J'ai deux amours: Paris et KDE

KDE-France will be holding a booth at Solutions Linux,
a Linux Show in Paris open from the 4th to the 6th
of February.
David Faure will give a conference Wednesday afternoon about KDE for the end
user. The KDE-France team will demonstrate KDE 3.1, sell KDE Goodies and a
brand new KDE Demo CD based on Knoppix. We will also
try to enlist everybody in our KDE-France association. French developers
will also demonstrate on the booth their Qt / KDE applications.

We look forward to meeting our French speaking userbase and welcome all Europeans
who want to share their love of KDE and spend a romantic week-end in Paris.
Indeed, if you are looking for romance, close to KDE's booth you'll find The Grand Union of French Geeks' Girlfriends with practical advice on becoming a clean,
healthy, talkative and lovable geek.

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by Troy Unrau (not verified)

I must say - copinedegeek.com is quite amusing :)

/me looks around for his girlfriend :)

Troy Unrau
[email protected]

by Luke-Jr (not verified)

Where can I download this KDE 3.1 Knoppix fork/branch??

by gerard (not verified)

For the moment, there is no place where to put this iso image (it has been finished this afternoon, and we are burning cds at this moment).
This version is a special french version (default language for the display and the keyboard).
But we are working for an international version.

by Datschge (not verified)

I was planning to create a similar Knoppix fork using the latest CVS version of KDE. It purpose would be having an easily accessible bleeding edge KDE system for making surveys and discussing usability, accessibility and optimization in cooperation with the respective KDE mailinglists. Would be great if it's possible to base this effort on your already done work. =)

by GLS Penguin (not verified)

What about my gay geek boyfriend, strong like an AMD Athlon XP, stable like kernel 2.4.20, beatifull like KDE 3.1 and with a great tool like GNU toolset.

Great idea, www.glslinux.org.anywhere_in_the_word