KDE Mailing Lists Gated To NNTP/IMAP, New KDE::Enterprise Forum

Thanks to the efforts of Christopher Molnar, KDE mailing lists are now accessible read-only through NNTP at news.uslinuxtraining.com (news, web). In other words, KDE Mailing Lists are now neatly accessible through your favourite newsreader (KNode, tin). The lists are also available through anonymous IMAP at the same server. See the official mailing list page for more details. In related news, Jono Bacon wrote in to point us to the new KDE::Enterprise Forum over at KDE::Enterprise. The forum provides a place for discussions regarding the use of KDE within businesses, education, charities, and so on. Enjoy.

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by harryF (not verified)

The best thing about this is that they've splitted up the kde cvs mailing list so you can watch the commits for your favourite project only

by JRM (not verified)

I really hate reading mailing lists.. the news format is much better IMHO. (to bad it's read only)

by Chris Molnar (not verified)

> I really hate reading mailing lists..
> the news format is much better IMHO.
>(to bad it's read only)

I am working on solving that. Please let me know which specific groups you would like to have post access on and I will try to get those first.


by Geoff Rivell (not verified)

KDE Page:

> Anonymous IMAP is available at the same server. Set login to 'anonymous, password '[email protected]', folder to '#news' and server to 'news.uslinuxtraining.com'.

When I add #news to prefix directory in KMail it says: "Could not enter directory"

imap://[email protected]:143/#news/;TYPE=LIST

What am I doing wrong? (Insert new brain is not an option ;)

by Michael Häckel (not verified)

You are most likely using a too old version of KMail.
Sorry, there was just lask week a problem fixed in CVS to support news groups on this special server that didn't become visible before.

by Geoff Rivell (not verified)

> You are most likely using a too old version of KMail.

KMail that came with KDE 2.2.2. So yep.

OH well, I'll wait for Debian to include the fix (lazy me).

by domi (not verified)

damn, i've got the same problem

by ik (not verified)

is it just me or is there no kde-core-devel on that server ?

by ac (not verified)

Try this: nntp://news.uslinuxtraining.com/kde.kde-core-devel

You can type that directly into the location of konqueror if your newsreader is buggy.

by ik (not verified)

i was using knode. seems kde-core-devel came later, now i did 'refresh group list'
and kde-core-devel shows up.
thanks anyway

by Germain (not verified)

Great !
Gorgeous !!

When will we get a nntp://news.kde.org ??
It would be so nice to be able to discuss KDE right here !
(html forums are nice but so heavy...I'd love to use Knode !!)


by someone (not verified)

Why? If you want to post why not use the KDE newsgroups in Usenet?

comp.windows.x.kde The K Desktop Environment. (english)
de.comp.os.unix.apps.kde Das K Desktop Environment. (german)

They should be out there on every news server near you.

by Germain (not verified)

It seems that newsgroups are slowly but surely gliding toward a large number of small dedicated newsservers rather than this bloated awful beast of shared namespace, where a cow wouldn't find it's calf...

There are a couple of good reasons for that :
1) an url such as news.kde.org is actually far simpler to recall than comp.tr.deadly.burried.projects.kde.

2) there are no standard way of classifying a topic inside the shared tree (e.g: why is it comp.WINDOW$.x.kde, and not comp.unix.kde? comp.unix.cde exist, and it is a quite similar subject... and why linux.debian.gtk.gnome ? :-)
so you often end with 3 or 4 newsgroups for the same topic, and you cross-post to all because, indeed, all claim to be THE most relevant newsgroup.
In contrast, you KNOW that news.kde.org is the most relevant place.

3) It takes ages, and a lot of will, and a lot of efforts to have ONE newsgroup opened and widely spreaded, so you end with just one big KDE group. In contrast, a dedicated server may have 10th of groups - with fine grained topics.

by Neil Stevens (not verified)

Imminent Death of Usenet Predicted! PNGs at 11.

This will be really neat, as this is already possible for Mozilla mailing lists ! the Linux kernels and many other projects too ?