Hispanic Slides, Kandidat Review, KDE2 On Schedule

Luis Digital wrote us about his various presentations on the KDE2 betas directed at the Hispanic community, but with screenshots everyone can enjoy. In a similar vein, MachineOfTheMonth is presenting a review of Kandidat (warning: popup ads). As always, these kinds of reviews always tend to get out of date very quickly -- several of the issues mentioned have been addressed in more recent updates. And finally, yes, KDE2 is right on track for a release next week. Congrats to everyone involved!

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I've now got 4 different financial institutes that I need to be able to access with my web browser.

No matter how good it is, if I can't use it for my banking/401k/etc, it won't be my default.


Usually it's the server end that causes problems. Banks are sometimes more careful to be platform neutral than other sites (they *want* your money!) so they actually try to support Netscape and IE ... heh heh.

My bank was completely accessible using Lynx-SSL ... until they started using javascript generated menus. I asked them to use a non-javascript navigation menu at the bottom of the page as an option and got no response. Finally I said "I develop software for blind people and they need this (which is not true but hey)". I got a reply and they made the changes.

Another lie that helps is to get your browser to lie about itself (you can configure this in konqueror) since many sites just block browsers based on the HTTP_USER_AGENT without even checking for SSL capabilities.

I don't know whether Konqueror is good enough for online banking, but I have been testing its SSL implementation (via OpenSSL), and I think it's one of the best. For starters, it actually works (something that Mozilla is sorely missing), and from the sites I tested it with, I stated it used 168bit encryption.
Not bad.

hola Luis Digital, ¿cómo te va? hace tiempo que no te "veo" por www.linuxpreview.org.

Suerte y viva KDE.

Bueno me parece que ya te lo expliqué por correo ;-)
Ah, y recuerda que en Luis Digital Online me puedes encontrar siempre. Bye.

no, no me hallegado nada por correo, ¿te has enfadado con ellos? ya sé que muchos son unos capullos e hipocritas, pero lo que importa son las noticias.

yo, desde que dije que es mucho más funcional KDE que GNOME me critican, así que nunca hago login para estar como anónimo, pero bueno...

Un saludo

Sí debes de tener un correo y ahora dos. No recordaba bien, fue a GNU_Leo que le hablé sobre el asunto, mira: Comentario

by Jerry Gluck (not verified)

I believe the reviewer did not look deeply enough at the new version of kmail. The inclusion of search, nested folders, and message threading, make kmail an excellent choice to replace practically any full-featured mail client (I can't wait to upgrade my production PC to KDE 2) As for the popup ads, disable java/javascript b4 u visit... ;-) With KMail, KOrganizer, and KNotes, I think I can finally ditch Outlook 98 on my Windoze machine (YES!). Anybody get MS Combat Flight Simulator working under WINE, yet? :-)


by Mats LG Rosen (not verified)

Also waiting for the 2.0, I just want to know if there are possibilities for multiple accounts and let the mail stay on the server (which is the most important e-mail function for people like me that need to access mails from 4 different pc's in 3 different locations). Another function that Netscape never succeded to solve (I heard that the Redmond terrorists have this function in their) is an indicator when old mail may be deleted by the mail-server.
I have almost konverted to Kmail but do not really trust these functions after Kmail stole all my mails from one account, and then my pc running red hat 5.2 crasched. Now running Mandrake 7.1 it seems better and I got a more accurate version of Kmail.

Muy lindo!

Pero... Why use .gif?! When you have .png.


by Luis Digital (not verified)

Las capturas desde hace un buen tiempo las realizo en formato png, pero algunos navegadores o navegadores un poco viejo no pueden leer los archivos png.

Desde el 2001 en adelante usaré png y quien no esté actualizado para esa fecha se j* :)

The archives .PNG are still not supported in a 100%.