Phonon: Multimedia in KDE 4

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After many months of work on the new Multimedia API for KDE 4 it is time to
finally announce Phonon. Phonon will
provide a task oriented API for multimedia, making it easy for KDE
applications to use media playback and capture functionality (and more)
resulting in application developers being free to concentrate on the user
interface aspects. The number of possibilities to integrate multimedia into the

K3b Fundraiser 2006: A Complete Success

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At the beginning of March 2006, I started a fundraising campaign with the goal of collecting 1000 Euro by
the end of the month in order to buy a new computer system. I soon discovered how very unrealistic this goal
was! You -- the K3b users -- taught me a lesson: by the end of the second day I had already received more than 1000 Euro and in the end the goal was surpassed by far.

Read the full story at the K3b news page.

K3b Fundraiser Started

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Sebastian Trüg has been working on K3b for a long time now and his computer has always served well for development. However it is now old and showing the first signs of senility. In order to keep up his work on K3b he needs a new machine. That is why the K3b fundraiser has been launched. The goal is to collect €1000 Euro by 31st March 2006. If you are willing to donate you can do so using PayPal or a bank transfer. There will be one major reward and that is K3b 1.0.

amaroK 1.3 Reviews

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It seems to be review time for amaroK. The amaroK team is thrilled to see amaroK way ahead of the pack in a recent Grumpy Editor review on, in which the author describes the best and worst features of four popular Free Software audio players. The review points out some of the weaker features of amaroK and the developers have written about how they are addressing some of the issues mentioned.