KDE Catalan Team and Catalan Government Work Together

It was announced on Tuesday that the KDE Catalan l10n team will work together with TERMCAT (Catalan link), the organisation that standarises new words, usually technology related, in the Catalan language. Details are still being worked out but the team will provide them access to the NX account on the OpenUsability server, so they can test the translations while we work on them. This will allow them to have a look at how their translation will look in future versions of a given program.

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by Catalan (not verified)

Speak only of what you konw, please!
If you think it's simply another kind of speak spanish, ther isn't any problem, but read before talk what you don't know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalan_language
Also think that modern Spanish state, since 1714 has tried so many times to make disappear Catalan language. So, for a lot of Catalan language speakers, what you say has also a political meaning.

by Tempesta (not verified)


I think you're right and that he thinks that Catalan is just a dialect of Spanish but:

1) If it was, it would be written as other dialects (spoken all over the Spanish State).

2) Catalan isn't a dialect of Spanish but a different language, spoken in Catalonia, Valencia, Balearic Islands, south of France and some villages in Aragon and Italy.

3) What he says means that if a city of 1.5 million habitants as Barcelona is full of signs, etc. in this language is because it's a language that must be taken into consideration, and therefore, available in KDE. I'm writing from KDE in Catalan and that was really a reason why I chosed Linux + KDE.


by Catalan (not verified)

I thinl the same as you, but my english level wasn't as good as to write a longer answer.
And obviously, I also have my KDE Desktop in catalan.

by v_atekor (not verified)

You are right.

I would add it looks hard to think Catalan as a dialect of French/Spanish because that make some anachronisms in languages maturations and stabilisation.
At the best, that is a dialect of ... Latin. Well, such as French, Spanish Italian and others :)

by frank (not verified)

Huh O_o ppl that dont knows the fact of a country should shut up, its not just our language, its about of all our culture what u are talking about.

-> claim that their accent is just an new language.
Yeah! u'r right!! just, spanish, french, italian have some ecual words.. then.. why speak diferent languages!!, for some foreign people all sounds like the same..

I love this game.

Sorry 4 my english.