KDE Presence at LinuxTag 2002 (Karlsruhe, Germany)

The KDE (the K Desktop Environment)
Project, one of the largest and most successful Open Source projects,
will be represented in three separate locations at
, being held in Karlsruhe, Germany from June 6-9. In addition,
KDE Project members will host several KDE workshops during the event.
The KDE Project's primary focus this year will be the latest stable
KDE release, KDE 3.0.1, though KDE volunteers will also demonstrate
some of the exciting ongoing developments for the next major KDE
release, KDE 3.1.

At the main booth, KDE developers and other volunteers will demonstrate
various applications, such as KDE's file manager and web browser
(Konqueror), KDE's integrated
development environment (KDevelop),
KDE's calendar and group scheduling application
(KOrganizer), and the astronomy
application (KStars).
Also, the latest beta release of
KOffice, KDE's integrated
office suite will be shown. And of course, you will be able to meet lots of
KDE developers as well as Konqi, the KDE project's mascot.
KDE will also be demonstrated running on Solaris 8, and due to the presence
of developers from the Opie project,
latest tools for synchronising KDE with a PDA will be shown.

At the German Ministry for Security in Information Technology booth,
the latest developments concerning KDE's mail client
(KMail) will be presented.
As part of its sponsorship of
an initiative to develop an Open Source framework for secure email
communications, the German government has selected KMail as one of the
reference implementations.

At the Linux printing booth, volunteers will demonstrate KDE's powerful
and advanced printing framework (KDEPrint).
The latest advancements in KDEPrint make it an excellent framework for
use in professional, enterprise and home office environments.

Apart from the presence at these booth, various KDE Project members will
host several workshops about KDE as a development platform. Topics will
range from beginner "how-to-get-started" questions up to the use of
Linux on embedded systems.

The KDE Team would like to thank KDE e.V., Danka Germany, Sun Microsystems,
SuSE Linux AG, kernel concepts, Linux New Media AG and Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB for supporting our presence at Linuxtag 2002.

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by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

Sun, eh?

That's kind of interesting. Did they approach KDE or did
KDE approach them?

I just thought that they were GNOMErs.

by lanbo (not verified)

I'd also like to know.
Waiting for answers here...

by Ralf Nolden (not verified)

Come to the KDE booth to see why :)


by lanbo (not verified)

Unfortunately it's a bit far from Barcelona...
But let us know ;-)


by me (not verified)

Gnome will be there too, and it looks like sun's to thank for their presence too ( see http://news.gnome.org/gnome-news/1022431486/ ) don't forget to drop by :-)

by antialias (not verified)

Half of the links on linuxtag web-site is broken. There are no information about community presence, workshops etc.

by Rob Kaper (not verified)


is your friend. Lists all the KDE people coming and more.