KDE Public Relations and Marketing

Come Out as Part of KDE

Part of the repositioning of the KDE brands was choosing an appropriate 'KDE Software Label' for developers working on applications outside the main KDE Software Compilation. Technology developed by KDE is used far and wide, as can be witnessed on kde-apps.org and other sites. Some of these applications are developed by people closely entrenched in the KDE community, others by developers who just happened to like KDE technology and don't feel part of the KDE community in any big way. To allow authors to express their connection to the KDE community, the KDE community has chosen three appropriate labels.

We are also presenting the first draft of a guide for distributors of KDE software on how to integrate their communications with our brands.

KDE 4.1 in the Press

Our latest release, KDE 4.1, has had a great reception in the media so far. The KDE Promotion team has been collecting articles and blog entries, and put them together. Very interesting reviews have been published, and we thought you might want to read some. There are reviews in English, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Brazilian Portuguese. If we missed one, feel free to add them to the comments below.

KDE.org.pl Website Celebrates First Birthday

It has been a year since launching our KDE.org.pl site, which has an aspiration to be a real "gate to the world of KDE" in Poland. During the last months, our site received 220 pages and articles, most of them are translations of news, articles and interviews from dot.kde.org and kde.org. We have got 480 photos, artworks and screenshots. In order to reach more people intrested in KDE, our goal is to simplify the language and keep the quality.

PolishLinux KDE 4.1 Preview (Rev 790000)

PolishLinux is at it again. 7000 svn revisions later PolishLinux has posted their next "visual changelog" article highlighting changes in KDE 4.1. The article highlights new features in numerous pPlasmoids, new Plasmoids, Plasma in general, Dolphin, Amarok, Kget and KWin compositing customization. From the article: "Now I can be almost sure that when a stable edition of KDE 4.1 is published, I will definitely say good [bye] to my old good KDE 3.5."

Amarok's Summer of Code Review

This year, Amarok had two summer of code projects under the KDE umbrella. Both of these projects have finished while remaining in continued
development and were extremely successful. Read on to learn about two
innovative additions to the Amarok project.

Ian Monroe, Model/View Implementation and Usability Improvements for
the Playlist