New Mailing List "kdepim-users" reports that a new mailing list kdepim-users for discussion about the usage of the KDE PIM applications (Kontact, KAddressBook, KMail, KOrganizer and everything else in the kdepim CVS module) has been created. Users who want to help with user support for the KDE PIM applications are very welcome to the new mailinglist. Your help is very much appreciated by the developers.


By Anonymous at Sun, 2003/12/14 - 6:00am

I'm not sure if this is a good idea -
there is e.g. kde-linux around where users discuss all kinds of
kde-apps including kmail etc., and this list has not so much traffic.
so why further divide the audience into one more list with a subtopic ?

By hoernerfranz at Sun, 2003/12/14 - 6:00am

The list is taking over for the kmail list which was getting both user and developer mails. The kmail list is now replaced with kmail-devel and the kpim list will receive the user emails.

By anon at Sun, 2003/12/14 - 6:00am

I claim that a mailing list which has a less general topic than "All of KDE" will attract more people who are willing to help. For example most KDE PIM developers are already subscribed to kdepim-users and will help with answering KDE PIM related questions. Most of those developers are not subscribed to the general KDE user mailing list (for one or the other reason). I browsed the KDE user mailing lists (kde, kde-linux and kde-de) for a few months, but in the end it did simply cost too much time to filter out all the irrelevant questions that I couldn't or didn't want to answer, so that I had to stop reading those mailing lists. With kdepim-users I only have to browse one mailing list and a higher percentage of the questions will be KMail-related.

By Ingo Klöcker at Mon, 2003/12/15 - 6:00am

... is wether IMAP filtering is supposed to already work in beta 2? I want to move messages into IMAP folders with filters, but I can seemingly can only choose local ones.

I remember reading about it in digest, anyone know the status?

Yours, Kay

By Debian User at Sun, 2003/12/14 - 6:00am

why should everything be built into kmail, making it fat and bloated ?
just use what is already there -
fetchmail/procmail !

By hoernerfranz at Mon, 2003/12/15 - 6:00am

With normal (online) IMAP: Neither client-side filtering nor IMAP folders as target for filters will be in KDE 3.2.

With the new disconnected (offline) IMAP: All incoming mail in your INBOX (of the disc. IMAP account) will be filtered by KMail. I currently can't check whether it's possible to select folders on the disc. IMAP account as target for filters.

By Ingo Klöcker at Mon, 2003/12/15 - 6:00am