New KDE Mailing-List For German Speakers reports that a mailing-list for German-speaking KDE users called "kde-de" has been created, inviting both users and developers to subscribe. As usual, there is an archive and NNTP access available. This mailing-list completes the support with the de.comp.os.unix.apps.kde newsgroup (archive) and on for German speakers.

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by Christian A Str... (not verified)

Anybody got a clue approximately how many German KDE-users there are? Besides the ones that use it through work that is..

by Anonymous (not verified)

Difficult question, and don't forget Austria and Switzerland who also have German speakers. The only thing which seems sure is that KDE is far more popular than Gnome in Germany. There was a survey among 10.000 visitors of "heise-online" last year ( where 85% stated they use Linux on the desktop. 74% use SuSE and 10% Mandrake which both have KDE as default desktop. So if you assume that the majority use the default desktop and you would know the sales numbers of both distributions you could estimate how many are there at least.

by CheeseHead (not verified)

Scheiße, spreche ich nicht Deutsches :/
(pardon my French ;)

But why does there have to be a German list?
Why not a Dutch one?
Or French?

(not that I would like that.. I'd rather write/read English)

by Neil Stevens (not verified)

One by one, I answer your questions:

1) Because somebody set one up.

2) Because nobody set one up, and all Dutch speak english don't they? :-)

3) Because nobody set one up.

4) Because nobody set one up.

5) Because nobody set one up.

by CheeseHead (not verified)

and all Dutch speak english don't they? :-)

Well, most of them can perfectly read or write English.. but please, don't ask them to SPEAK English :)
Beware of the horrible Dutch accent! (tm)

by Anonymous (not verified)

> But why does there have to be a German list?

There doesn't have to be one. But obviously there was need for it given the number of help requests the webmaster team of received in the last time.

> Why not a Dutch one?

Any signs for need of that? Or an active language portal to attract users?

> Or French?

I have the impression that "kde-francophone"'s topics are more about than just traduction. But I may be wrong there (no native french speaker).

by Ecureuil (not verified)

< 2) Because nobody set one up, and all Dutch speak english don't they? :-)
The last time a Dutch Politician said 'at your service' in English on Dutch televison,
something really bad happened to him.
Beware my Dutch friends, English is a lethal language.

Groetjes uit Franjrijk

by Klaus Staerk (not verified)


the reason why we started a german KDE mailing list for KDE users is that there were many mails directed to the webteam asking for KDE support. So we decided to initiate a mailing list for german speaking KDE users. At the moment, we think that this is just the first step towards building a good support platform for german KDE users. The next step will probably be the initiation of a german KDE web forum - for people who don't really want to subscribe to a mailing list just for having an answer to a short question.

Obviously, there's a need to give KDE users support in their mother tongue. So the question is not "Why is there a need for a german mailing list". The question must be "Why aren't there more KDE mailing lists in other languages than english ?"

The better the support for KDE is on an international base, the better it is for the KDE project itself.

So if there's no mailing list in your mother tongue available yet, go for it and initiate it. The KDE users speaking other languages than english will be very thankful for that !