KMail 1,000,000,000th Second Bug Looms

If you did not heed our warning from six months ago and are still using KMail < (from KDE 1.x), you are advised to please upgrade to KDE 2.2 (or KDE 2.1.x) immediately. In about a week the bizarre KMail 1,000,000,000th second bug will strike, which can cause corruption of your mail folders. Details about the bug are available here.

The KMail developers recommend that users update to KDE 2.2, which includes a newer KMail with many other bugs fixed and many new features. According to KMail developer Daniel Naber,

The new version of KMail will use old mail files without problems.
However, once the new version is installed one should not switch back to
the old version because of changes in the index files and configuration
file. Just to be sure, we recommend that users make a backup of their mail
folder (~/Mail) and compress all folders before switching to the new

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by maria luisa cerdena (not verified)

I can't send photos. Message said "the rejected e-mail add was'[email protected].' Subject cannot retrieved my license; Account:'pop3'server 'smtp',Protocol: SMTP server response: 530 authentication required-for help go to http//,' Port 25 Secure (SSL): No Server.(2 mssgs) "Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible cause for this include server problems, network problems,or a long period of inactivity. Subject question, study;3928 username:Respondent,password:LJNBM;Account:'pop3'server 'smtp',Protocol: SMTP,Port 25,Secure(SSL): No. Error Number 0x800cccoF. Hoping for agood responses thank you.

by Michael Villary (not verified)

I was conserned about setting up my email and could use alittle help please reply if you could help me in this matter.

by noniiz (not verified)

this is test e-mail

by Luciano Simone (not verified)


by Gabriela Perez (not verified)

How do you obtain authentication for pop ?

by Betty (not verified)

Annswer needed Please

by khaled (not verified)

server rejects sender email address.
530 authentication required.
server error 530

by Frank Yuhas (not verified)

Cannot send scanned attachment for E-Mail

by Colleen (Kimbal... (not verified)

I need 500 authentication. Please email me with it. I certainly would be thankful for it. sincerely Colleen

by Anonymous (not verified)

LIKE IT SAYS IN THE MESSAGE, try reading the following web page:

by Cynthia Cleveland (not verified)


by frustrated (not verified)

how do you authenticate using a client machine through a proxy machine?
proxy server machine can send and receive email just fine however the client machines can only receive mail not send because of authenticating.
I'm figuring i have to somehow make the server do the authenticating for it. I'm using analog x proxy server and see no where to do that.

by Cynthia Todd (not verified)
by pradeep sachdeva (not verified)

I am not able to view yahoo/hotmail mail using analog proxy. pl. let me know if u have any sloution

by Eagle (not verified)

Depending on your ISP see what is their outgoing mail SMTP server:
Set your Outgoing SMTP to your ISP's SMTP. Do not change your POP settings.

For your POP setting for yahoo it should be ""(in USA)

For your SMTP setting for your server it should be something in the lines of
" or net or what ever your ISP root domain is.

Your ISP might not let you send mail through another ISP.

by richard kelp (not verified)

cannot send out email, dont know how to correct problem, please instruct.....

by Terry G (not verified)

If you are trying to send SMTP via Yahoo! Then you'll need to upgrade to KDE3. KMail in 2.2 doesn't support SMTP auth, which is what Yahoo! is now requiring.

by Diane Scott (not verified)

My yahoo account works fine, only when I try to send anything from OUTLOOK

EXPRESS, it shows error--530 authentication required--

I receive messages through OUTLOOK EXPRESS BUT CAN"T SEND THEM!


by Terry (not verified)

If you find out before I do let me know. I have the exact same problem.


by MariJoxe (not verified)

Did you find out the problem about the error 530 in outlook express?
Please, answer to me.

by Doug D (not verified)

A 530 error means that your email server requires authentication. Your email client settings must be adjusted to do this.

Here's the best resource I've found, including step-by-step instructions for many email programs to provide authentication: -- gives information about authentication, and includes a link to the following: -- guides to changing your email client to use SMTP Authentication.

Hope this helps! It took only a minute or two, and did the trick for me (I had the same 530 authentication error problem).

by Maria Holbrook (not verified)

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have had trouble with my outlook express and comcast mail and that canada site helped me. I had been trying to send mail for a month and kept getting the 530 authentication message too. when I went on comcast online help my online tech told me I had to uninstall everything and do it all over again. I thought it was crazy cause my mail was working fine up until a month ago. So I searched the web and found your help info and it worked all I really needed to do was check a box that wasn't checked before. THank you Thank you...


by CACNLC (not verified)

I'm having the same problem. Which box did you check?

by Mike (not verified)

Can you please tell me which box you checked for authentication? The Canada site is down and I'm desperate.
Thanks so much in advance!

by waleed (not verified)

well, i sort of having a problem accessing the site u gave.. I have the same error and am using server.. it asks for authentication and was wondering if the problem is the using this server itself.. thanx

by ju (not verified)

The canada site doesn't work its under construction. please post the steps.

by Marcy (not verified)

I checked the canada site, but it is now not working. Are there any other places I can go to resolve the 530 error?


by Josh Stephens (not verified)

In outlook, go to Tools->Email Accounts
Check the "View or Change E-mail Accounts"
Click Next
Select the account to modify, I've only got one, so I selected that one and clicked "Change"
Click "More Settings"
Click the Outgoing Server Tab
Check the "My outgoing server requires authentication"
Click the Radio button labled "Use same settings...."
Then Click okay.
You can test it using the test feature, or just finish up by following the prompts.

Hope this helps..

by Ron Sabala (not verified)

I spent hours with comcast. This worked thanks for posting the solution

by Barbara e Pedro... (not verified)

Great tip! Got us sending e-mails :)

Barbara e Pedro

by Barbara e Pedro... (not verified)

Great tip! Got us sending e-mails :)

Barbara e Pedro

by Palash Karmakar (not verified)

Thank you friend. I wanted to know the setting for 2 months but you help me in 2 minuits. Thanks. Keep Helping.

In Outlook Express go to Tools -> Accounts and choose the right account
Go to Properties
Go to Server tab
Check the box that says "My server requires authentication"
In Settings "use same as my incoming mail server"
This fixed the problem for me.
Maria Holbrook - thanks for the tip...

Yes...more love to you - thank you for taking the time to post this - much appreciated!!!!

Thank you so much the goofs at yahoo wanted me to unistall everything. this fixed things in under a minute.

Thanks SO much! I had problems with the Canada site too and these instructions fixed the problem for me too!

Thanks for the info. I had the 530 error and found you by googling the problem. Nailed it and the fix took 30 seconds.

Thank you very much for answering the previous questions about the 530 authentication problem. It helped me, too.

Kind Regards,

this is the message I receive:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: ' (1)', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

Thanks for providing something so amazingly simple. Now I not only know what a 530 Authentication message means, I can fix it!

Thank you. Your explanation helped me in seconds after hours of frustration.

Michelle Z.

This is a KDE group, not an Outlook Express one you cum guzzling fucktard

by Joseph Pingel (not verified)

Unbelievable!!! I've been searching for this fix for a while. Worked like a charm. Can't thank you enough. Joseph Pingel

by wendy (not verified)

Wow thanks for someone posting this. I was about to lose my mind when I couldnt send email from my Verizon account all weekend.

by JKhai (not verified)

Perrrrrfect! That took like 30 seconds to fix. Thanks a million.

by khaled zaid (not verified)

BIgggggggggggggggg kissssssssssssssssssssssssss for you

Thanx alot

by Outlook user (not verified)

Thanks - I was going crazy. TG for Google and your post.

by bcherry (not verified)

actually what you need to to do is set up remote access.

to do this click on tools ,accounts,mail tab, highlight your
account in the white box,click properties,servers tab,
check the box that says My Server Requires Authentication.
click on Settings,put a dot next to log on using and type in
your complete e-mail address and password.then click ok
then click on the advanced tab at the top then put a check in
both boxes the server requires a secure connection then change
the out going mail smtp to port # 465 the incoming should already
be 995 click apply then close and try your e-mail :) :) :):)

by carol (not verified)

I want to say thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!! a million times and then some. I was so frustrated trying to figure out what happened to my forever working outlook--and just when I was visiting and needed to do email it did this authentication thing. It seems to be working well. Thankyou for taking the time to put this up. carol