Get Your Hands on Some KDE Gear

A selection of the available items

Just in time for the holiday gift rush, the Promo team has set up stores where you can find a variety of shirts, hats, and accessories sporting cool KDE designs. Special thanks to Eugene Trounev, Bugsbane and Sebastian Kügler for some of the first designs.

To make shipping cheaper, there are currently two localized sites:

We would be interested to hear from volunteers willing to help set up localized sites for other regions. Please email the KDE-Promo team if you are interested in helping with this.

We are also still accepting new designs. If you have an idea for new design, please post it to the "Swag" wiki page for consideration.


Totally fun. :)

kde swag, finally! :) i've always wanted one of those blue shirts with a gear on.. :)

but what happened to it? some iconic guy/heart got added to it? I prefer the simple K+gear.

Great initiative, good job!

There are also shirts with just the K/gear logo - ideas are welcome if they those ones don't suit you.

We liked the heart-KDE logo, but there's a selection with and without because nothing is ever to everyone's taste.

I like it so much... The red one is my favorite :-

Its awesome I like this post.I also love red color too much.
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