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KDE-NL present at Free Software Bazaar during SANE 2004

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Coming week the 4th edition of SANE will start, an international 5-day event on System Administration and Network Engineering. Wednesday evening 29th September, the Free Software Bazaar will take place which is part of SANE 2004. Bazaar is forming a bridge between the tutorials and the conference and is a perfect opportunity to meet software developers and get involved in these projects. This event takes place in the evening and it can be visited for free. Richard M.

Waldo Bastian Wins aKademy Competition

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We have a winner! Our recent competition turned out to be more than possible for Waldo Bastian, who picked up his prize this morning from Phil Rodrigues. Based upon his recent tutorial and presentation, the entry covers KDE's KIOSK framework and administration tools, and will add an entirely new section on introducing administration to the User Guide.