KDE 3.0.2: Second KDE 3 Service Release Ships

The KDE Project today announced the availability of KDE 3.0.2,
the second maintenance release
of the KDE 3.0 series. Dirk Mueller,
the KDE 3 release coordinator, explained that
"a number of stability and useability enhancements have been
backported from the active KDE 3.1 branch to the KDE 3.0 codebase and
bundled in this update. We recommend that all KDE 3 users update
to this newest, stable release.
" More details are in the
or jump directly to the download directory.
Congratulations to the KDE developers on another great release! And stay tuned:
the first KDE 3.1 alpha release, this one complete with a slew
of cool new features (such as the widely requested tabbed browsing
in Konqueror), is due out next week already!

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by Trevor (not verified)

I can't remember what all packages I had to install. Send me an email with the errors you're getting and I may be able to help. I can also give you a list of my installed packages if you'd like.


by abemud (not verified)

redhat sucks because it doesn't provide packages. Yes, I'm compiling now but that's not the point. Got to find some time and dump redhat. 4th of July might be the perfect time! Gentoo should be the lucky one.

by annonymous (not verified)

Yeah, DeadRat sucks really bad.

Gentoo or LFS are good choices.

by Trevor (not verified)

> redhat sucks because it doesn't provide packages.

Doesn't *anybody* here use rpmfind.net??? You can get updated KDE packages there. Refer to my previous post.


by ac (not verified)

I suppose you haven't tried installing those RPMS, Trevor. I'd like to know what sort of difficulties you get from running GCC 3.1-compiled binaries on an otherwise GCC 2.96RH-compiled system. If it actually works, that's a simple solution. However, I have a hunch using rpmfind.net in this case is the fastest possible route to an unusable system.

by Trevor (not verified)

I've done it already. All I know is that it works for me. Refer to my other messages for an explanation of why.


by Marcos Tolentino (not verified)

I'a a rawhide user... and kdebase-3.0.2-0.cvs20020627.1.i386.rpm and kdelibs-3.0.2-0.cvs20020625.1.i386.rpm are available for at least a week.... let's see the final 3.0.2

I don't think I'll wait too long...

by DBArros (not verified)

I *DUMPED* RedHat yesterday. These guys are operating in a "corporate level". I just been to a job interview for computer technician vacancy where they cleared that they don't do work for home users because they're just time consuming and non profit. Companies like that.

I now use Conectiva Linux 8.0
I am a proud brazilian. Also 5 times World Cup champion.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> I am a proud brazilian. Also 5 times World Cup champion.

You are a soccer professional and played in Japan?

by Marcos Tolentino (not verified)

>> I am a proud brazilian. Also 5 times World Cup champion.

>You are a soccer professional and played in Japan?

You would never understand what that means...

another proud brazilian

by Damocles (not verified)

> Also 5 times World Cup champion.

Really? I thought that the last few winners were UK, France and Belgium. I don't recall Brazil entering the Tiddilywinks World Cup at all.

Unless you meant a different 'World Cup'.. you should really specify which game.

by Carg (not verified)

Dude, what the hell is Tiddilywinks?

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

It involves men in bars wearing skirts and eye contact. I think Mosfet has a page about it.

:-P (And Mosfet is cool by me - I've been doing Rocky Horror for long enough I didn't bat an eye when I saw his pics. Otherwise, that would have been tiddilywinking, I think.)

Oh, and... Alt-F2 and typing gg:tiddilywinks will get you the answer.


by Damocles (not verified)

> Dude, what the hell is Tiddilywinks?

Players take it in terms to push the edge of one plastic disc onto the edge of another and 'ping' the latter disc into a cup. The winner is the first to ping an agreed number into the cup.

See http://directory.google.com/Top/Games/Hand-Eye_Coordination/Tiddlywinks/... for details.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

: I am a proud brazilian. Also 5 times World Cup champion.

Y'know, if you're a sports star, you might think about using your name to promote KDE. Even if you just mention it in interviews, it would look good.

Evan "Who is less dense and more ironic here"

by Carg (not verified)

Every single Brazilian in the world are PENTA!

by Anonymous (not verified)


by JAS (not verified)

I have used redhat since 5.2 days and I have seen it get progressively worse.
My main gripe is there changing of packages and abandoment of others
change is good, yes but why get rid of basics....pine, mc...for a few. KDE is my preference, but redhat kde is no good. I use suse now and do not regret the switch.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

The SuSE "SORRY" file is amusing, but which game are they referring to? Wimbledon, I'd guess...


by Anony Mouse (not verified)

They refer to the world champinship soccer final. I would guess yul live in the U.S.A?

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Silly me, I thought it was finished, and Brazil won. Maybe I'm underestimating how long it takes to get these packaged or overestimating how long they have the source before they have to have it done. :)

While I played football when I was a young kid (forward, mostly), I got much more into cricket in my teens, and now I don't really follow any sports.


by AC (not verified)

While I played football when I was a young kid (forward, mostly), I got much more into cricket in my teens, and now I don't really follow any sports.

I guess that's the whole point. If you live outside the USA you dont have to follow sports in order to know the football results. If there is a goal you HEAR it (unless you dont have any neighbours). If your countries team or one of the larger ethnic minorities in your country wins, you can see it on the street because of the cars that drive through the streets, blowing their horns and waiving their countries flag out of the window, for at least one day. Just after the final even germanies most staid TV news magazine only reported about the world cup in the first 10 mins of the 15 min show. Heck, after Italy lost even their parliament debated whether they should fire the coach...

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

:: If you live outside the USA

Ahem. Who said I live in the US?

For that matter, I have no idea when the SuperBowl is, or the World Pennant or whatever for baseball, and I lived in Florida, USA for quite a long time. Nor did I ever know the winners, although I did see plenty of people flying flags on their cars and such.


by Carg (not verified)

People watching around the world:

SuperBowl - 100 million
FIFA World Cup final - almost 2 billion

by Bill (not verified)

Or, when your team loses, your car parked outside is doused in gasoline and several maltov (sp) cocktails are thrown on it just for kicks. Or, better yet, if one of your players make a mistake, you hear about the murder in the morning newspaper.

International sports is just that, international. There's always politics involved, it sucks. Oh my god, Americans made it to the 8th place, "Yeah! We'll show them we're good at every sport!" Or, "American sucks!" "Die America!" Blah blah blah blah blah... whatever...

The fact is that we're all on the same boat: Earth. Okay? I'm so sick of all the pain and suffering that goes on, just because of someone's political agenda. Or, worse, to save face from a publically made comment. And don't tell me that China/Asia is solely afflicted with this, it's all over...


by Rob Kaper (not verified)

I guess you do to? You do know the game is called football everywhere else, right?

by Charles Gauder (not verified)

I notice from the changelog that only arts, kdelibs and kdebase have changes.

Does this mean that I can get away with just upgrading these 3 packages or do I have to download and reload the whole lot again?

by Anonymous (not verified)

> I notice from the changelog that only arts, kdelibs and kdebase have changes.

Changelog is wrong. Developers are missing discipline to log everything, every package has changes.

> or do I have to download and reload the whole lot again?

Perhaps the same dot reader as usual will create and offer diff files?

by Daniel Molkentin (not verified)

Simply take the diffs (3.0.1-3.0.2). They are in experimential state, but feel free to try them. http://devel-home.kde.org/~danimo/diffs/.


by Wigren (not verified)

.. is a unified way for KDE, GNOME (and Wine?) apps to add things to the traybar.
If I run korganizer in GNOME or gnomeicu in KDE, just to make two examples, the traybar-icons doesn't show up in the traybar, or they open in a separate small window..

by Richard Moore (not verified)

We've already discussed an extension to the NET WM spec for exactly this. Expect the problem to disappear RSN.


by kervel (not verified)

strange, when i used everybuddy it put'd its tray icon just fine in my kde tray..

Waouw, this release is such an improvement over the previous one(3.0.1).

The ksplash crash... disappeared
Noatun... finally working (first time on my machine)
An annoying Ark bug when closing .tar.gz opened via konki... disappeared
Konki... faster when opening a new windows with the middle button
Kghostview crash when PgDowning too fast... disappeared

and this gives the ultimate desktop experience on linux...
1000 TX for all this worK to KDEckers

by halux (not verified)

Yes, kde is great and many bugs are gone.
Now I will wait for 3.0.3 and I hope it fixes the save file in kate over fish/ssh bug :(


by beutelin (not verified)

I can do that with current cvs release, so it seems to be fixed.


by halux (not verified)

What cvs branch are you using. I am using KDE_3_0_BRANCH.
Updated today.

by Dawit A. (not verified)

Do you mean the error message that says "This file could not be saved. Please check if you have write permission ?" when you attempt to save file using fish ? If so, it has been annoying me as well ; so I will see if I can take care of it.

Dawit A.

by halux (not verified)

Yes, that is the message.
Thank you very much.

have fun

by Dawit A. (not verified)

Someone already beat me to it :) It is fixed in the current
development branch for KDE 3.1.

Dawit A.

by hal (not verified)

Cool, it works, thanks.

Will there be a backport ?

have fun

by Hywel Mallett (not verified)

For those that want them, source diffs will shortly be available at http://www.hmallett.co.uk

Hywel Mallett

by James Marsh (not verified)

What has happened to the useful htdig search of documentation using the helpcenter?
I seem to remember it was available back in the KDE 2 days.

I find the current help center hard to use. I hate hierarchical menus---especially the default Mandrake ones---as its never clear which category something should be in.

I think one of the best features in kcontrol is the way you can type in keywords to find the relevant options.

Anyway, this isn't a particular criticism - I think KDE3 has been excellent and am looking forward to installing this new release.

by Gene A. (not verified)

1'st of all I like KDE, and it's getting better all the time. But, if you are ever gonna beat Microschaft, you must develop a context sensitive help system?

Because dummies like me need it.
It's way too hard to find anything with your current menu system.

People like me need help with simple things like finding files, a simple way to install programs, and having the programs that are installed appear on the menu bar. I struggled to get the program installed, and now I can't find it.

Sure you probably think I'm stupid, but I'm one of thousands or more who want to leave Windows, but I don't have the time to hack my way thru every obstacle that Linux presents.

When you people have a Linux question, (and I know all of you do from time to time,) you just ask the person in the next room or wherever.

But people like me are alone in our quest......
No one to ask.......
And after a weekend of frustration, it's time to give up and go back to Windows again......
This is the 6'th time I have tried to get Linux to work for me...

Can't you see?


check out:

This guy kindly has compiled and uploaded rpm packages of kde 3.0.2 for redhat.

If you run apt-get (check freshrpms.net if you don't)

just add

rpm http://www.math.unl.edu/linux/redhat/apt 7.2/$(ARCH) kde3

to your sources.list, then apt-get update/upgrade

enjoy! *TONS* of thanks to Rex Dieter!

I love smart people. They make everything so easy for me.

by ac (not verified)

I just installed the RedHat RPMS and they work great! Plus, two of my most hated bugs are gone! (documents saved to the desktop were positioned below the bottom of the screen and dropdown menu arrow click area was way too small)

The only odd thing is that my Keramik theme titlebar now looks more drab than it used to.

Thanks Rex Dieter! I wanna have your babies!

by Rex Dieter (not verified)

You're welcome. (-:

by David Herbert (not verified)

Many thanks to Rex Dieter for the 3.0.2 binary RPMs from another RedHat user! I was beginning to think that switching to another distribution was the only way of getting the latest KDE made as binaries. I don't have the time to sit waiting while my system wades through compiling megabytes of source code, so binary RPMs are really important. There were some bugs in 3.0.0 like https not working in Konqueror and some cut and paste problems in the kmail editor which were annoying and had me looking out for an update.

by Asif Ali Rizwaan (not verified)

Dear Rex Dieter,

Thank you very much. it's people like you who make us feel good by helping others. thanks.

Thank you very much from Germany!
Great work!