Konqueror wins Tuxie Award

In the September 2001 issue of Linux Magazine, Konqueror, the KDE all-in-one wunder kind, has been awarded the Tuxie for Best Web Browser as part of the 2001 Editors' Choice Awards (the Tuxies). This new honour adds to the impressive list of awards that the KDE developers have earned in what seems now like many years of dedication and persistence. Congratulations to the hard-working developers who brought us Konqueror, KHTML, KJS, NSPlugins, Internet Keywords, native plugins and all the other marvelous technologies which we know and love as Konqueror.

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by reihal (not verified)

Awards,awards. Day in, day out, week after week, it's always the same: awards, awards, awards.
Can't you guys dumb it down a little so we can have a rest? ;-)

by AC (not verified)

I wholehartedly have to agree! You KDE guys should please concentrate more on big press releases and generating hype than coding and earning awards for it ;) ;) !!!!

by oliv (not verified)

Konqueror is already a wonderful FileManager/Finder/Explorer.

I hope Konqueror/KHTML will be one day (soon?) an example of a web browser that is standards compliant... like gecko based ones (Mozilla, Galeon, Skipstone, K-Meleon, Netscape6) are.
IMHO, standard compliance is something important for the image of KDE.
I think the lack of PNG support is unfortunately quite important in this scope.

just a wish.

by Richard Moore (not verified)

What are you talking about? We've supported PNG for *ages*. We also support the MNG format. If it's missing for you then the chance are you've compiled your Qt library with png support disabled.


by RAJAN (not verified)

actually, some features are still not support. its not an 100% thing.

by emmanuel (not verified)

png was supported since KDE1, and is largely used by all KDE programs (i believe all kde icons are in png no?).
well anyway no worries. check you have libpng before you compile QT.

by Andrea Albarelli (not verified)

I think the author was talking about full PNG support ... last time I checked the alpha channel in PNG wasn't supported ( alpha under 127 was transparent and >= 127 was visible ).

by Richard Moore (not verified)

Qt 3 uses the XRender extension to provide hardware accelerated alpha channel support. This means that the alpha information in an image with will be applied automatically when the image is drawn.


by Richard Stellin... (not verified)

I wonder though, this X-Render thing is supposed to be so cool, but does it act on changes behind the alpha blended image? Because Mosfet's transparent menus do not update when a window beneath it (xchat for example) changes.

Now this usually isn't an issue with websites, but I was just wondering, is this a limitation of the X-Render, or just lazy coding from Mosfet (or anyone who uses the X-Render code)?

by anonymous (not verified)

I may be wrong, but I think that the X-Render extention it's not yet in place.

If I remember well, Mosfet make transparent menus by first saving in a buffer the image behind the menu and then showing it as the background of the menu; that is why it doesn't get updated when the real background does.

by Daniel Molkentin (not verified)

It is wrong. XFree has full support for XRender since 4.1 on almost all drivers.

Qt3 supports XRender. So from now on we can use XRender in KDE.


by Marcus Camen (not verified)

Yep. KDE doesn't fully support transparent PNGs.
Just look at http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/pngs-img.html with Mozilla and Konqueror or go to http://bugs.kde.org/db/20/20155.html .

by oliv (not verified)

Exactly what I meant :)
Thanks for precisingg my thought (for me, it was obvious, but it did not seem to actually be for everyone)

Treating PNG without the alpha channel is like dispaying a colour image in grayscale. Of course we can see something, but it's just wrong.

by Andrea Albarelli (not verified)

Try this example PNG created with GIMP ... the center shourd be blended.
Try saving it and loading with the GIMP ....

by Ricardo Galli (not verified)

This example show few bugs:

1. If you right-click and select "New Window" for the first time, the new window will show the binary data.

2. The you just click and you will see a red box with a smaller white box in the center-

3. Right click again and select "New window". You will see only a red box.

Package konqueror

by Matthias Wieser (not verified)

Same for me - Konq. 2.2.0 Suse 7.1

by Frerich Raabe (not verified)

Shows a red border which is blended into a black rectangle in the middle. Dunno whether it's supposed to be black, tho, but the blending certainly works.

by Adam Black (not verified)

I subscribe to that magazine and if I'm not mistaked Koffice nadded a tuxie as well! Way to go guys.

by Asif Ali Rizwaan (not verified)

Amazing The Java (chat.yahoo.com) just won't work and many pages like Mandrake.com, www.nvidia.com won't look nice in Konqueror unlike Mozilla (perhaps missing fonts).

I have sun Jdk 1.3.1, but still can't chat on yahoo with konqueror, though games.yahoo.com's chess work nicely. And many applets seems to stop after every second (perhaps Java problem).

The text entries in Konquror seems to lag! (when I enter my user name, or typing this text I see a delay in the text appear)

And I have vowed not to chat with other browsers ;)

all I can is, it works for me.

You may want to check these sites out in other browsers as well. Konqui uses the same Java that Mozilla uses. I have tried chat.yahoo.com and it does not load in Mozilla or Konqui with Sun's or anyone's Java clients. Yahoo seems to change their chat client often and have not made it to work with any java client except for IE's and Netscape 4.x's.

by Asif Ali Rizwaan (not verified)

Yes, The applet error shows something related to Netscape javascript, after the applet get initialized.

what bothers me is even when I use Netscape plugin and not just /usr/java/jdk1.3.1/bin/java (though path is included in profile); I see applet a bit faster but chat @ yahoo should also work.

It shouldn't bother you. They are one in the same. The plugin is just another way of accessing the java you have installed. It is not a different java than the one you installed, its the same exact one. So if there is a problem with one, there should be a problem with the other one. The only java i have seen work with this is the original java that comes installed with netscape 4.x.

I recommend you to try Blackdown's JRE.

I remember playing some Nokia games on it.

I agree.
Other examples?

by mukesh Srivastab (not verified)

Networking in Linux Softwatre

by Carbon (not verified)

Yep, definetly a well-deserved award. Konqi only needs to keep going down the path it's already on to become even more superior to the closed-source competition! Devel guys, just keep on improving what works very well, and keep on working on the newer projects on the block. After all, whatever you've been doing so far, it's been most successful!

by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

Are there any plans regarding SVG support?

by Shane Wright (not verified)

I'd be interested in this too - would be very very useful for me

by jsantos (not verified)

Very important...

by altrent (not verified)

Yes, I would be very interested in knowing if some work is done in this area. :)

by rwlbuis (not verified)

Yes, there is work going on with the project ksvg in kdenonbeta.
There is still a lot of work to do, but a reasonable start has been
made so that at least a few simple svg examples work. The most work
has still to be done in the rendering engine, text/font/glyph and css
The development has been slowed a bit lately, but we hope to continue
from next week on. If anybody wants to help they are always welcome ofcourse.

by Krame (not verified)

As I remember it will be natively supported as a second metafile format in Qt 3.0

by Alexander Kuit (not verified)

The Konqueror team really deserves this. Congratulations!
I'm always anxiously awaiting the next release to check the improvements, however in many cases only to find out that I still can't use it for all sites I visit regularly.
Keep up the good work, guys, so one day when I check a new version I can say "yes! no more Explorer, no more Netscape!" :-)


by KDE User (not verified)


by aleXXX (not verified)

Konqratulations ! ;-)

by Jeremy Petzold (not verified)

the plugins for konq and the IO slaves?

by dids (not verified)

If you mean the audio io slave

you need to compile kdebase with libvorbis support and cdparanoia using ./configure --your requirement

by Carbon (not verified)

If you mean plugins in general, there isn't really a site to get them from, since there aren't any stable at the moment that aren't already a part of KDE itself (although there might be some in devel I don't know about, try apps.kde.com). You'll find all the known ones in either kdebase or kdeaddons.

by antialias (not verified)

Why do link to september issue of Linux Magazine when you can not read anything there about award?

by DrDubious DDQ (not verified)

I finally figured out how to get CVS from the KDE_2_2_1_RELEASE branch and get it built. It's beautiful so far. The only problem I'm running into with this build (just built day-before-yesterday - since then only a single file has been changed in kdelibs and non in kdebase) is with "javascript:someFunctionOrOther(somedata)" style links, and related things, which seems to be an on-again, off-again problem in Konqueror. Anybody know if 2.2.1 is still being worked on, or is it a "done deal" at this point being packaged up for the distributors? (Trying to decide if it will be helpful or just annoying to report this as a bug in pre-2.2.1 at this late stage...)

Other than this one thing (which crops up on websites just often enough to be irritating), though, Konqueror is running just plain beautifully for me on this build...

I shurely do understand that we are all very happy about KDE, but it is SO uninterresting to go to a news item where alle of the replies are like:

Yo this is great
You guys rock
KDE rules
Aren't we all great ("pad" "pad")

It would be so more interresting if the people responing had something more relevant to say ... please.

Kind regards

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

I can vouch for the fact that, since I am getting all this for free, I like to thank the developers. Since this is the only forum that can reliably reach them (with the exception of things like the developer lists, which would disrupt their communication), I tend to thank them here when a new release or award is won.


This is not a site for that, I mean to say something relevant. This is official kde-news site and people get informations about kde-related things here. And this is not right place to "think different" because there are some other places to think different:

1. not satisfied with something = do it yourself
2. you have wishes = bugs.kde.org
3. something doesn't work = a) it works here, or b) your distro sucks or, c) you are stupid, or d) send a bug-report
4. if you don't do as mentioned under 1,2,3 = you are troll

Best regards,

by Michael Hanke (not verified)

there had been konqi2.2.1 in the game. :-) This one is really BIG.

Thank you

by bitch (not verified)

Give me a break,

i run a low end machine (200 mmx, 64 mg ram). konqueror is both slow and tedious to use.

Sure, all you folks with ball busting machines might be happy but what about us poor guys with average gear?

On a low end machine this happens frequently;.

a. lock ups are very frequent (can be renovated with Xkill)
b. programmes sometimes just will not start.
c. things just don't wotk properly like Mandrake update etc. Any cpu intensive stuff invariably screws up.

lost the plot?


by Greg (not verified)

Gee, I wish it ran fast on my XT too...

by servitor of evil (not verified)

time to upgrade boy. my p3 600 smokes w/ mdk 9.0.lol.

konqueror will never be a contender with the masses (just the way i like it) until you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out java support etc. (please don't tell me where the executable goes tyvm!)

nevertheless, i use konqueror every day.

it really has the potential to be a stellar product instead of just a great product. if only it's coders could stop looking at porn and figure out an easy solution for the FUCKING GODDAMN JAVA SUPPORT.