Photo Impression of @ HCC Dagen

The dutch
KDE team
armed with Konqi, a laptop, some flyers, and a lot of enthusiam, was present at the HCC Dagen computer event in Netherlands November 22-24. We managed to garner a fair amount of attention for our favorite desktop as you can see from this photo report (click on the images for comments).

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by Kraig (not verified)

Good job this is the kind of thing that all of us can do a local computer events. I would prefer to demonstrate KGX on a KDE only Distribution like Lycoris/LX, Xandros or LindowOS. Mandrake does there config in gtk so it's not the best distribution to show case the flexibility of KGX. Mandrake made a gamble a while ago that Gnome would become the dominate desktop so they decided to do there config utilities in gtk. Unfortunately for them KDE stayed dominate and actually grew its desktop share. Now they don't have consistency. I'm not saying anything like Mandrake sucks or anything like that i'm just saying its not the best way to showcase KDE. Please wackos this isn't a troll post so don't bother attacking.

by Jare (not verified)

Of course it's not a troll. A convicts are always 'innocent'...

by Fabrice (not verified)


If you like to do some promo as well please contact (Eva) to let her know which event you are plannng to attend.

Also if you want to check out the possiblities of doing some promo work for kde see some of the mailinglist on and

Take care


by anon (not verified)

Thank you for a job well done, Fabrice.

by Rob Buis (not verified)

Yep, good work Fabrice!
BTW I like your new rough image (ie. beard). Does this mean
you are serious about becoming a KDE/UNIX hacker ? :-)

by Fabrice (not verified)

Well Rob ... I needed a shave, but this whole weekend was just too hectic. No I am not *really* becoming a KDE/UNIX hacker. :-P

BTW I got some info on that article in Linuxmagazine. Rob Kaper wil write something.

Take care