Voting Opens for KDE Software Label Designs

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As part of our our efforts to better use our brands, we announced a set of labels for use by people creating KDE software. We chose three options: Powered by KDE, Built on the KDE Platform and Part of the KDE Family and asked for artwork for badges and banners carrying these labels so that they could be used on websites or within applications.

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We've received a number of excellent designs and now it is time to pick the best. The judging panel will include four members of the KDE promotion team and you.

To have your say, cast your vote over on the KDE Forums by 13 June. The winning design will be unveiled on the Dot.

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While I like Entry 9 the most, I hope the typos will be fixed in case that design wins (missing "the", "Family" and "Platform" not upper case)

Yes, minor things like that will be fixed.

I think that 1, 6 und 9 are all really good, and I can’t really decide.

in 6 the versions with text to the right are nicer, while in 1 the versions with text below looks nicer.

And 9 is what I would like the most to include in a professional-look program (once I get to writing one :) ).

And for funny apps, 4 would be a really good fit.

So that’s a kinda hard decision, and I’d like most to use them all :)

You can vote up more than one if you can't decide.

Ultimately, no one is going to stop anyone using any design they like, but to make these most useful it is good for us to have one design that we recommend so that it becomes more easily recognizable.

by birdie

What a mess, can you hire professional designers? Most of the contestants haven't proposed anything that looks even remotely modern and professional and people's votes mean ... nothing - only professional designers should have been allowed to vote. IMO only designs 9 and 10 look less or more acceptable.

And speaking frankly the K logo asks to be redesigned.

P.S. Drupal antispam module is set up incorrectly here: my every post to is considered SPAM.

Feel free to donate a few thousand € to let us hire some professional designers, find some who do it for free or do it yourself if you can...

Drupal antispam module is set up incorrectly here: my every post to is considered SPAM.
And why do you think that is... ;-)

entry 10 is the best imho, although i also like number 7

Hi Stuart,

Should I login to vote, right ?
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Yeah, you need to log in. Weird about not getting the activation email. I'll ask if the forum people have some ideas

Update: Your account should be activated now, courtesy of your friendly forum admins :-)

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