Impressions on the Paris Linux Expo

I have written a report of my experiences at the KDE booth of the Paris Linux Expo 2002. "Then I saw this magic thing: A live coding session by a truly talented KDE core developer: David took his laptop and started coding under my eyes. In five minutes, it was done: the "URL" label on Konqueror would accept a pasted URL and simply open it. Really great! He did that again on the next day, when a visitor asked for the domtree plugin to support copy/paste of every branch." You can also view photos of the event thanks to Laurent Rathle, webmaster of the excellent site.

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by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

We where lucky that we could borrow enough equiptment to do a demo.

DCOP was a big hit along with webdav support. The X guys even gave us two thumbs up for the use of XRender. The only saveing grace about the show was we did get a significant amount of traffic, and most systems there seemed to be running KDE.

Granted I was only there on Wednesday, so things may have gotten better but everyone please give Mandrake Software and the Etherboot guys a big hand for bailing us out and helping us get on the network and provideing a power supply for my laptop so I could do the dcop demos.

Maby SuSE and TT will be there next year, but I wont hold my breath....

-ian reinhart geiser

by KDE User (not verified)

Whoa, the big 2 SuSE and TT weren't there? Not good.

On the other hand, I am pleased to hear that KDE dominated on the desktops. This is a step forward for the US!

by Bob the Bulder (not verified)

The US? ??

There are other countrys in existance apart from the US with KDE developers.
Typical fuckin ignorant american.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Gerunds are commonly formed with an "ing", thus "fucking" rather than "fuckin". The proper pluralization of "countrys" is "countries". Nationalities are capitalized in english, thus "american" is incorrect and should be "American".

Now that we have established /your/ ignorance, I believe the individual was referring to the subject of this thread and merely stating that he was glad that the recent convention in the USA had some positive factors to its credit.

Evan "A little less vitrol would suit this site well" E.

by renato (not verified)

To be precise we established his ignorance concerning american (English?) language. To be fair we should need to know how his english compares to your second or third language. This is anyway off topic, yes his manners were all but appropriate, yes most americans confuse USA border lines with the world ones.

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

:: To be fair we should need to know how his english compares to your second or third language.

English is my second (third, if you count Latin) language. And my fifth is moving along quite nicely.

:: his manners were all but appropriate

Agreed - he slammed someone for a quite possibly misinterpreted statement. My take on the statement was quite different - that of an individual giving praise to all concerned (look at the subject of the thread to see why he would have made an encouraging, positive statement about the US based LinuxWorld).

:: most americans confuse USA border lines with the world ones.

Having lived in the USA for quite awhile now, I have not seen any more ignorance than any other country has... merely the common contradictory "we're the best/people are dumb" sentiment held throughout the world. The uneducated of every country are (due no doubt to a variant of Murphy's celebrated law) often the loudest and thus very embarrasing. Sure American media is dominated by American issues. I doubt that any news agency anywhere runs updates on landslides on Mons Olympus. Luckily, there are NHK and BBC radio streams if you want news with your choice of regional focus.

Regardless, this *IS* off-topic. My email is available if you wish to discuss this. I only responded because of the vicious nature of the reply to what appeared to me to be a positive statement. I'll always come to the defense of a good-intentioned person who is being harassed.


by Sean Pecor (not verified)

On Thursday Jonathan ran KDE on his G4 laptop. That and Christopher Molnar's machine generated a significant amount of interest.

Immediately after the first wave of conferences got out on Thursday morning (around 10:30am), the booth got very busy. George, Jonathan and I were kept busy answering questions much of the time. Traffic was very high and didn't relent until close to 6pm. I think it went pretty well!

I'm definitely interested in doing NYC Linuxworld next year. However, I'll help make damn certain we have a proper booth setup. Next year if the following print collateral isn't designed and available I'll make it:

- Brochures. People were often looking for these, and they're great to bring back to the boss.
- CDs. This was a popular request on Thursday.
- Booth posters and such. Something to dress up the booth, make an impression for those not yet familiar with KDE.
- Local directory of KDE-friendly consultants. If a business wants to consider KDE then we should be able to have a directory they can take with them.

I'd be interested to know how Friday went.

by George Staikos (not verified)

Yes we definitely have to have those things. It was almost embarassing. Especially since Ximian/Gnome bought out as much of the good realestate at the show as they could. I got a real "talking-to" by the HP guys because of our lack of promotion at the show, and in general in North America. Most of the people at the show preferred KDE to Gnome or other desktops, but we just don't seem to have any working promotional infrastructure in North America.

We also need to have:

- Decent hardware
- A more formal demo (Actually, couldn't we now script this with dcop too? That would be nice)

Sean: Friday was busy and it was amazing when it just "suddenly" ended at 4:00 and I realized that I had missed lunch! The KDE booth was particularily busy with some guys keeping me talking for as much as an hour straight.

I'll try to send out an email to the list(s) about all the development and non-development issues that were mentioned to me on Thursday and Friday.

by Gioele (not verified)

Which is the next planned linux meeting where KDE will have a booth?

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

Many (well some) KDE developers will be at FOSDEM, a free and open software developer meeting in Brussels, Belgium, the weekend of 16/17 February.

by Andy "Storm" Go... (not verified)

Always remember older booths and try to learn something on what could be improved. Follow this simple rule and the next booth will even be better :-)

Sean Pecor said (see above) already a few good things that could be done at FOSDEM. If time is too short to arrange them for FOSDEM, just use them for the booth after that.

Something different:
I was thinking maybe we should make a KDE CD. Put the sources on it and the binaries (yeah... I know, KDE doesn't provide binaries...) and other useful stuff. A CD can be distro specific: e.g. a Mandrake KDE CD and that could create a way to let Mandrake sponsor those CD's. :-)

Everybody happy... the user gets his KDE, KDE gets more users, and the distro that helped us gets attention too

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

FOSDEM is somewhat different: it's not a regular exhibition, it's a meeting by and for developers only. So the booth (if any) will have a larger social function and less of a promotional purpose.

by Philippe Fremy (not verified)

Yes, we should probably keep a page somewhere relating how to make a successful booth, with things that will draw attention from the visitors and give them some incentive to get concerned about KDE.

Gerard had many copies of a sheet of paper presenting briefly the project and asking help for translation. All people would first take the sheet and read, and then come to us to speak. Or they would stop to read the paper and then I would come to talk to them. Else, they probably wouldn't have stopped. So having a small brochure is very helpful.

The big K poster and the T-shirts were visible and attracted people too. We should not hide. :-)

We had no demo of advanced feature, but we should definitely prepare something for the FOSDEM. We will have to show Gnome and GnuStep developers what you can do with an "advanced" desktop!

by Bob (not verified)

We will have to show Gnome and GnuStep developers what you can do with an "advanced" desktop!

So you are going start coding for Gnome? Don’t you like KDE "Kiddy Desktop Environment"?

KDE looks slick acts sick. Once KDE 3.0 is released you can wait 6 months later and KDE 4.0 will show up. KDE is only good as a KDE development tool. Maybe someday you will realize that Bob Businessperson "ME" sees this as a put-off. We see once every three years with MS as a pain. KDE will Kill KDE. Overwork your maintainers and they will quit. Stay a moving target and business people wont even look at you.

by Carbon (not verified)

Sorry, but your arguments don't make much sense. It doesn't matter if KDE versions are released fairly often, since binary compatibility between running desktops is maintained (given that you have compatibility libraries installed).

Also, the time span between releases is several years, not six months. About the same time span exists between major releases of GNOME and GnuStep as well, and only a slightly larger one (about 50% larger) between major sub-releases of the Linux kernel, and major releases of XFree86.

KDE really isn't a moving target, and it certainly is useful as more then a KDE development tool; I use it for several hours every day, typing code for various projects in various languages (Konsole is a godsend), browsing the net with Konqi, listening to music, etc.

Constructive critisicm is good, but please back up your arguments some more.

by Hetz (not verified)

Sorry Sir, but you're very wrong here..

At my previous job, all the developers came to work were from Windows world, and not a single developer knew about Linux..

I installed to them 2 demo machines - both machines with Red Hat 7.2 - one of them is running Gnome & one is running KDE (and KDevelop). Guess which desktop enviroments they wanted on their 60 workstations? (KDE)

I told the management that KDE is a very fast developing desktop enviroment - but it will be fully backward compatible - they took it with open hands.

So I really don't get your point, sir...


by Gioele (not verified)

Argh, I'm under exams from 16 to 18 :(
Next one? ;)

by Tim Jansen (not verified)

LinuxTag in Stuttgart(Germany) June 6th-9th.

by Daniel Molkentin (not verified)

Err, LinuxTag moved to Karlsruhe this year.

by Anonymous (not verified)

4. Chemnitzer Linux-Tag, 9. und 10. März 2002

by Dieter Nützel (not verified)

What about CeBIT Hannover, Germany, 13.-20.03.2002 (the world's largest computer show,

Maybe the KDE team could prepare an arrangement with SuSE?
All the others should be there, too...

I am there. Maybe for two days as last year...;-)


by Daniel Molkentin (not verified)

The KDE team will be present at the CeBIT 2002 in Hall 1.
We'll have partner stands at the booth of Danka Printing
and Sharp.


by Asif Ali Rizwaan (not verified)

KDE 3 logo looks kool in those T-Shirts. Knew Konqi is the mascot of KDE but not seen it in KDE much more than Kandalf the wizard.

by fab (not verified)

I love those t-shirts as well. Just a question. Couldn't it be possible to buy t-shirts to support the KDE-project. I saw on the pics that a shirt was 13 euros. So I say ... I give 30 euros to the kde-project ... can I get one of those T-shirts? (Yes I know I could do some shirt-printing myself .. it is just an idea ...)


ps I live in The Netherlands ... so if it could be done ... let me know :-0

Any ideas or suggestions or even plans ... shout it out ...

ps ps I like this jpeg as well >> see attachment or

Could look nice as a logo on a shirt .. it symbolizes nicely the status of KDE .. IT'S HOT !!

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

If they are for sale on FOSDEM, I can bring one back with me to the Netherlands. Or you could come to Brussels yourself, you wouldn't be the only dutchman.

by ac (not verified)

Thanks to Gerard Delafond for the pain of printing the t-shirts and other stuff! It's quite humourous to have the CVS splash on a T-shirt! :)

by dingledongle (not verified)

This paragraph really jumps out from Philippe's discussion:

Discussing with David Faure, I told him about some complaints I had about Konqueror : the profile setting should be in the settings menu and the URL bar should accept URL drop by replacing the current URL. Then I saw this magic thing: A live coding session by a true talented KDE core devloper : David took his laptop and started coding under my eyes. In five minutes, it was done: the "URL" label would accept url and just open them. Really great! He did that again on the next day, when a visitor asked for the domtree plugin to support copy/paste of every branch. Really great.

Yes, Philippe Fremy apparently thought so too (it's in the article descrip :-)

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Actually, I added that quote myself, but I didn't re-author the article because that's mostly all I did.

- Your Friendly Neighbourhood Dot Editor

by Philippe Fremy (not verified)

What is reassuring is that he hasn't done anything I wasn't able to do. He just did that a lot quicker.
-> he types quicker
-> He knew exactly which file to open
-> he had the function after three seconds
-> he had to open the qt help for whatever reason
-> he already knew how to use KURL
-> he patched
-> it compiled just fine.
-> it ran just fine.

It helps when you know your application and most of the KDE API.

by Gerard Delafond (not verified)

Glad everybody loves my t-shirts. :-)

I made about 40 of them, all sold or given to the KDE team.
I used the KDE3 splash screen, a bit modified. I put it in this place:

If you want a similar T-shirt, you just need to download it, print it on a transfer paper and iron it on a blank t-shirt.

There is nothing organized internationally, this is just a savage and individual work of the french team.


by fab (not verified)

That's why this a maybe an idea ... Maybe we can find an T-shirt printer webshop who decides to make KDE-shirts and give a portion back to the kde project.

Or .... maybe there should be a some talking about logistics and funding for this kind of promo material. I personnaly think this could be done by people who are not programmers but end users of the KDE project who would like to contribute besides translating or mouth-to-mouth advertising.

There is enough artistic material that could be used to make some nice shirts or so .... Maybe some people of KDE promo could seriously look at this idea ...

Fabrice Mous aka Fab

by Marko Samastur (not verified)

Actually...on I found there's a guy selling KDE T-shirts but what was more interesting is that everyone can do it.

He's using service that alows anyone to upload their images for T-shirts or whatever merchandise they want and they do the rest (print, process, ship and send the cheques). The service itself is free. Every item has a base price that covers their expenses, but of course you are free to raise it. Difference is a profit that they send you.

So, with help of kde-artists and kde-league, you could set up a risk-free promotional shop for KDE that could make a buck or two for the project.

by Gioele (not verified)

The problem with is that they are US based, so shipping to Europe is:
- long (4 or more weeks)
- expensive

If only they had a subsidary in eu... :(

by Anynomous One (not verified)

Not only that, importing T-Shirts (or, as the customs people said, 'cotton products') can cause you some problems: there are certain limitations on importing 'cotton products' into the EU, the taxes are high and you may have go personally to the customs office and sign some declaration of the cotton's origin. Not using a business address when ordering them seems to help though.

by Marko Samastur (not verified)

OK. But it would be nice if there was a collection of images that was suited for printing on T-shirts. Then it would be up to an individual to take care of how to get that on a T-shirt.

Right now, if you are like me without an artistic talent, you have only few choices. Either you buy an old T-shirt with KDE1 design or you can take that posted picture and have it printed on T-shirt. Although the picture itself is very nice, I feel a bit odd to announce that KDE is coming to a desktop near me, if it's already on every computer around me. So a collection like that would be great.

It would be even better if KDE project could get something back...

by Andy "Storm" Go... (not verified)

I just changed my wallpaper :-) Can't wait to switch to KDE 3...

I know this picture is used in the CVS KSplash but now I can see it on my KDE 2. I wanted to try Beta 2 but this pc is low on speed and disk space :-( The binaries would be helpful, but I'm using RedHat (until the new Mandrake comes out) and they don't provide the beta rpms. :-(

by shaheed (not verified)

I did not know we had such a handy thing...a pointer would be helpful as a quick browse of the menus did not reveal the Big Secret!

by Sad Eagle (not verified)

It's in kdeaddons.
Then tools->Show DOM Tree in Konqueror.

by ac (not verified)

Sheesh! My Konqueror is suddenly more powerful.

Why doesn't Mandrake 8.1 install kdeaddons? There's too much good stuff in here.

by JAVA-MAN (not verified)

Hey guys,

i read this site only randomly, so maybe what I have to say is already outdated:

Is there a possibility for normal KDE-Users to help you guys at the booths by funding, say, some posters or PR-stuff like Promo-CDs and stuff like that?
I'm not really into C++ development ( I'M A JAVA MAN !!! ), so I can't do anything productive for KDE ... but as KDE needs better PR (IIUC) this semms to be a good idea.


by David Goodenough (not verified)

Ah but you can! There is an extensive Java API for both KDE and Qt. Not only
does it have a binding, it also has support in KDevelop. But its just a JAR
so you can use your favourite IDE as well.

by JAVA-MAN (not verified)

well then I'll have to look into this and see what I can do ...

by Philippe Fremy (not verified)

You do not need to be a developer to manage a KDE booth. Lof of visitors do not know exactly what KDE is, or have a specific interest and only want to see how KDE matches it. So being a concerned user is far enough to answer many questions. After, for the specific development question, you can redirect the visitor to a developer.

So yes, you can help the KDE booth by simply being there, giving ideas, bringing some demonstration material, bringing some equipment, sharing your successful experience with KDE, encourage people to switch, promote free software, explain what benefit helping KDE could bring, ...

by Joe (not verified)

Well, we all knew David is a genius, that's old news. :)