KDE at Boston LinuxWorld Conference and Expo

Once again KDE will be exhibiting at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. This year the show has moved to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston and KDE can be found at booth .ORG#3. Drop by for a demo of KDE 3.3 or the latest 3.4 beta 2, and meet some of the east-coast US KDE hackers. The show floor is open from tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 15) until Thursday. KDE is also a finalist for 2 Product Excellence Awards for KDE 3.3 and Kopete.

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by manyoso (not verified)

You consider yourself an east-coast US KDE hacker now? What's with the candadian self-loathing? ;)

by George Staikos (not verified)

Hm I didn't notice that I wrote US. :-) No problem...

by Jonathan Riddell (not verified)

Oops, that was me added that. Wanting to remove the ambiguity of which east coast it was I forgot that the coast is shared by more than one country. Hope that didn't offend anyone.

by George Staikos (not verified)

Indeed I was confused. :-) Really no problem though...

by Claire (not verified)

Wish I could visit, it's quite a long drive from Detroit. Keep up the good work! Perhaps I'll see y'all in NY (May 25-26) or San Francisco (August 8-11).

by jmk (not verified)

Now, someone please explain this to me. Kget just got stuck, and:

:~> pidof kget
:~> kill -15 `pidof kget`
:~> kill -9 `pidof kget`
:~> kget
kget is already running!
:~> pidof kget
:~> ps -ef | grep kget
jmk 31901 1 0 Feb10 ? 00:00:18 kget

WTF? I can certainly understand that it would get automatically restarted,
but how would it get exactly the same PID again? SUSE kernel broken?

by Chakie (not verified)

It didn't die when you killed it.

by Asdex (not verified)

su -
rm `which kget`
shutdown -r now


by WARNING (not verified)

Dont do the above unless you understand what the command means (in wich case you wouldnt do it any way)... 8-D

by m. (not verified)

From list of nominees looks like only KDE community can stand in rivalry
against commercial offerings.

by Anonymous (not verified)

But it did win: nothing.