KMail User Survey

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Do you use KMail or Kontact? The KDE PIM developers want to get more knowledge about how KMail is used so they can better know where they should focus and how they should evolve Kmail and Kontact. They want to make the best user experience possible and you can help by filling out a short survey.

The survey won't take more than 5 minutes and it will be a big help.

Please share the survey with your family members, friends and colleagues who use KMail too!

KDE PIM Sprint in Toulouse

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The KDE PIM spring sprint was held in Toulouse, France in March this year in Makina Corpus offices.

The sprint was very important, because the team needed to decide how to continue from the current situation. At the previous sprint in Munich in November when Christian Mollekopf and Aaron Seigo introduced their new concept for the next version of Akonadi it was decided to refocus all the efforts on working on that, which meant switching to maintenance mode of the Kontact Suite for a very long time and then coming back with a "big boom". In Toulouse this plan was re-evaluated and decided that it is not working for the team and that it will be much better for the project as well as the users if they continue active development of Kontact Suite instead of focusing exclusively on the “next big thing” and take the one-step-at-the-time approach.

Help Test the Next Generation of KDE's Kontact

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The KDE PIM team has made available a beta version of the next-generation groupware client suite Kontact. The new Kontact is built on the Akonadi framework, sharing infrastructure for syncing with online services across applications. While the first bits of Akonadi integration already made their entry in KAddressBook as delivered with 4.4, this beta includes Akonadi versions of most of the other Kontact components, including email using the new KMail2.

Akonadi Demystified

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Over on his blog Sebastian Kügler talks about the status of Akonadi, how the migration of Kontact to Akonadi is going, and in general where the direction of development is leading.

As a status update, sebas notes "Initially, we had planned to release the new Kontact along with the rest of the KDE Applications 4.5. This did not quite work out, so we pushed the release back a bit, and are planning to release it along with one of the 4.5.x updates. The current plan is to release the Akonadi port of Kontact still this year. In contrast to our usual releases, this step is a bit different. We want to avoid hassle for the end-user as much as possible, so we are extending the beta phase until we think the quality is sufficient for the high demands of users, which is especially important in Kontact, where you likely spend a lot of your time."

Kolab Systems Aims to Bring Kolab Groupware to New Level

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Today a new Free Software business was launched with the goal of strengthening the Kolab groupware solution ecosystem. The former Kolab Konsortium now has a new charter and thus a new name: Kolab Systems AG. Offering services, packaging and quality assurance based on a partnership model, Kolab Systems builds its business on the proven Kolab groupware solution. This leads to a continued focus on supporting and deploying KDE personal information management (PIM) applications and server infrastructure on a variety of platforms.

PIM Hackers Boost Akonadi Into The Future

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This weekend the A-Team (Akonadi, not Amarok) gathered in KDAB's office in the heart of Berlin to push the Akonadi PIM storage database to the next level.

On Friday afternoon, after everybody arrived, the meeting started with a series of presentations to get everybody on the same page with respect to progress in various parts of Akonadi.

Computerworld: OpenChange, KDE bring Exchange Compatibility to Linux

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Computerworld covers progress in OpenChange, the Microsoft Exchange server and client replacement. He looks at integration work being done in Akonadi and how that will arrive in KDE 4.3. "Speaking at the Linux.conf.au conference in Hobart last week, Canberra-based OpenChange and KDE developer Brad Hards said 'We're working with the Microsoft Exchange protocols and work it mostly does.

Sunday 8th June is KDE PIM Krush Day

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This Sunday (8th June), the KDE Bugsquad will host a KDE PIM Krush day. The aim of the day will be to find and document as many of the bugs in the PIM applications (including KMail, Kontact, Akregator and many more) of the upcoming KDE 4.1 release as possible. The day will begin at 0:00 UTC on Sunday and continue until the day is over throughout the world. Krush Days are an excellent opportunity for KDE users keen to make their first contribution to the KDE project.

Akonadi Sprint Readies for KDE 4.1

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Last weekend a group of developers gathered in Berlin at the KDAB office for an Akonadi sprint. The goal was simple, getting Akonadi in shape for the first public release of Akonadi when KDE 4.1 is released. In the couple of days they met, they made an amazing amount of 270 modifications to the KDE repository, and worked on average from 10am to 3am to make a big step into reaching that goal. Read on for details.