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Planet KDE Discovered

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Planet KDE is an aggregation of public weblogs written by contributors to the K Desktop Environment. The opinions expressed in these weblogs and hence this aggregation are those of the original authors. Planet KDE is not a product or publication of KDE e.V.; as such, it does not necessarily represent the views of the KDE project as a whole or the views of KDE e.V. Planet KDE is powered by Planet and is run by me.

Open Source Developers' Conference Announcement

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The organizing committee would like to announce the Desktop Developers' Conference in Ottawa, Canada, July 19-20th 2004, the two days preceding the Ottawa Linux Symposium.

The Desktop Developers' Conference is targeted at those developers who are contributing to the development of Free Desktop environments, application integration, and free operating system infrastructure intended to improve the desktop user experience.

KDE CVS Server Gets Memory Boost

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KDE's main
server received a memory upgrade today bringing its total memory to 2.5 GB RAM. The CVS server forms the heart of KDE's technical infrastructure and is responsible for providing KDE developers world wide with up to date versions of the KDE software. Due to the increasing number of KDE developers and KDE hosted projects the previous configuration reached its limits. With the new memory we expect to be able to provide reliable operation for quite some time to come. The memory upgrade has been financed from

KDE Quality Team Revisited

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At the beginning of March, the KDE Project announced the launch of the Quality Teams Project, a new effort to help people contribute to KDE, whether you are a programmer or not. Lots of people showed interest, and we enjoyed an initial burst of activity, so read on to find out what has happened, and how you can get involved in your favorite desktop environment, and see your work being distributed around the world.

Brussels is the Hub to Go: 14-15 April 2004

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Most European legal frame related to new technologies is cooked up at Brussels. Its future members will decide on the patentability of software, on data privacy issues, TPRM, and so on. On 14th and 15th April a conference and Linux User Group event chaired by Daniel Cohn-Bendit (member of European parlament) takes place. Join an install party within European Parliament (and bring your favorite MEP with you). Attend a panel with eg. Alan Cox, Georg Greve, Jon Lech Johansen (of decss fame).

Desktop Presentation at Linux User & Developer Expo 2004

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Just a quick note to let you know that I will be doing a presentation about the potential for Linux as a desktop platform at this year's Linux User & Developer Expo in London on April 20th from 15:25 - 15:55. The talk is entitled "Linux as a viable desktop platform" and I will be covering a number of subjects to do with desktop Linux, of which KDE plays a big part.

"KDE: A User's Perspective" Presentation in Davis, Calif.

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Avid KDE user and Linux- and Open-Source-advocate Bill Kendrick will be discussing the ways KDE creates a rich, useful and fun user experience for Linux newbies and hackers alike.

Bill Kendrick has become addicted to his KDE 3.2 desktop, recently set up a Konqueror-based kiosk for a local cafe, and even switched his father from an aging Macintosh to Debian Linux running KDE, with success and ease.

F/OSS and KDE in Africa

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54 people from 15 African countries and 16 facilitators/helpers from
outside Africa gathered in Okahandja, a small Namibian town, for
African Source
from 15th of March to 19th of March 2004. African
Source was the first all African conference of Free Software/Open
Source Software (F/OSS) developers. Vladimir Petkov (GNOME) and
Uwe Thiem
(KDE) presented the current state of the open source desktop,