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KDE at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008

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Two weeks ago, the third edition of the Libre Graphics Meeting was held in at the Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland. Sponsored by KDE e.V., Boudewijn Rempt, Cyrille Berger and Emanuele Tamponi from the Krita project and Gilles Caullier from the Digikam project attended this yearly conference on free graphics software.

Plasma Themes Contest

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The KDE Plasma team is inviting everyone to participate in a contest to create Plasma themes from which a select few will be chosen to be included as a part of the upcoming KDE 4.1 release. This is a great opportunity to contribute to a very visible component of the KDE project, the Plasma desktop.

A great feature of Plasma is the ability to theme components of the desktop using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs). This means there is no need for you to know C++ or any other programming language to create a great looking theme.

Oxygen Team Unveils Wallpaper Collection for KDE 4.0

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The Oxygen team is happy to present the final selection of 15 wallpapers that will be released with KDE 4.0. It took longer than expected to manage the
contest due to the large number of entries (around 2000), but it was our first time organising such a contest. Read on for details of the winning entries.

Art Tablets for Krita

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The Krita donation drive has succeeded beyond the expectations of the Krita developers. Donations from all over the world made it possible to buy two Intuos graphics tablets and two art pens for the Krita developers to test their software with. The Krita developers are very grateful to the community for making this possible. The Intuos tablets and art pens make it possible to develop brushes and tools that make use of advanced features such as tilt and rotation for Krita 2.0.

Oxygen Wallpaper Contest

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The Oxygen team has announced a
wallpaper contest. Send in your wallpaper
and it might become part of the default set of wallpapers for KDE 4.0. The
Oxygen team is solliciting contributions from the community. The jury is
nobody less than Icon GodFather David Vignoni, The Mad
Nuno Pinheiro, The Loud American Ken Wimer and Oxygen Swiss Army Knife Riccardo Iaconelli.

Full Tilt for Krita!

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Krita development is in a crucial phase, we are adding fun, useful and
amazing stuff at a stunning rate. But there are things that no Krita
developer can do, because we lack the proper hardware. Krita's
renaissance started with a simple Wacom Graphire tablet, and it led to some
great new possibilities. But to implement support for modern tablet features like tilt and stylus rotation we need to buy more advanced tablets and art pens, and to make that possible, we need your help!

The tablet that started it all

KPhotoAlbum Splash Screen Contest

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Image management application KPhotoAlbum has launched a splash screen contest. The contest comes with a prize of $100US straight from author Jesper's PayPal account. Some early designs are on the contest page already. The contest runs until September 15th, and after that the KPhotoAlbum community will vote on which one will be used for the next release.

Wanted: New Default K3b Theme for 1.0

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K3b 1.0 is in sight and with it I would like to introduce a new default theme. Not because I don't like the current ones, but I just want K3b 1.0 to look different so that people will see the difference, not only feel it. If you are interested in creating a theme for K3b see the themes howto which describes the pictures that are needed in a complete K3b theme set. Send your entries to k3b-devel.

Amarok Live Calling for Artwork

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The Amarok project has announced an artwork contest for their upcoming live CD, Amarok Live, for fancy new version 1.4. The contest includes among other things bootsplash screens, wallpapers and Amarok splash screens. Also the Amarok Live team would like to have a complete set with similar style for all the items listed in the Amarok wiki. This artwork contest will be opened for submission until midnight UTC ending September 1st.

The New and Improved is Live!

Dot Categories: is back up sporting a brand new look and feel. We have created a much more community centric site where those interested can submit news, tutorials, links and more. There is also a new feature we call Studios. This is a new twist on blogging that is completely focused on the creation of art and showcasing the process of creation. Artists who are interested will be able to share their artwork with others and talk about how they created it, and what influences them in their creative process.