KDE 3.0: A New Era In Desktop Choice

Today the KDE Project proudly announces the release of KDE 3.0 (fully mirrored below), a release which marks a new era of choice on the desktop. Every advance opens the door to a group of new adopters, and KDE 3 is set to tear the doors asunder. In celebration of the release, the KDE League has posted the text KDE: The Complete Enterprise Desktop Solution, a work-in-progress but already something useful to show those who are considering the migration to freedom. Enough talk, time to download.


[Full Announcement Available Here]

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by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

Have just downloaded and I'm going to install now - w00t! :)

by Fake_oliver (not verified)

Looks nice

by Oliver (not verified)

Thats is a fake me right? But we have the same desktop... This is getting strange! Ohh well its beautfull and you can do anything on it. Its hte most important "Air" not "Send a Bill"

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

It's no fake, the culprit who posted that owned up. :-)

www.kde.org has some other screenshots too. (the njaard link was to some outdated ones)

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

That's an awesome screenshot.

by Chris Howells (not verified)

Time to point out the original then (IIRC Oliver copied it after seeing it):

http://chrishowells.co.uk/liquid.png :)

Here's another one with Noatun, Liquid and my own color scheme, transparent Konsole, and a kuickshow image window. I am using anti-aliasing with bytecode interpreter enabled, desktop backgrounds from digitalblasphemy.com, the slick icon theme, glow window decorations on two monitors, shown here with backgroud aligned so that each monitor seems to have a different background.

Thanks to Bero for adding Xinerama support to his rpms.


how many screens do you have to fit all that on it? heheh

by davec (not verified)

Where did you get the background picture?

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

It should be in the kde-base package ready to use.


by davec (not verified)

It's not in kdebase or kdeartwork (at least it's not in the SuSE 7.2 rpms of those packages...).

by Craig (not verified)

I wish people would give more information on how to replicate a look like their screenshots! :)

Can someone please tell me which font that screenshot is using? I assume anti-aliasing is on, and that it is using the Liquid theme.


by oliver (not verified)

Ok The

Font : Microsoft Verdana (fetchmsttf (suse script ported by me for debian hehe))
Background : http://www.kdelook.org/content/show.php?content=1038

For the size of the 3 menus (since i havent been using KDE for long) i hade to edit some temperarly config files but the screenshot was taken with a cvs release (rc3) little time befor the v3 officialy came out.

But the most beautifull looking is Licq kudos for the developers who really worked hard along witht he kde team for such a wonderfull productivity pot.

I dont think i can hekp anyone else make a desktop since its so easy under kde3 a wonderfull ride. (Note even my parents use it :D)

by Stuart (not verified)

You mean "apt-get install msttcorefonts" right? :) Why make life hard for yourself?

by Oliver (not verified)

heh because those are the core fonts i dont know what they include but my script must be better with all the time i spent on it :D

by Oliver (not verified)

ill also include the orginal script if someone wants it.. note the files required have to moved from /usr/bin to /usr/X11R6/bin

by Jason (not verified)

Congratulations to everyone involved with KDE! Version 3 is great.

by Andy Goossens (not verified)

Waiting for the mirrors to update...

Maybe I cheated a bit and got a jump start. I saw the announcement on CVS :-)

by Carbon (not verified)

Is it just me or are these press releases getting longer every time? :-)

Oh well, the develoepers deserver a little ego inflation. Keep up the good work!

by antialias (not verified)

This is the one of the best 'press releases' I've ever seen. All informations are covered by the announcement. Kudos to Andreas.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Now, where can I get KeramiK (without having to Kompile it)? Any chance to find a binary pacKage?

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

No, Keramik isn't out yet, it will be in KDE 3.1.

by ThatComputerGuy (not verified)

I've heard of no binaries for it, as it's still in beta. Compile away.

by Ante Skaro (not verified)

And how do I compile it? I've checked out the cvs module, but there's no configure file and no makefile (just a Makefile.am)?

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

Add "keramik" to SUBDIRS in kdelibs/kstyles/Makefile.am and it will be compiled along with the rest after you did make -f Makefile.cvs && ./configure on kdelibs.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Keramik is completely removed from kdelibs in KDE_3_0_BRANCH and release tarballs.

by Ante Skaro (not verified)

And how do I compile it? I've checked out the cvs module, but there's no configure file and no makefile (just a Makefile.am)?

by ne... (not verified)

In RH you will ;-)

by Sad Eagle (not verified)

Hmm, are you sure?

There is a very good reason Keramik is not part of the 3.0 release:
It is not finished.

And shipping unfinished work as part of a stable release is, IMHO,
wholy inappropriate

by ne... (not verified)

Well it was installed on a machine I installed the RH KDE rpms on. RH7.2.92 tho.

by johnson (not verified)

and where be its homepage? i can't find it.


by Anon (not verified)

A very kool desktop style. Search www.kde-look.org for keramik to get a screenshot.

by Kal (not verified)

I haven't found a homepage for it but its a really cool theme to be incorporated in the KDE 3.1 release. If you get the betas you'll see them. Theres tons of screenshots involved @ kde-look.org

I personally would like to find out who originally made it and who the artwork is credited to. to install Keramik you'll need to get the window decoration and the style, the icons just use whatever u want. (i like Connectiva Classic by Everaldo)

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

I just wanted to say to wish the people about to try the modern KDE for the first time "Welcome!" I'm sure you will enjoy the experience.

I also wanted to congratulate Navindra Umanee - the Dot is weathering the traffic with flying colors, just like he said it would. A tricky thing to accomplish, and he has suceeded quite nicely. Heh - at the moment, www.kde.org is down, but the Dot is up. Go, Dot!


by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Thanks, this article is huge at a record 52 Kb. Someone posted a big screenshot too. :-)

Dre deserves a big congrats for working his ass off on the announcement itself, despite the fact that errors seem to have been introduced last minute (not his fault).

by random (not verified)

I only want to say this.

by Iuri Fiedoruk (not verified)

I recently installed MDk 8.2 and was fighting with sound board and cdrom until today when I changed do kernel22 (no ext3, damn).
But I have to say that I loved that Mandrake made kde3 in a way you can keep kdelibs from kde 2.x, so I can still run kde 2.x apps while I can't compile them or there are no rpms.
I'm really loving mdk 8.2 with kde3 :)

by ac (not verified)

I was worried what upgrading only KDE base and KDE libs might do to the rest of my other KDE applications on Mandrake. Good to know I don't need to download everything!

by richie123 (not verified)

The KDE project produces some of the best software ever made, and I would just like to say thank you for all the great software they produce.

by Eric Nicholson (not verified)

I'm pumped, I can't wait to get this bad boy off the ground!

Congrats you mindbogglingly swell KDE hackers.

Almost forgot, THANKS.

by Eric Nicholson (not verified)

At first I was unable to access either my program menus, or my control module listing in Kcontrol. This of course rendered KDE pretty useless.

The fix is to run rpmdrake & click save.

After that, runs like a charm. Compiled the new liquid ... very nice. Excellent release guys!

by Emil (not verified)

What is the best way to upgrade/install KDE3.0 ? I have Mandrake 8.2 with KDE 2.2.2 now. I didnt find any README file where I downloaded the KDE3.0 rpm's which sucks a bit. :)


by Forge (not verified)

install all the rpms...don't remember the order, but you shouldn't force any...add "KDE3" to the loggin manager under the control panel....

by Heikki (not verified)


I am having the same problem. Kicker seems to be bust.

Could you elaborate on your rpmdrake fix.
It does not have a save button.


by Eric Nicholson (not verified)

I'm an idiot, or it was really late, or both.

Anyway, that should read:

The fix is to run _menudrake_ & click save.

Sorry for the confusion.

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)

I haven't seen a screenshot, let alone tried it, but I'm very impressed by the professional anouncement. Everything I want to know is there, and more.

Just some tidbits that struck my eye:

* KDE: The Complete Enterprise Desktop Solution
A very comprehensive summary of what you can do with KDE as an enterprise desktop, very nice.

* KDE 2 applications will work with KDE 3 if the KDE 2 libraries are present.
Takes away a lot of doubt about wether an upgrade is safe (as in will it brake my older apps)

* KDEPrint
If I read the anouncement correctly, KDEPrint is a huge step towards making the linux-desktop a reality.

* Internationalization
'49 languages' and 'And multiple font encodings and directions can be displayed in the same document' says it all.

* Konqueror plug-ins
Netscape Plug-ins(Flash, RealAudio, RealVideo), Codeweavers Plug-ins (QuickTime, ShockWave Director, Windows Media Player 6.4, Word Viewer, Excel Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer )

* Word processing
'ideal for those who need not frequently interchange MS Word documents with others, though this limitation should disappear with the release of KOffice 1.2 in mid-August'

* KDevelop
With KDE 3.0, KDevelop has benefitted from a greatly improved Qt Designer, which now supports interactive construction of the application main windows with menus and tool bars in addition to dialogs.

* Library Requirements / Options
Comprehensive set of requirements/options for those who want to compile KDE themselves and still want all possible options.

and lots more, too much to summarize actually,


Johan V.

by Jason Hanford-Smith (not verified)

I second that!

This has to be the most complete KDE announcement ever. I especially liked the Library Requirements section (way overdue), as now the FULL functionality of KDE can finally be realised. Especially useful for those compiling from source.

Well done KDE PR Team!


by Jesper Juhl (not verified)

... I love it!

by victwenty (not verified)

Anyone have the skinny on when debian packages will be available?

by Malte Cornils (not verified)

Yep, they are being done by calc, he's done kde-i18n, kdegraphics, kdeadmin, kdebindings, parts of kdelibs and kdebase. The .debs will likely not be in sid but on the ftp.kde.org site (apt-gettable) due to some linkage problems (to put it bluntly).

Praise the almighty calc, and be patient until the packages are done in a few days. ;) Yours, -mcornils (aka Arondylos)