KDE-CVS-Digest for May 30, 2003

This week, new tab widgets are in Konqueror, news on KAudioCreator, MDI support goes into KDE, and more functions and
templates are added to KSpread. Also, many bug fixes have been made to KMail, Konqueror, and KWin. Read it all in the latest KDE-CVS-Digest.

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by Troy Corbin Jr. (not verified)

Thank you. I'm glad *somebody* understands. Heh, get it? Somebody? ;-)

by Datschge (not verified)

No, it isn't. Starting a fight whenever someone *thinks* the other one was being impolite is helping noone and thus pointless and a waste of time. And as far as this thread is concerned "Ever heard of nested QWidgets?" was actually informative while "Ever heard of being polite?" was not only useless but counterproductive (unless it was intended as a troll and a try at starting a flame war which I hope it wasn't).

Now to you, Troy Corbin Jr., I think you should stop writing your negative minded posts and relax. In your first post while asking for information you unnecessarily also wrote "If not, then there's no point in my using them.", something which would usually lead to flames, but Binner wisely ignored it. Then the next post you say thanks "but unfortunatly it shows that no, I can not add an extra ( third ) widget at this time." showing that you didn't understand Binners post while unnecessarily implying that it's Binner who is wrong instead asking how exactly one can do it. You smartly concluding that since you didn't get it it's impossible to do, bleh. Then in your third post you ignore the hint completely and instead, again unnecessarily, assume he's not helping you and not being polite. This now finally lead to a little flame which funnily enough was again filled with hints. But in your forth post you again decided to ignore them all and instead, unnecessarily, making a big speech about "KDE community considered obtuse", "everyone impolite while only I appologise", personal insults like "The world will still revolve around it's axis without your dull wit." and "go play on Slashdot." You even said "Of course I've heard of looking at the source." while obviously not having considered actually doing just that once.

You and your unwillingless to keep your own personal issues away from your posts was the problem, the whole thread here would be perfectly fine and polite if you weren't there to bark at every single point where you with your personal social background thought of them as insults.

by Somebody (not verified)

But it really sounds like "Ever..., you idiot!".

by Troy Corbin Jr. (not verified)

I'm sorry that we can't agree on this, Datschge. I won't further pollute these forums with what has become a very offtopic thread. However, if anyone is honestly interested in my reply to Datschge's post, I'll be happy to send it through email.

Have a great day all! :-)

by MxCl (not verified)

I think the problem here is you thought binner was being impolite, while I can think of many instances where saying what he said would be nothing but polite and helpful. If he'd added a smilie you wouldn't have been confused.

It's just a case of misunderstanding the tone because it's the written word only.

Now Datschge was right, you shouldn't react so aggressively. You can't tell what tone he meant, and he was being helpful to you.

by lit (not verified)

> *sigh* And we wonder why the KDE community is considered obtuse.

I think it's probably the fact that there isn't, unfortnatly, much moderation here.. (besides for editors like navrinda, but they are probably busy).. it'd be nice to have either ip masks posted with posts, or accounts needed to post.

by Datschge (not verified)

Considering the traffic here I consider the boards here one of the most friendly one existing. Be aware that unlike on many other sites you can actually see every message posted without any "-1" or "troll" messages hidden away by default.

The removal of messages is seldom here, and I hope it can stay this way. But I think Navrinda should put a suggestion like "stay friendly, then others will be friendly to you as well" on every single post page. ; )

by lit (not verified)

word.. http://lxr.kde.org. learn to use it, love it, and copy+paste large chunks of code from it :=======)

of course, grandparent post was hardly a "rant"

by Alex (not verified)

That didn't have to be sarcastical. It could have been a simple honest question, you don't know what tone he used so you should of just assumed the best.

Also, anon is his nick name here and he is not a troll and posts quite often here.

by KDE User (not verified)

Will there be some standard utilities in KDE.
I mean. I have Suse linux 8.2 and there are different
applications for video, music etc.
Are there any standard KDE applications??

by tuxo (not verified)

Noatun is the standard music/video player of KDE. However,there is Kaboodle as a light-weight alternative to just watch a film, listen to a piece of music, without having to deal with a playlist and lots of controls (although I find that an integrated volume slider is really missing in Kaboodle).
I haven't used Suse in ages (am using Debian now) and maybe they added other players such as xmms or mplayer to the menu. Other desktop-oriented Linux distributions on the other hand just put one application per task (e.g. Lycoris).
The reason why there are multiple programs at disposition in Linux is due to that people have different tastes (interface-wise) and also because different players have different capabilities. So Linux offers you more than the one-size-fits-it-all approach of M$. It's all about choice. If you don't like some of the applications you find pre-installed with Suse, de-install them.


by till (not verified)

xmms and (g)mplayer are automatically added to the kmenu through kappfinder...

kde 3.2 will have a new music application: JuK.. it takes more of a itunes approach to things, but is not a itunes clone (unlike similiar apps like rythymbox for gnome)

kde 4.0 will hopefully see artsd replaced.. imho, it's the weakest link in KDE.. i've had KDE in 3 systems, and in two of them (both of which were ppc based), arts didn't work. On the third, arts did work, but playing a song took 10% more CPU usage than xmms using either alsa or OSS directly (12% versus 2%), AND it did weird things with software mixing when my hardware was perfectly capable of doing it.

by anon (not verified)

Anyone else notice that the close button closes the currently viewed tab, not the tab where the button appeared? This is really annoying.

by binner (not verified)

The almost usual answer: your CVS copy is too old.

by michael (not verified)

hmm, so compiling twice a week isn't often enough... I should get a new computer....

by MandrakeUser (not verified)

Hi All

Anyone knows if the konqui tab improvements will be backported to the 3.1 branch ? I would be nice, but OTOH KDE devs seem to wisely have chosen to try to keep the 3.1.* releases amost strictly as stabilty (bug-fix) ones ...

Thanks :-)

by till (not verified)

I think bug fixes such as clearing the window upon tab changed will be backported. The new tab widget will not be--- KDE 3.2 will rely on Qt 3.2 eventually and the tabwidget has the most potential under Qt 3.2 (due to new stuff in QTabWidget)

by NewMandrakeUser (not verified)

Sounds like it, thank you Till !

by peter (not verified)

I wondered if tabs are going to be like in mozilla, i.e they shrink when the tabbar is full instead of the two < > buttons with wich you can toggle tabs.

by binner (not verified)

This was implemented in HEAD during the last days too.