KDE to Have Room at FrOSCon

FrOSCon is due to start this weekend, and KDE will have our own room and give several talks. The KDE room will be shared with developers from Amarok and Kubuntu DE. There will be talks on Marble, Amarok 2, Kubuntu in Deutschland and in the main track one on KDE 4. If you are in the Bonn area, drop by Sankt Augustin this weekend and meet the developers and community.

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by wassi (not verified)

Deutschland = germany (in german) for those who don't know...

by Michael (not verified)

...are you serious? LOL! Well, for my part I can remember all C++, PHP, Java and Perl statements and have no problems discussing DBUS in KDE4 but what the heck do the words "France", "Italia" and "Espana" mean again?

by ac (not verified)

you are not average american then :)

by PuercoPop (not verified)

Espana? I have no idea what that means.... I do know about España though...

by Michael (not verified)

LOL. I just knew someone would bring this up the moment I typed it. Please rememember that not everyone has got a key for this at his fingertips. Have fun entering Beijing in Chinese on your keyboard ;-)

by bert (not verified)

They mean the 'Federal Republic of Germany'.

by x (not verified)

-- Bundesrepublik Deutschland

by boemer (not verified)

Well it was nice to learn about vienna being called wien, wenen too...

And the first time getting to know about a city called Genf located around the same place a Geneva....