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Krita 2016 Kickstarter: Let's Make Text and Vector Art Awesome

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Today we kick off the third Krita kickstarter! It's beginning to become a tradition. Last year, our Kickstarter backers funded the development of performance improvements and animation support -- and a bunch of other features. Right now, we're still working on finishing up the Krita 3.0 release before we implement the last of the stretch goals you all helped fund last year.

Krita Kickstarter 2016 Video

GCompris Joins the KDE incubator and Launches a Fundraiser

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GCompris has joined the KDE incubator. GCompris is the high quality educational software suite comprising numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10, and well known by parents and teachers all over the world.

GCompris was started in 2000 by Bruno Coudoin as a Free Software project. Originally written in GTK+, the project developers decided in early 2014 to make a radical change and rewrite it in Qt Quick. The main motivation is the ability of the Qt platform to address the desktop and the tablet market from a single code base.

In order to get the great level of support from a strong developer community, GCompris joined the KDE incubator.

Introducing Konqi

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Do not publish. Probably never. Just used this to upload the images to the dot and prepare the html. Use from

The dot has always been a place where content came first. But it is 2014 and articles without images don't do well. We don't always have images with articles, unfortunately. Sprints have group photo's, much coding work comes with screenshots but sometimes you're just not able to find something fitting to spice up the article.

Krita Kicks Off 2.9 Development Effort with a Kickstarter Campaign

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Krita Fundraiser on Kickstarter

Five years ago, the Krita team decided raise funds to raise Krita to the level of a professional application. That fundraiser was successful beyond all expectations and enabled us to release Krita 2.4, the first version of Krita ready for professional artists!

Now, it’s time for another fundraiser, much, much more ambitious in scope! Dmitry Kazakov has worked full-time on Krita 2.8, and now we want him to work full-time on Krita 2.9, too. And it’s not just Dmitry: Sven, who has contributed to Krita for over ten years now, has recently finished university and is available as well.

Krita Support Services Now Available

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KO GmbH announces extensive support services for Krita, the award-winning graphics application. Krita is an advanced paint application with a complete set of professional paint tools that can handle extremely large images effortlessly. It is particularly well-suited for special effects work in the movie industry.

Plasma Workspaces Wallpaper Contest

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With the KDE 4.8 releases drawing near, it's time to change the look of the default desktop. Every two major releases, the main wallpaper of the Plasma Workspaces changes to maintain a fresh style.

This time, artist and Oxygen Master Nuno Pinheiro (creator of most of the previous wallpapers) is asking the KDE community for a new wallpaper by starting a contest. Submissions will be accepted until December 4th. A jury of Nuno and KDE Community Working Group members Ingo "neverendingo" Malchow and Lydia "Nightrose" Pintscher will evaluate the proposals. Up to three submissions will be selected. The judges' favorite will be used as the default wallpaper.

Voting Opens for KDE Software Label Designs

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Vote for your favorite

As part of our efforts to better use our brands, we announced a set of labels for use by people creating KDE software. We chose three options: Powered by KDE, Built on the KDE Platform and Part of the KDE Family and asked for artwork for badges and banners carrying these labels. Now it's your turn to vote for your favorite - read on for details.

Ongoing Oxygen Icons Usability Survey: k3b

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Every two weeks Nuno Pinheiro and the KDE Oxygen Icons team will be publishing a new usability survey online to get feedback from users on the look and feel of icons. In particular, the Oxygen team is looking for feedback from individuals that have had no exposure to KDE, so if you're at home or at work, poke your friends and family and have them complete the survey, or simply take the survey yourself. The current survey is on icons for the KDE 4 port of K3b which is currently underway. So if you have a moment, grab someone and complete the K3b Icons Survey now.