KDE at USENIX 2004 Annual Technical Conference

From June 27th to July 2nd 2004 the USENIX Annual Technical
took place at Boston. The FREENIX track
featured a refereed paper about Kontact and how it is used as an application
integration framework which was presented by
Cornelius Schumacher. You can find the
paper and
the slides
of the presentation at the Kontact home page.

The conference also featured a lot of other interesting
. To name only a few: Matthias Ettrich presented the technical changes in Qt
4, in the plenary session Bruce Schneier held a thought-inspiring talk about how
security-tradeoffs influence our lives and how we might be able to handle this
in a sensible way and Rob Pike gave some insight in the amazing technology
Google uses to power their search engine. One of the talks which was awarded as
best paper in the FREENIX track was about "Wayback,
a versioning file system for Linux"
. This could
be an interesting technology to be integrated with KDE, for example with the
file dialog.

A BoF session about "Locking Down Enterprise KDE & KDE 3.3 Preview for
Administrators" showed again the great interest in the KDE desktop lock-down
features which are provided by the KIOSK framework and in particular the
KIOSK Admin Tool.

The week after the conference code was put behind the talks. The KDE
project released the first beta of Kontact 1.0 as part of KDE 3.3 Beta 1, Trolltech released the first
technology preview of Qt 4
and Waldo Bastian released version
of the KIOSK Admin Tool.

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by Inge Wallin (not verified)

You're *waaayyyy* ahead of me.

by Cornelius Schumacher (not verified)

Well, you are right. KDE does a lot of things, but traveling in time unfortunately isn't included in the feature set yet. Has to be "KDE 3.3" of course.

by superstoned (not verified)

aaah, but athene (http://www.rocklyte.com/athene/index.html) DOES feature KDE 3.3.3 ;-)

by Vasilis (not verified)

I think it is a typo. I should be KDE 3.2.3

by superstoned (not verified)


by Inge Wallin (not verified)

And why aren't you? You can be anything you want, if you put your heart to it!

by Richard Dale (not verified)

"Well, you are right. KDE does a lot of things, but traveling in time unfortunately isn't included in the feature set yet."

From what I can understand about the previous article 'Pushing KDE's Science: Evolution Sim', people seem to already be hard at work on closing that gap, by simply simulating the entire Universe :)

by Raphael Langerhorst (not verified)

we will do our best *g*

by MK (not verified)

Sorry for being offtopic, but have I missed anything concerning the cvs-digest?

Two-weeks without digest is a hard time for me ;-)

by Anonymous (not verified)

See http://cvs-digest.org for current status.

by Derek Kite (not verified)

This afternoon it should be ready (sunday).


by Anonymous (not verified)

Will it cover two weeks?

by Derek Kite (not verified)