Malaga Named as Location for 2005 KDE Conference

After an evaluation process of several possible locations, Malaga in southern Spain has been chosen as the location of the 2005 KDE conference by the KDE e.V. membership in a recent vote. The conference will be held by KDE e.V. in
cooperation with different sponsors.

Antonio Larosa Jimenez has been appointed the Assembler, the project
manager for the conference. It is his rightful duty and privilege to decide
on a conference name. Antonio will have a budget available provided by KDE
e.V. for his expenses during the first phase of the meeting preparations.

All KDE contributers are encouraged to actively support Antonio. The conference is the main KDE event of the year.

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by Víctor Fernández (not verified)

Great! I live in Valencia (Spain). I was thinking about traveling to Germany if the conference was there, but now I have it only 600 km away. :)

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

Well you are kind of traveling to Germany, since Malaga is pretty much a German province.

by Josep Payo (not verified)

Yes, right, seems is following the Mallorca experience :)

Greetings from Barcelona!

Josep Payo
Tijuana Time - Josep Payo Weblog

by jesuscliment (not verified)

Where in? Your name sounds familiar... From Gandia, perhaps?

by Víctor Fernández (not verified)

No, I'm from La Pobla de Vallbona (25km away from Valencia). I'm in PoLinux and I'm the one behind Plastikfox. Your name is also familiar to me, from Barrapunto I think.

by th1nk3r (not verified)

Victor, I will go with you, when buy the tickets? xD

by Víctor Fernández (not verified)

¡Hombre, th1nk3r! ¿Cómo va todo? Supongo que lo comentaremos por la lista por si se quiere apuntar más gente. Tenemos localizado un albergue que está de puta madre, así que podríamos ir en manada, jejeje.

by NabLa (not verified)

Sure! I live in Sevilla, I think that I will take a look to the event :)

by Mathieu Jobin (not verified)

well, to make a story short... As you guys may know already, Atlantik server has been down for a while. but looks like they are back on track.

I'm currently playing using 0.7.5 (3.4 cvs) against somebody using 0.7.1 (3.3)

which means it probably works for most of us.

come on folks, lets play atlantik .....

by Brad Hards (not verified)

Has the date been set? 13 megametres is a long way to come, and it takes a while to organise if you don't want to pay a fortune.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Likely August to September

by Brad Hards (not verified)

I guessed late summer, but I was hoping for a bit higher resolution (like, perhaps which week, or a couple of options, rather than a couple of months:-).

Even knowing when the schedule will be released would help...

by Anonymous (not verified)

There are not so many weeks spanning from August to September.

by anonymous (not verified)


by Anonymous (not verified)

Language confusion aside it's only one week.

by Ignacio Monge (not verified)

See you in Malaga!

by suy (not verified)


In the akademy, Antonio told us, the spanish guys who came there, that Malaga was a candidate for the next conference. I am really happy with this decision, because the amount of spanish people that likes KDE, is big, but we don't make many meetings, and sometimes we don't seem very active.

I live a bit far from Malaga, but in the time I'm at the conference, I will try to do my best in helping. I had a great time at Ludwigsburg, and I hope we'll have a lot of fun in Malaga.


by Gonzalo (not verified)

If the conference is held in late September, I'll be there. I expect to be back in Granada by then and it should be a short drive.

BTW, KDE keeps on getting better and better. You guys rock!

To the rest of the KDE developers. We, Spaniards, are going to teach you how to party. :)

by David Vignoni (not verified)

Wow, it's a lot of time I didn't go to Spain, there are many lowcost flights from italy. But, when it will happen?


by Torsten Rahn (not verified)

Hope it won't rain in Malaga during the conference :-)


Here, in Seville, didn't rain since november, and it was only for a few days, before that...since spring, I think. "engrish" scaries me :-S

by Víctor Fernández (not verified)

To clarify for non-spanish people, Seville is close to Málaga (around 100km away if I don't remember bad). And in Málaga it doesn't rain usually too.

225Km away from Sevilla, and 100Km away from Granada. Hearonly rain from winter.

by Anonymous (not verified)

That's great news! Many, many people in Spain love KDE :-)

Thanks to all KDE developers and contributors for their hard work!

by I_LOVE_KDE (not verified)

Is there anybody we can reffer to for helping us getting visas for Spain ?? (We are from Serbia)

by Anonymous (not verified)

Visa spam already starts? You will get no invitation if you're not known as KDE contributor.

by cinefilo (not verified)

I´m from Malaga and very well because I hope help in organization with Linux-Malaga :)

Congratulations to Antonio Larrosa.

by anonymous (not verified)

Anyone coming from the KDE/FreeBSD team?

by Anonymous (not verified)

For those who have never been in Andalucia:

1) The sun is shining almost everyday in the summer, so be prepared for that!
2) Most people in Andalucia is monolingual. They speak another kind of Spanish (they eat consonants among other things). Sometimes is like are they talking in Spanish or what?
3) The people there is kind of funny and love to party all night-long.
4) They've got bullfights and flamenco (kind of folk music).
5) Some people think that Spain is Andalucia. Wrong! Every region is different. It's much like other parts of Europe (full of contrasts).
6) I don't have anything against Malaga but there are much more beautiful cities in Andalucia (and cleaner too) like Granada; there you can visit the Alhambra (a famous Arabian monument), the mountains (Sierra Nevada), ... and many other places. Did you know that Andalucia is bigger than Switzerland?
7) Enjoy your stay! :)

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

Is Granada really cleaner then Malaga? At least the air in Granada was very dirty when I was there, apparently they have the highest per-capita Vespa/Moped usage in Spain. Haven't been to Malaga.

I agree, Granada is a good place to visit though. I was there for a couple of weeks taking Spanish classes, but still didn't get to do everything I wanted.