Concluding the KDE PIM Bug Triage

Last weekend, a second bout of KDE bug triage took place in the #kde-bugs IRC channel on Freenode. This round was dedicated to the KDE PIM module, with key applications Kontact, KMail and KOrganizer.
All these applications have seen a drop in bug count, thanks to many people who joined the bug squad. During the weekend more than 180 bugs were confirmed, closed, some even fixed right away. That's a huge amount of bugs less to worry about for the KDE PIM developers.
But there's still plenty to be done! Read on to learn how.

Everyone can help with bug triage. Bug triage is a great way to contribute to the KDE project. You don't need programming skills to participate; the only thing you need is a recent KDE PIM installation which enables you to confirm bugs and provide additional information.

Again, thanks go to all who helped last weekend, it was a really productive two days.

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by Sylvester (not verified)

Whats even more impressive is that the PIM section on BKO is more alive than ever this week.