: fixed (thanks to Evi1M4chine)

- xml: (US): fixed location
- xml: (world): fixed location etc.

- xml: (US): feels like temperature and additional information fixed

- xml: fixed
- xml: fixed
- xml: fixed

- xml: wind fixed

- xml: wind and additional info fixed

- xml: location name fixed

- xml: (US): fixed

- xml: fixed (thanks to Dreid)
- xml: (US): fixed forecast
- xml: (world): fixed forecast

- xml: fixed apostrophe character in location names
- xml: fixed wrong low temperature in some cases
- xml: (US): fixed location names
- xml: (US): fixed forecast after midnight

- xml: fixed wind directions
- xml: fixed wind directions
- xml: fixed wind directions
- xml: fixed wind description
- xml: fixed country names

- xml: (US): fixed wrong data at night time

- xml: (US): fixed wrong weather data

- Greek translation (thanks to pkoukousoulas)
- xml: satellite_images: new images
- xml: (World): port to new location code
- xml: fixed

- xml: current wind condition fixed

- xml: current temperature fixed (thanks to Steffen)
- xml: (World): forecast temperature fixed

- xml: complete rewrite
- xml: current weather description fixed

- xml: fixed (thanks to Dreid)
- xml: fixes

- xml: negative temperature values fixed

- xml: (World): mostly fixed (thanks to Jota Jota)
- xml: (US): bugs fixed
- xml: wind and location bugs fixed
- xml: variable wind bug fixed
- xml: variable wind bug fixed
- xml: variable wind bug fixed

- xml: location fixed
- xml: (US): wrong days for forecast fixed

- xml: (US): fixed

- xml: (US): fixed
- xml: fixed

- xml: (US): Forecast icon for 1st day fixed
- xml: Fixed
- xml: Fixed

- xml: icon and description fixes

- xml: (US): links and location fixes

- xml: date name fixes
- xml: date name fixes
- xml: date name fixes
- xml: date name fixes
- xml: (US): update time fixed
- xml: current weather icon fixed

- ru.po updated (thanks to Boris Pek)
- new cwp-app directory not used in some cases
- xml: add some icon codes
- xml: fixes

- on request: changed app directory from ~/.cwp to ~/.[kde4]/share/apps/cwp
- xml: display N.A. if no update time is available
- xml: add some icon codes

- on request: export / import settings from configuration dialog

- xml: (US): fixed temperature not shown in some cases
- xml: fixed icon and forecast information issues

- xml: update time fixed, weather description fixed
- xml: current weather description fixed
- xml: (US): fixed

- xml: location fixed (thanks to yurikirin)
- xml: fixed
- xml: fixed rain forecast
- xml: fixed missing weather description

- xml: fixed forecast for 1st day

- display invalid weather data rather than spinning circle
- xml: links to now
- xml: (US): fixed
- xml: fixed
- xml: others: small fixes

- xml: fixed

- tiny spelling fix (thanks to tehnick)
- debug information for icon codes added
- xml: fixes for some locations like Roma
- xml: (US): night icon fixes

- xml: (World): small fixes (thanks to naradla)
- xml: location name fixed
- xml: wind & encoding fixed
- xml: fixes (thanks to lbonco)
- xml: icon description fixed
- xml: (US): special icons fixed
- xml: some missing icons added

- use KDE's scheduler for download jobs (let KDE limit kio_http process number to 30)
- xml: (World): new URL to find location code

- xml: fixed wind direction
- xml: fixed wind direction
- xml: fixed
- xml: (World): fixed (both °C and °F)

- fixed namespace bug in xml files
- fixed panel bug in KDE 4.5
- xml: fixed

- xml: fixed & added new languages support

- xml: (World): fixed (thanks to Jota Jota)
- xml: (US): fixed

- xml: satellite_images: broken links fixed
- xml: (World): fixed wrong icon code

- xml: (World) fixed (both °C and °F)

- xml: location fixed
- xml: update time fixed, current weather icon fixed
- xml: day names fixed

- update function (xml files in .cwp folder preferred over xml files from install directory)
- weather-windy icon: fixed (newer kde versions don't load scalable icons any more)
- xml: US celsius and fahrenheit: fixed
- xml: fixed (thanks to Pasquale Ceres)
- xml: fixed

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MathMod 4.0 (KDE Scientific)

Tue, 2016/02/09 - 2:35pm
ThumbnailMathMod 4.0
(KDE Scientific)
MathMod is a powerful yet easy to use software solution that allows you to perform complex 3D and 4D surface modelling. With it you are able to generate models and visualize them in implicit or parametric form.
MathMod is a complete rewrite of K3DSurf with many new features and optimizations.
Isosurfaces and parametric surfaces support
3D and 4D hypersurfaces support
Rotation, scale and morph effect support
Load scripts in Json file format / export the result as OBJ
Pigment/Texture/Noise support
Extensive examples (332) and support forum
Export K3DSurf (.k3ds) scripts to MathMod (.js) scripts

Changelog for MathMod-4.0 (08/02/2016)
1) Add user defined parameters (up to 20) with sliders linked to them for real time mathematical models exploration (see "fhelix1" script video )
The sliders properties (min, max, step and initial position) are defined in the script but can be edited
with a new MathMod module (see "Sliders" tabulation).
2) Add 152 new advanced script examples (for a total of 332) . They are also kept in a separate MathMod file collection
"advancedmodels.js" because it's a separate project that is updated more often than MathMod itself.
Follow updates :
Facebok :
3) Implementation of some PovRay internal functions as MathMod scripts/internal functions.
Implemented functions are : fhelix1,fhelix2,f_hex_y,fmesh
4) Code cleaning and optimization.
All your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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