1.1.3-kde 1.1.3 with KDE integration is now available for download. It also features a lot of other improvements over the stock OOo (including the GNOME integration bits; but do not be afraid, it does not link against Gtk+ in KDE, and vice versa), because it is built from the ooo-build codebase.

Download: Installation set for Linux i386 (~80MB).


  • The current stable version of with many ooo-build patches and improvements
  • KDE Native Widget Framework
  • KDE (Crystal) icons
  • KDE file dialog (Open, Save As)
  • KDE splash screen by Dariusz Arciszewski
  • Gtk+ NWF and file dialog when executed in Gnome

Known problems:

  • You need libstartup-notification installed, otherwise it fails to run with "no suitable windowing system found, exiting."
  • The KDE file dialog seems to hang OOo on Fedora Core 3 when it has Preview on (F11 in the dialog), but most probably it is a Fedora bug (treats unrecognized file types as sound).
  • The new systems that build their packages from ooo-build (e.g. SUSE 9.2) do not need this package; check whether you have the KDE file dialog in your OOo before installing.

The project's homepage is a bit outdated at the moment, but the work still continues. The main concern is OOo 2.0 now, see the ooo-build ChangeLog.

Help of an artist is needed for OOo 2.0: It contains a lot of new icons, the default ones are not acceptable for modern KDE desktop. Please drop me a mail if you are able (and willing) to draw some of them. :-)

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by ac (not verified)

Congratulations, Jan. I had no idea you could build OOo to support both KDE and GNOME at the same time! Does it use GNOME icons under GNOME and KDE icons under KDE too?

Is this what Novell Linux Desktop uses?

by Jan Holesovsky (not verified)

No, this version has just KDE icons. NLD version has Gnome icons in Gnome and KDE in KDE, and more features (gnome-vfs, Evolution connector, ...)

by ac (not verified)

Cool. So OOo in NLD is also KDE-integrated. You get KDE NWF and filedialog? Any plans to support KDE IO/Slaves?

Jan, you just plain rock!

by Xanadu (not verified)


Perhaps I'm info-blind, but, does this "KDE 'Version'" include Crystal only or does it actually inherit the icon theme that the (L)user is currently using? (I'm sorry Everaldo!) I, personally, can't stand Crystal. I use Noia-Warm. Would OOo built on my main machine (gentoo) use Noia icons, or Crystal?

I'm sorry to bother you about a trivial a question as this, but I hadn't noticed a better place to post the question.

Thanx, all!

by Anonymous (not verified)

It's fixed to the included Crystal icons.

by anonymous (not verified)

KDE runs smoothly on FreeBSD! I would love to see a kde-ized version of openoffice running on FreeBSD :)

by Görkem Çetin (not verified)

The mirrors do not seem to sync, yet. Is there an address we can d/l OOo_1.1.3-kde_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz ?

by Anonymous (not verified)

by Görkem Çetin (not verified)

Thanks, the exact ftp URL is:

by John SUSE Freak (not verified)

"The new systems that build their packages from ooo-build (e.g. SUSE 9.2) do not need this package; check whether you have the KDE file dialog in your OOo before installing."

If SUSE packaged it, why not make those RPMs available at

by Anonymous (not verified)

Because they are SUSE 9.2-specific? The RPMs will become available when the whole SUSE 9.2 RPMs become available (aka SUSE 9.2 FTP Version).

by John SUSE Freak (not verified)

Kind of, I'm using 9.1 rpms in SUSE 8.2... I'm not sure there is anything particular about SUSE rpms. But yes of course your answer is right, I just thought of it because I keep checking the FTP server for 9.2 rpms...

by T.K. (not verified)

Suse 9.2 FTP-Installation will be available in mid January 2005, afaik
Jsut to help you save some time looking... ;)

by George Staikos (not verified)

Where are the latest instructions for building this from source? The page seems to be outdated. It was giving me 1.1.1.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Try - Hacker's Guide, About ooo-build.

> The page seems to be outdated.

He already said that. Thanks for repeating.

by Michael (not verified)

What about localization? Can I use this package with German menues?
When will OOo start to use some modular translation method like KDE does since its beginning...?!

by Shulai (not verified)

I support that!
For a lot of us, a English-only release is not very useful.
And as everybody knows, compiling OOo requires a large computer and a lot of time, so getting the sources DIY is not a desirable approach to many (I'm still writting this in a 1998's computer, go figure).

by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

I'm running OpenOffice Ximian 1.3.6 built with KDE supports under your project related to the one I'm talking about? They seems to do the same thing, so I definetely think so, but you never can tell...:)

by Anonymous (not verified)

It is, read the links of the story.

by gerd (not verified)

I use OO 2.0 alpha version m62
It is very usable and stable and a huge advantage over 1.1.3

1.1 was lala

2.0 will rock

only the Icons look bad but kdefied ... nothing can stop us now...

by HelloWorld82 (not verified)

I think that OO alpha is still _not_ usual a all.
Really only use it for testing purpose !

by Alexandre (not verified)

it does not put carecteres as: á à ã â ä.
these are used characters in the Portuguese language.

by Marcelo Barreto Nees (not verified)

Hi Alexandre.
It's working for me.
I'm using KDE 3.3.1 on Debian (unstable).

by alexandre (not verified)

what distro you are using?
I am using gentoo + kde 3.3.1.

(você é brasileiro?)

by Zab Ert (not verified)

O cara acabou de dizer que usa Debian e você perguta qual distro? (the guy just sai he uses Debian and you ask which distro?)

by daniele (not verified)

Hi Marcelo!!

i saw you're using debian... i'm using kde 3.2 and i tryed to install OOo from the package above... how can i get it working? i 've insatlled with ./setup in a folder /etc/local/OpenOffice and i've tryed ./soffice ... i can see something (splash) and than it crash.... could you help me ?

by Marcelo Barreto Nees (not verified)

Hi Daniele.

I just did the following, as root:
# apt-get remove
# tar -zxvf OOo_1.1.3-kde_LinuxIntel_install.tar.gz
# cd OOo_1.1.3-kde_LinuxIntel_install
# ./install

and then, as a common user:
$ /usr/local/OpenOffice.org1.1.3/setup

To open the writer (for instance):
$ /usr/local/OpenOffice.org1.1.3/program/swriter

Are you using Debian woody (stable)?

by daniele (not verified)

I'm using sarge (testing) , that is to be upgraded ... i sw some packages are considered stable...

I've tryied several different installations .. also just installing it as common user, to use it for ex i run ./soffice, i saw the splash and than as i tryed to run an app (swriter) or whatever... it crashed.

I'll install it again and i'll report the konqueor's error exactly


by Marcelo Barreto Nees (not verified)

OOo chashes for me when I run ./soffice too.
But it works if I run swriter, for example.

What occurs if you start swriter this way?
$ /usr/local/OpenOffice.org1.1.3/program/swriter

by daniele (not verified)

Weel i found the reason.... it crashed if i used swriter or ./swriter, i could run soffice and ./soffice but when i chosed new file opening draw, swriter impress and so on ... then it crashed.... i thought it was becouse of the windows style , and kcontrol --- windows style --- changeg in "keramic" --- and it worked . the style i used was


under kde 3.2.

Now i'm using a different baghira style (0.5.2) and it works perfectly.

i was thinking It would be nice if in the next release of kde-openoffice was integrated the "top mac style menu" ...

And what about icons.... but this is another story....

thanks marcelo it was a good stimulus to know someone was using this OOo under debian.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Baghira is also responsible for several other filed application crash reports at Better don't use it.

by daniele (not verified)

yes but i love it.... now it works perfectly ...

PS: i'll open a discussion about icons .... based on this:

take a look ...

by Björn Spåra (not verified)

Yes, I noticed that too. Looks like when passing non english character file names from KFileDialog (?) on to OOo to actually open the file the name gets mangled due to some charset incompatibillity and an error message is produced.

If I try to open a file named "file_with_ö.sxw" in my home dir I get an OOo error dialog saying:

"Error loading document file:///home/bjorn/file_with_%F6.sxw: /home/bjorn/file_with_%F6.sxw does not exist."

Hope this helps the one who will solve this for all us non english users.. I'm to lazy/stupid/lazy and lazy.. ;)


by Patrice Gauvin (not verified)

Giuseppe said to me :

There is a bug report for this in, and sound a problem in the kde filepicker, but the same happens into 2.0.1-1mdk but I don't have a patch (and the same bug seems persisting even in latest milestone m156).

Note that you can change the dialog box either from env var:



export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome

before running ooffice2.0, either from menu Tools/Option/General => Use dialogs.

by Arend jr. (not verified)

Just a funny brainwave, but as Qt is available for the Mac as well, could this ease an port for the Mac that doesn't suck like the X11-version does?
Does anybody know whether that's planned for the 2.0 version or something?

by Pete (not verified)

Last I heard 2.0 was supposed to have native mac support. I hope it's true.. The X11 version is barely usable with only one mouse button.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> The KDE file dialog seems to hang OOo on Fedora Core 3 when it has Preview on (F11 in the dialog), but most probably it is a Fedora bug (treats unrecognized file types as sound).

The same bug happens here with Fedora's package and selecting eg OOo file types. Must be a messed up KDE packages.

by KDE Fan (not verified)

Has anyone already made a series of *good*, *meaningful* screenshots of this killer thingie?

Could these be made available publicly? So that we can point the press and all interested parties to them?

That breakthrough is really, really beautiful. But marketing-wise, KDE sucks. Again.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> So that we can point the press and all interested parties to them?

Why does the "we" not include creating screenshots?

> But marketing-wise, KDE sucks. Again.

Who are you that you have the right to complain? What did you offer to help?

by Anonymous (not verified)

I don't see *any* screenshot linked in those.

by ac (not verified)

>> But marketing-wise, KDE sucks. Again. <<

by Anonymous (not verified)

Perhaps it would help if you write some accompanying text rather than just dumping links? :-)

by paulatz (not verified)

I hope this is good enough for you (SuSE 9.1)

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

Does that mean that the icons are not installed as themeable?

I note here that the icon theme specifications requires that all applications support, in addition to any other icon themes that they support, the fall back icon theme HiColor.

This is not just a OOo-KDE issue, it is a problem with many KDE applications.

Despite clear instructions:

"The main point here is that you _must_ install icons to hicolor, and then you can _optionally_ install icons to other icon themes (kdeclassic, ikons, locolor, crystalsvg, etc.)."

many KDE applications do not have the required HiColor icons. This appears to be, at least in part, do to a misunderstanding about the exact meaning of "default" icon theme. Crystal is the current "default" icon theme but it is not the fall back icon theme and it must not be treated as though it is the only or standard (unthemed) icon theme.


by Anonymous (not verified)

> Does that mean that the icons are not installed as themeable?

Correct. Looking forward you volunteering to implement it.

by cm (not verified)

In fact James is already working in that area (not OOo, but other stuff). And I think he has a point when he says the app developers should get it right in the future. After all, it's not more work to install icons in the correct location instead of the wrong one (this is true at least for KDE apps, dunno about OOo). Fixing incorrect icon locations *is* additional work.

What he tried here was increasing the awareness for the problem.

by daniele (not verified)

i sow the OOo icons are "bmp" and not "png":

for the su ./setup --->/usr/local/OpenOffice.org1.1.3/share/config/symbol

for me -----> /home/daniele/.openoffice/share/config/symbol/

i found this script:

links :

i 've tryed it ... i'm not a developer ... it's simplier if you try it than explain... but it's seems it can't work for this OOo, it generate a single bpm with xml file in this folder


but actually the icons are in


i think it could be a good idea to fix ....

PS* are you sure it's just needed to put the icons (png)in hicolor? ... OOo is linked to bpm ..... or not O_o?

by Abel (not verified)

So if i compile and install this onto my gnome 2.8 ubuntu system, it won't hurt it, will it? and will it work right?