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A few days ago, we've opened a new section on our Polish K Desktop Environment website called "KDE Users Database". This is not only for Polish users, it's international. After some time it'll be good rate of KDE users number all over the world. Every registered user can save generated certificates and put them on his desktop or website. So, let's register! Please note, that this is not an official KDE users counter - but, maybe in future - it might change.

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by Datschge (not verified)

The encoding option "HTML" had been taken out years ago since it had been abused, I agree that the one "choice" drop down "list" should go as well. =P

by Teo (not verified)

Here's one Bush supporter that is a KDE supporter

by ac (not verified)

Politics aren't the sole indicator of everything else about a person. Ezra Pound was a pretty good writer and also a fascist. I've met Bush supporters and I feel confident I could trust them to help me in a time of need (assuming I wasn't Muslim, naturally). They could probably write good code too.

by Nexistenz (not verified)

Teo without getting angry, or feeling offended what is it about Bush that you like?

My father felt that Bush would be a good thing for the country, and stood by his vote whole heartedly until Bush decided to invade Iraq "without just cause." Those are his words not mine and keep in mind he's a former NCO in the Air Force with strong ties to the military. So strong military is a near requirement in my family. I believe the mottoe is honor, duty, country. I'm the first male in nine generations who didn't joined up instead becoming a general technology consultant. Anyway my question is, what is it about Bush that makes you want to support him? I see some good in what he's done such as restarting the "space race" although I don't see how it's feasable with our current budget, but for the most part I don't feel that he's doing a good job, and I don't see any of the contenders (Kerry, Nader, etc) doing any better. Think of me as a possible Bush vote what could you say that would make me want to vote Bush?


by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

What a crappy mess this is. I should have stayed too busy to look. Stop being a fool and honor the guidelines of this site. the Dot is NOT for political discussions! Stop asking people to argue politics with you here. Go somewhere else for that!

by a.c. 2 (not verified)

By leaving out Iraq and US, KDE User Database is making a POLITICAL STATEMENT. Shouldn't kde.org remove the announcement?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Where do you see a "kde.org announcement"?

by Derek Kite (not verified)

This is absolutely stupid and disgusting.

Has anyone of you written a web application? I have and am constantly finding bugs. When I started doing the digests over a year ago, I shocked myself by spelling names wrong. People corrected me, since that is obviously important. I do try to get them right, but I make mistakes.

I will say honestly that if anyone had reacted to my errors like this crowd is reacting to what is very likely an error, I would have quit and given my time to another project that deserved my interest.

Lay off. Let the guy fix it. If he is interested in doing anything anymore for this bunch of idiots.


by MamiyaOtaru (not verified)

"Honestly though...no offence Anheuser-Busch but what were you thinking when ya named Budweiser Budweiser? Didn't you do your history and notice that there's another brand with the same name that's been out much longer and tastes much better?"

Hooray for revisionist history. There never was a *brand* called Budweiser before Anhauser Busch's. There were beers brewed in Budweis (Cseske Budovice (sp?)), but none of them called themselves "Budweiser" for the same reason you never see a brand of beer called "Pilsener."

As such, Anhauser may have been being a bit uncreative but you do what you can to appeal to your potential clients, many of whome at the time were recent immigrants.

So, Anhauser starts expanding globally and some brewery in Budweis decides to steal (in the sense that they can use it and they make it so Anhauser can't) the name Anhauser has been using for over a century and justify their thievery with the fact that they happen to be in Budweis. Result? People in Europe trip over themselves to castigate the Big American Company for stealing the name. Please.

Pointings out of factual errors gladly accepted :)

by Zoltan Bartko (not verified)

There is a beer brand called Pilsner Urquell (*THE* beer from Pilsen, Czech Republic). And it is the beer that was then copied by all breweries.

As to Budvar (the beer from Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic), it was AFAIK (and then again, maybe I am wrong) advertised in German (it is close to the Austrian border) as Budweiser Bier. While the communists were here, the borders were locked to the west, so Anheuser-Busch had no problems with this. Then after the velvet revolution in 1989 the iron curtain fell and Budweiser Bier alias Ceskobudejovicky Budvar was allowed to get out of the former communist block.

This was where the naming conflict arose.

Zoltan (ex-Czechoslovak citizen)

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Yes, except that, as far as I know, the naming conflict is older.

There is a Wikipedia entry about the 2 breweries:

Have a nice day!

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

> "If your not with us, your against us"

At least try to get it right:

"Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

As you could have known if you participated in last year's KDE Contributor Conference in the Czech Republic which optionally included a trip to the Budweis plant in Budejovice, there is a formal agreement about the Budweiser name for use in the Americas versus Europe.

Both taste horrible versus a genuine Coastal Fog microbrew, though.

by 138 (not verified)

>bud light (unless you look at Belgian, German, Finish, or even India for quality..

Oh no! Please don't look at us for (finnish, with to n's) the quality beer. All the beers here taste allmost the same, allmost water that is... I have never tasted budweiser but I have heard it tastes like water and if someone who is used to finnish beers says that budweiser tastes like water then I really don't want anything to do with it. :)

ps. well I be damned, budweiser is on my spellcheckers dictionary.

by Corbin (not verified)

"It's not as if the typical Bush supporter likes to use Open Source software..."

I support Bush and use (and love) Open Source... do I not matter as much as the next person just because I support Bush?

Saying I support Bush means one thing, and one thing only: I support Bush.

Though it does seem like most pro Open Source people (at least the vocal ones) don't like Bush.

I also can't stand Windows, and that damn DVD region code that caused me several days of pain when windows kept saying that my system was set to region code 1, but to play the DVD I had to set it to region code 1 (I took a screenshot of it)

by Anonymous (not verified)

> I recently needed a country list at work for a completely different purpose and searched the web for one. Interestingly there were *LOTS* of country lists omitting the U.S. Why?

My guess is because many order systems of US websites default to US and then offer a radio option with combobox with all other countries?

by David (not verified)

"It's not as if the typical Bush supporter likes to use Open Source software..."

I think it's extremely sad that US politics has devolved into a "our team versus your team" mentality. Implying that one's choice of software is dependent upon one's choice of political party is ludicrous. Being the herd-like creatures that we are, it's comforting to assume that everyone who makes one choice like ours will make all their choices like ours, but it is simply not true.

by Surprise (not verified)

I'm surprise by now it isn't fix. This really saddens me. It's been already 8 hours and it has been fix.

I think the omission of US and Iraq does suggest this as a political statement, one in which should not deserve its place in KDE or kde.org.

by Derek Kite (not verified)

I would be surprised if the author of the site has any interest in being involved in this project after the reaction here.


by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

Completely agree. I'm sure it's a mistake and the countries missing will be added soon.

I'm amazed about all the bitching. Complaining that it hasn't been fixed after 8 hours is insanely stupid and saying it's a political statement is even more stupid.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> I'm surprise by now it isn't fix.

Perhaps if somebody would notify the site author instead of flaming here? Just a thought...

by nobody (not verified)

Count of soldiers in Iraq by country:
Great Britain

This page is in poland (alias polish)
I don't think this is political statement.

by anon (not verified)

It seem that Guam, Puerto Rico and The Vatican (I may not be catholic but it would be cool if the Pope used KDE) are also missing.

by MamiyaOtaru (not verified)

Guam and Puerto Rico are territories of the United States. Though I guess being a territory of Denmark didn't stop Greenland from making the list..

Oh right.. Puerto Rico and Guam must have been left off BECAUSE they belong to the United States. I forgot about the whole political protest thing :D

by Dre (not verified)

Actually quite a few more countries from the ISO 3166-1 list [http://www.iso.ch/iso/en/prods-services/iso3166ma/02iso-3166-code-lists/... are missing:


It may also be the US is missing because many lists come with it as the first in the list, out of alphabetical order, and sometimes it is deleted in the assumption it occurs also later in the list.

In any event I am sure this problem will be fixed, relax :-).

by Some1 (not verified)

Actually, many of those aren't countries.

by 138 (not verified)

Åland islands isn't on the list? Great, now I am waiting åland islanders(is it spelled that way?) to start bitching here that it was intentional and it was the evil finnish overlords that are responsible for that "little mistake". :)

For the record, I am from finland and åland islands are part of finland although quite independent part, for example they have their own flag and they speak swedish. Also one can buy tax-free goods if one is going from finland to sweden, or from sweden to finland, and the ferry goes through ålands territorial waters. I am not sure but I also think that åland is not a member of European Union (finland is and åland is part of finland as I said earlier, so go figure... :) but I might be incorrect, if I am wrong please set me straight. Oh, and I almost forgot, åland is also demilitarized zone.

ps. it is strange to write åland since it is called "ahvenanmaa" in finnish. :)

by Abe (not verified)

OK! it's an honest mistake, but fix this thing for all those waiting to have the honor of being included as KDE users scratch their itch. Will someone give this guys a call and have it fixed.

by Jim (not verified)

Just register yourself under a different country if you are that impatient. You can change your country after you are registered.

by Henrik (not verified)

"This is a polish project, but every man from all over the world, who's using KDE can register and be counted."

So, it seems only men can register :(

Ok, it's just a linguistic mistake mistake, but it should be fixed. I emailed Rael about it yesterday, but still no change.

by manux (not verified)

Seems that Rael is currently offline for some reason :( I have tried to contact him using his jabber account (site says it's rael(at)jabber.atman.pl) hi did not get online for the last few days.

by 138 (not verified)

If I understand correctly one can use a word man in english to describe all the people, women and men. If I am wrong please correct me and I would like to have a correction (that is if I am wrong) from someone whose native language is english.

by Henrik (not verified)

I think that use of the word 'man' only applies when used as a synonym for 'humankind' (or 'mandind').

When Niel Armstrong stepped on thhe moon, he said: "This is a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind." Unfortunately that's rubbish, because it is the same as: "This is a small step for mankind, but a giant leap for mankind." He should have said: "This is a small step for A man, but a giant leap for mankind." But the world has forgiven him :)

Anyway, when you prefix the word 'man' with A, or THE, or THIS, or as in this case EVERY it is refering to one or more individual men, and not mankind as a whole, and therefore fails to include women.

Yes, English can be a silly language sometimes. Diclaimer: IANAL (IANA Lingust).

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Didn´t he say "a small step for *a* man"? That does make sense. I am betting even if he didn´t say that, that´s what he meant to say.

by 138 (not verified)

Yes, he said: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."
I still think that "every man" includes also women, I am not sure but I think I have heard something like "every man is created equal" used to describe that all are equal.

>Yes, English can be a silly language sometimes. Diclaimer: IANAL (IANA Lingust).

Now that is one thing I can agree with you anyday. :) So are there anyone out there who's native language is that silly mess called english.
Come out and help us to stop this bashing of your language! :)

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Well, men and women are not created equal.

Assuming of course, that hey were created ;-)

by 138 (not verified)

Ok, this is getting really offtopic but what the heck, the whole thread has been offtopic almost from the beginning. :)

I didn't say men and women are equal or that they were created(they weren't), I said I have heard that kind of saying somewhere.

I do believe that men and women are equal in a same sense that we (you, Roberto and me, 138) are equal being from the opposite side of the globe (I am from Finland and if I am not mistaken you are from Argentina), we are both people after all, certainly different but equal non the less.

And if you really are from Argentina, I will never forgive you guys for dropping the England in footballs world cup in 1986, and with the hand goal! Oh, the humanity! :)

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

I seriously think men and women are not equal.

Just ask any woman (unless you are one, in which case, ask yourself) about anything she perceives as superior in general about women. For example, if women are more loyal, or nurturing, or whatever.

Then, simple arithmethics say that either men are superior in other ways, or women are superior in general.

Since I can't claim to know whether women or men are superior, I won't, but the odds of their differences matching so well that the whole is equal is infinitesimal.

And about the 86 cup... come on. Look at the whole match. Look at the two goals. Did England deserve to win, tie, or even be *close* in the match? I say no way.

Handballs go in often, and if the referee lets it stand, it is a goal. Other times, valid goals are annulled. That's how the game is played.

I find it amazing that of that whole match, what whole nations have preferred to remember was the first goal instead of the second. I think that speaks badly of them.

And besides, I didn't do it ;-)

by 138 (not verified)

Back with a hangover...
Well it seems to me that we don't exactly mean the same when are talking about equality. Like I said, when I talked about equality I meant the way we, you and me, are equal or would you say that either of us is superior compared to other, and if that is the case, either of us is superior, I _really_ would like to know how? Other example would be the way people are equal in the eyes of the law (ha like that is going to happen, I know that people are NOT equal in the eyes of the law, but let's assume that we live in an ideal world for a sake of argument).

IMHO arithmetics got absolutely nothing to do with the peoples relationships.

I think that men and women aren't the same, there is a significant differences between genders. We like different things than women (there you go, I am a man), and women like different things than us, for example I have never understood what is the fun in shopping and why one must spend at least an hour in front of a mirror before going outside. Still you have to love them and the differences between men and women is what makes things interesting and worthwhile.

By the way, have you ever tried to explain rules of football to a woman, I have, and believe me, I am NOT going to try to do it again. :) And that brings us back to things that are important. Football.

Cup of 86, ah the memories... Did England deserve to win, tie, or even be close in the match? You say no way, being an avid English football supporter (I blame the television, since our national broadcasting channel used to air first division matches on Saturdays, that was before premier league existed and the prices for airing the games weren't so high and all that crap...) I say yes way. But to be honest the second goal (I have a video clip of that goal here) was amazing display of talent, Diego Maradona was at that time one of the best football players on earth if not the best.

Still, I don't let the facts get in a way of my fanboism and I am bitter about that first goal. :) And if you think that speaks badly about me, then it is not my problem but yours. Since when we are expected to act rationally about football? Let me ask you, when a team that you support have lost a match, aren't you upset regardless the fact whether you were a better or worse team in a match?

I recognize the fact that handgoals are sometimes accepted as valid goals and that is the part of the game and that is the way it is supposed to be, shit happens like in real life, IMHO. When a referee says it is a goal then it is a goal, that's it no buts or ifs. So we agree on this thing.

Well you really can't say what the whole nations choose to remember and how they choose to remember things based on one individual. Especially in this case since I am not a English, I am Finnish as said earlier. I have no ties to England besides the fact that one of my friends lives and works in London. And I am sure there are people in Finland that support Argentina. Hell, some of my friends even support Italy, imagine that! :)

You might wonder why I don't speak about Finnish football, it is simple, it is shit. European championship tournament starts next Saturday. Even Latvia is playing there and Finland is not, for crying out loud! Not that is a bad thing that Latvia got in the cup, I think it is wonderful! And Riga is a beautiful city I were there on last July and I am coming back on this July. :)

So, Roberto, see you in two years in Germany! I am probably going there because it is not far a way from Finland.
And best of luck for qualifying games.

Sincerely yours,

ps. Women. Loyalty. Oxymoron.

by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

> Yes, he said: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

That is funny because I always remember trying to figure out what poetic meaning that was supposed to be when I heard it. (Yes, I remember watching it on TV and it sounded like "one small step for man".) Years later I heard that the transmission wasn't so good and that is what he actually said, which makes more sense. It is still today often misquoted.

This is actually a testament to how confusing English can be.

Are those guys really serious?

by Robert (not verified)


Funnily enough the google-ad at the first link advertises radicalradio.org, guess google made a political statement with that as well. =P

by Just me.. (not verified)

Those guys idiocy is beyond the pale. Give the authors of KDE's user database a few days to fix the issue and shut the fuck up.

by Anonymous (not verified)

What propaganda? Only you're doing it by omitting stuff as "Please note, that this is not an official KDE users counter" and giving the impression of a widespread attitude in the KDE project ("feelings find their way into the project"). There are more important things your country should worry about like respecting human and international rights.

Some nice quotes from the same website:

Neil Stevens, about Mexico:

"I say that being born in a poor, backward country like Mexico is something no American should have to endure." : http://the-amazing.us/simplyamerican/4660/

Neil Stevens, about homosexuality:

"Homosexuality just might be the most destructive congenital brain defect mankind has ever experienced. If only we knew for sure what caused it, so that we could treat it and gradually end this source of societal decay." : http://the-amazing.us/simplyamerican/4616/


by Rob Kaper (not verified)

There's a reason I posted my commentary off-site on a privately operated and funded domain: politics don't belong in KDE or on the Dot. I'm not sure what makes you think your disagreement with *completely off-topic and unrelated* commentary is important enough to be posted here.

I guess you are right. I only wanted people to have an idea of what kind of opinions are regularly posted on your website, so they can read your KDE related post in perspective.

"I say that being born in a poor, backward country like Mexico is something no
American should have to endure."

"Homosexuality just might be the most destructive congenital brain defect
mankind has ever experienced. If only we knew for sure what caused it, so that
we could treat it and gradually end this source of societal decay."

And between statements like these, the speak about baseball...

Rob Kaper, do you agree with what Mr Stevens stated above, would you put
your signature under these statements?

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

I do not post my politic views (or those of others) on the Dot. Besides, you know where to find the website where you can read my opinions on topics like these. After all, you've read it.

I like KDE and a lot of its contributors. Enough to have learned to respect that most people prefer not having to deal with politics when their attention shifts to the project.

Stop trying to enforce the very confrontations I'm trying to avoid. It is not going to happen, so give it up.