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A few days ago, we've opened a new section on our Polish K Desktop Environment website called "KDE Users Database". This is not only for Polish users, it's international. After some time it'll be good rate of KDE users number all over the world. Every registered user can save generated certificates and put them on his desktop or website. So, let's register! Please note, that this is not an official KDE users counter - but, maybe in future - it might change.

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by Mark Hannessen (not verified)

wow, I am quick this time...

This is the first time I can actually have "Mark" as my login name on any website. :p But I am sure this number is going to increase lot's and lot's more.

the website is simple clean and proffesional and easy to use. having people registered is important because this way companies can get an impression of the ammount of linux users out there.

I wish everybody out there good luck and hope that many many people will register themselves!

by DS (not verified)

Maybe giving people the option to sign up, when they first run KDE would be nice (would have to be something that one can get rid of with a single click and it'll go away and also something that would allow people to enter existing username and password).

It could also create an account for KDE related websites so that it's actually usefull for people to fill it in.

Finally, if it could also load my KDE settings from the internet, whenever I use a new computer, that would be _really_ cool. Shame that I never manage to find time to do KDE coding.

by Mark Hannessen (not verified)

I don't really like any kind of "go out register yourself behaviour" But if you really would want something like this I would prefer a weblink/shortcut on the desktop. popup something the user didn't ask for can and will be considered anoying. But a small lovely icon sitting on the desktop will not harm anybody.

by Pedro Solorzano (not verified)

"(...)companies can get an impression of the ammount of linux users out there."

By multiplying the number of KDE users by 10 (the other 90% uses GNOME ;).

It would be interesting to have a similar database for GNOME too, maybe the author can put a list of window managers for linux in the registration form (but I dont think it would). If anybody out there can set up a postgres or mysql database I can code the application to start the GNOME database... But I think this is not the best place to put this comment (kde.org!!)

As we say in my country, I'm probably in the wrong place!

Happy Coding...

by Indrid (not verified)

Wheres the USA in the country list?

by MarkN (not verified)

Funny that "Reunion" (slightly smaller than Rhode Island) gets mentioned. It sort of makes sense, though--the rest of the world doesn't like us. I mean, because GWB is our President, we must all be evil, right?

I have just sent an email to site's admin. It must be mistake, there is no conspiracy against US :)

by Will Stokes (not verified)

Either who compiled the country list was falling asleep or this site is bound to fail. Like us or not, a LOT of KDE users are in the USA.

by someone (not verified)

eh, we all know gwb won't try to register himself as a kde user :)

by ac (not verified)

> Wheres the USA in the country list?

I wonder why that "Rael" does not speak up here.
I'm not from the US, and also I am against this kind of exclusion-politics.
I even wonder if that wasn't the kde-users count-site only puropose... to start a fire/flamewar...

by 138 (not verified)

>I even wonder if that wasn't the kde-users count-site only puropose... to start a fire/flamewar...

Oh, don't be silly! It would be a little overkill to make a that kind of site just to start a flamewar. There is easier ways to start a flamewar, let me demonstrate:

Vi! (now just wait for the emacs people) :)

by David (not verified)

Considering that this is a standard list of countries (apart from the USA) I can't see the ommission of the USA as being an oversight. There are quite a few American users (from the US of course).

Is it under something else?

by jameth (not verified)

That's what I'm wondering. I'll admit a lot of Americans are assholes, but this is flat-out insulting. I looked over the entire list, and I just don't see it. It seems fairly standard, so I wonder how United States of America could be unintentionally left out.

I really hope this was just an accident.

by Greg (not verified)

The United States is not listed. If this is an oversight, ok. There are probably more kde users in the US than is any other single country. Please don't have a euro-centric attitude for kde.

by brockers (not verified)

Can the US please be added? I am sure this is simply an overwight.


by Cloaked Penguin (not verified)

If this is not solved, could we start complaining on the "comments" field as a p.s. note? If this gets too political it will be useless as a KDE users database, i.e. will be too segregated.

by a.c. (not verified)

It is not Euro-centric. It appears to have everybody except for USA.
I would guess that the info came from a file that was feed into db/flat-file.
Whoever did this ( Most likely Rael ), would have to excluded USA purposely.

I hope that Rael will mature a little and follow the KDE group in avoiding politics.

In fact Rael, you do a disservice to KDE and your own effort by making the # of users appear to be much less than what they are. In fact, I am guessing that you have now managed to piss off a % of users who will continue to use KDE but will not register.

by a.c. 2 (not verified)

I think the author doesn't isn't ready for the million of people in the US to register that's why US is not on the list. They probably need to ramp up their server before they put it in.

I don't know when the author will be ready.

To me the website is now pretty slow, and taking US off is a necessary thing to keep the website snappy.


by Martin Galpin (not verified)

Whilst I don't know Rael personally, I find it hard to believe he did that purposely. Like GWB or loathe him, it bares nothing on who uses KDE. An honest mistake I like to think.

by someone (not verified)

I just hope it's an accident. As I said, gwb doesn't come here anyway, so why bother about him?

by standsolid (not verified)

or...just maybe... They had USA at the top and din't want it there. thinking that it was there twice, they got rid of the top one without checking for the one after the U.K...

but then again, we are having a fact-free discussion here, and this will get us nowhere.

by Tukla Ratte (not verified)

> we are having a fact-free discussion

Ah, so we should take it to Slashdot, then. 8-)

by 138 (not verified)

>> we are having a fact-free discussion

>Ah, so we should take it to Slashdot, then. 8-)

Heh, that made me smile :)

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

I put Ireland. My ancestors were Irish. Who knows where my kids will live... I'm hoping for grandkids to have the opportunity to not live on Earth.

If this is a protest, I think it's quite mean spirited; it's like blaming the people of North Korea because their leader is an egomaniac. Or excluding the people of your own country who are of a particular political party. Those sort of exclusionary actions are sad to see in KDE. Perhaps we should work to keep it men only as well? Or possibly have a nice racial purity? Or only those who believe in a particular diety?

If it isn't a protest, it's one heck of an oversight, especially since it appears to have been snarfed from a list of countries.

by Corbin (not verified)

KDE, the 4th reich... no I don't like the sound of it... (sorry I'm horrible at spelling in english, and even worse at german)

by Jim (not verified)

> it's like blaming the people of North Korea because their leader is an egomaniac.

Not really. A democracy's leader is supposed to be acting on behalf of his/her country's citizens, so ultimately, it's the citizens' responsibility to make sure their president does what he is supposed to. North Korea isn't a democracy, so you can't hold its citizens responsible for what their government does.

On the other hand, some people might claim that GWB wasn't democratically elected...

In any case, I think it's far too soon for people to be screaming "USA hater!!!1" before they've even got a response from the webmaster.

by gerd (not verified)

May be a mistake.

I don't think at all it is political (protest gagainst TCPA whatever) and I also don't believe that many persons in the US use KDE. However, I believe that "US" requires federal states as well.

Relax, the project just got started.

by Tukla Ratte (not verified)

> I also don't believe that many persons in the US use KDE.


> I believe that "US" requires federal states as well.

What does that mean?

by brockers (not verified)

Contrary to what you believe. The numbers comming out of Linux usage polls by in the US show that KDE is actually used MORE than Gnome. Even on Redhat the KDE/Gnome split is within the margin of error. So whatever anyone thinks about Gnome, KDE is prefered the world over.


by John Iraqi-KDE ... (not verified)

By the way, Iraq is not listed either, strange coincidence?
Timor Lorosae (East Timor) is missing to, but this is one is most probably an oversight, as it is the most recently born country.

by nunopinheiro (not verified)

yea strange very strange, plese add US Irak and East Timor i have a fried thare that i know he uses kde.

by Anton Velev (not verified)

Hello US friends,

Here is one simple JavaScript hacky solution (unfortunately it works only with mozilla for me):
1) open in mozilla the registration page URL:
2) in the location bar paste this and press Enter:
javascript:alert(document.forms[0].country.options[0].text="United States");
//(Afghanistan country will get replaced with United States)
3) Submit your data and you are in

This solution will work can work with any work for any other country too (just replace "United States" with another country name). This site seems to not use CountryID (and a separate table with the countries) but a regular VARCHAR column for the countries.

I hope this will work, I haven't tried it since I don't want to experiment with incorrect data.

But here is another (offtopic) issue. While implementing this simple hack for the site I discovered that in fact Konqueror, the javascript: protocol does not work from location bar. Instead it just searches in google what i entered in the location bar. Konqueror developers may want to add this simple feature by default because it's important for web developers.

I hope that the guy who built that site will fix it, add USA and will not delete the US kde users.

European Friend

by Nexistenz (not verified)

hmm....I guess I should have checked the dot before I figured it out myself.

Ah well...for the record I'm a US citizen and I deplore what the US government is doing in the Middle East and the world in general. History has taught us that if the people want change, the people will do everything in their power. While I think Saddam was a menace I think the Iraqi people as a whole would have said to hell with their differences and revolted against him. I could be wrong but that's how the US was founded. Also while I feel that terrorist organizations are a threat to not just the US, but to the world as a whole I think that we are just as responsible for them hurting others as their open supporters are. Historically speaking the majority of the terrorist organizations are using arms, or money given to them by the US to help us protect/forward our interests/ambitions...think Afghans vs Russians...I also feel that we should stop supporting Israel while they play Nazi to the Palestinian people.

You know what to hell with all I've said before..I think the US should mind it's own business, and work for the people on a national level. Our homeless rate is getting larger, over a quarter of the population is without health care, and our education system is in the rut. Instead of playing international bully and forwarding our international ambitions we need to focus on our own citizens.

So now that I've used the first amendment in all its glory I'm going back to tinkering with the latest CVS of krdc.

Nexistenz - Morphing Dwarfs

>>Historically speaking the majority of the terrorist organizations are using arms, or money given to them by the US to help us protect/forward our interests/ambitions...think Afghans vs Russians...I also feel that we should stop supporting Israel while they play Nazi to the Palestinian people.<<

Other than you being completely wrong, imo, take your bs elsewhere. I come to this site for KDE information. Not for your ignoramus rant.

lets hope that this is pointed out as a major back door.
all data input should always be scanned.

by Dusty (not verified)

I find it hard to believe that the omission of the United States simply an oversight. It makes me sad to think that the author of the site could be so immature about things.

by Fabrice Mous (not verified)

I think you should give the guy a break. He was definitely trying to help KDE and did not omit anything on purpose (he already stated that on this website). Please try to help in a constructive way instead of complaining and accusing people.


by John Evidence Freak (not verified)

Not that I care, but where did he said that? Could you provide an url?


by John Gotcha Freak (not verified)

Opss editors note on the top... how did I missed that :)

by 138 (not verified)

Probably because it wasn't there when you wrote your comment :) at least I didn't noticed it until today.

by Martin (not verified)

...I'm a bit late reading this and am quite surprised about
the reactions posted here so far.
I recently needed a country list at work for a completely different
purpose and searched the web for one.
Interestingly there were *LOTS* of country lists omitting the U.S.
Why? I suppose it's because many country lists on the internet are
compiled in the U.S. And like often the earth is omitted whenever
all planets in the solar system are listed - many U.S. people just think
of themselves as "earth". This way of thinking is much more common
in the U.S. then anywhere else as I can tell from many different experiences.

Guess that's why Americans often tend to send their solidiers to war and
wonder later on where the heck all those body bags are coming from
(outer space perhaps?)...

So it might well be that the U.S. just was not on the list.
I sincerely hope so because *intentionally* not listing any one country
would be very childish indeed. It's not as if the typical Bush supporter
likes to use Open Source software... In fact there might be Bush supportes
enlisting from other countries as well.
What's truly shocking though is the reaction of people here so far:
As explained it might or not be that the U.S. has been left out intentionally.
We just don't know.
But nearly everyone is almost SURE that it cannot be the case.
I really HATE that behaviour! How can the glorious U.S. just be forgotten?
So now I can tell you this: They can - Period.
It's just a list. The author does not live in the U.S. and they can be
forgotten just like any other country.
Nobody seems as shocked that Iraq is missing or Bosnia-Herzegovina or
whatever. Seems there are quite some countries missing.
All these upset folks here. Quite ridiculous...

by me (not verified)

thanks for your words martin, I agree completely. Sorry for this "me too" post, but I was just about to write the same.

good night!

by Nothing (not verified)

Perhaps a new poll should be taken of people who support Bush and use open source software.

But on a more serious note.

America, seeing that we used the most resources, have the most money, and are the best country by far -- we ought to have our country mentioned not once, but about 10 times.

If your not with us, your against us

by Martin Galpin (not verified)


by GWB (not verified)

I thought you we're serious when I start reading. Ten times, you got to be kidding! We have at least 23x more money than anyone else, we have and last time I checked over about 15.6x more resources than any country including New Caledonia! Our cars are better, our food is better, we went to the moon first and we are about to get to mars. Linux was invented by Red Hat which is American, Gnome is ours and since Novell bought SuSE KDE is ours too. So 10 times is a joke, at least half the countries listed should be U.S.A.!

by nunopinheiro (not verified)

so the discucion as come to this i say 50 times biger

the deficit
the import volume from china
the car's must be the best! sooooooooooo why do you all love mercedes porche and ferrary and crysler does not seel a car in europe
and affrica as the bigests ...........
and nipon as the smallest..............
and economy EU is the biguest market in the world
and wellfare in us is non exitent.

by smt (not verified)

Come on, no need to be sarcastic towards sarcastic posts.. the above comments were just jokes :-)

But yeah, the author missing the country that is likely to have the largest number of KDE users is a bit "iffy", if you ask me.

If it really was an accident, it's no biggie, fix it. If it wasn't, such political statements surely doesn't deserve a story on this website, and I'd urge the editors to yank it.

by Nexistenz (not verified)

Perhaps a new poll should be taken of people who support Bush and use open source software

You're joking right? To quote "If your not with us, your against us" comes to mind. Bush supports propriatary software beyond anything imaginable how can he not when the President of Diebold has promised him Ohio come this November?

Honestly though somehow I don't see how Bush supporters can support anything that's vaguely open source. Remember to the uninformed open source equates to communism and we're trying to sell democracy? If Bush or even Bush supporters were to embrace open source the press would jump on it asking how he/they can support a communist license while imposing new sanctions on Cuba.

America, seeing that we used the most resources, have the most money, and are the best country by far -- we ought to have our country mentioned not once, but about 10 times.

Damn straight we're the bestest of the bestest best. We've more money (not per capita but who cares since what we say goes!), more freedoms (not since the PATRIOT act was passed but once again who cares what we say goes!), and the best beer in the world -- bud light (unless you look at Belgian, German, Finish, or even India for quality..what am I saying who cares bud's the best becase we say so and what we say goes!)

Honestly though...no offence Anheuser-Busch but what were you thinking when ya named Budweiser Budweiser? Didn't you do your history and notice that there's another brand with the same name that's been out much longer and tastes much better?


by Nexistenz (not verified)

A reply because of my apparant idiocy.

Do tell what's with the whole don't parse the html? It said they were valid and didn't cough or hiccup when I clicked add so I'm going on the assumption that I didn't do something, or did something wrong. Maybe that or the dot doesn't like me using Opera and doesn't offer html as an encoding option. Either way no more including HTML for me.

Nexistenz - Morphing Dwarfs