KDE 3.0: A New Era In Desktop Choice

Today the KDE Project proudly announces the release of KDE 3.0 (fully mirrored below), a release which marks a new era of choice on the desktop. Every advance opens the door to a group of new adopters, and KDE 3 is set to tear the doors asunder. In celebration of the release, the KDE League has posted the text KDE: The Complete Enterprise Desktop Solution, a work-in-progress but already something useful to show those who are considering the migration to freedom. Enough talk, time to download.


[Full Announcement Available Here]

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by Bixby (not verified)

You called it "shit". That's pretty clear.

by Largo (not verified)

yes, i did say 'shit' but i never said 'gnome sucks'

by Bixby (not verified)

Oh, I stand corrected. LOL!

by ac (not verified)

You got something wrong. GNOME's reason to exist is to destroy KDE.

This is why GNOME is experiencing such a backslash today and is dying.

Trolls like you keep it alive a little longer. Why don't you go post happy happy messages on Gnotices instead of annoying everyone here?

by Stof (not verified)

Yeah sure, pass the blame to me.

Do you want to know the fact? Subscribe to the GNOME mailing lists and ask if they're developing GNOME in order to kill KDE.
Or subscribe to the KDE mailing lists and ask if their purpose is to kill GNOME.

The annoying ones here are you.

by Largo (not verified)


do you have paranoia or something? no one said that gnome was meant to kill kde. dude please go out for a walk or for a fresh fuck or something. i think sitting 24hrs/7day behind the computer makes you act like moron.

by Stof (not verified)

> no one said that gnome was meant to kill kde

Let me quote ac:
"You got something wrong. GNOME's reason to exist is to destroy KDE."

by Largo (not verified)

excuse me, this is more or less a sick joke isnt it ?

i mean gnome has no real framework, no real usability. basically nothing that could touch 5% of the usability kde 3 offers today. gnome is more or less a loose bunch of thrown together applications. oki i must say evolution, galeon are nice applications but they are basically STANDALONE apps. no real interprocess communication. they dont share anything.

look at kde for example. you add a bookmark to kbookmarks and it shows up in konqueror, the panel, the top panel. you enter a address in kaddress and it shows up in kmail, in your palm syncing tool and wherever. you start konqueror and _USE_ it that is you start it and really get the feeling it depends to kde.

now the problem for gnome 2 is that it will be named 'gnome 2 desktop' and not 'gnome 2 desktop environment' because it lacks of many applications. the enduser gets nothing much with gnome 2 therefore many people will stay on gnome 1 until the lack of STRONGLY needed applications are solved.

these applications are a webbrowser and a mailingclient. look the big problem that marco, yanetti, john etc. have with galeon now. they are not able to get things ported. of course they started a new branch in CVS and ported the ui to gnome 2 but the mozilla rendering engine is not yet ported to gtk2+ and the guy (blizzard) who is working on it recently got new orders from his employer to stop working on that. so basically galeon is in deep freeze in doesnt gain progress.

evolution for example. it is definately a nice pim, easy to use, worth to install. but exacuse me. 90% of the times a normal user only wants to write emails so why does the user need to start 'schedule, addressbook, todolist etc' with it all the time. now evolution 1.0.3 is out and i heard from lewing, ettore, fejj (the three guys i recall working on it) that evolution wont be ported to gnome 2 until version 1.4 (and you are at 1.1 in cvs head right now)

now lets eye over to nautilus (the big eazel project) it still sucks, oki definately in gnome 2 nautilus 1.1.x is fucking fast but its as fucking unusable as it was before. i mean you start it. you see the icons popping up inside its window and you ask yoursel 'and now ?' not to mention the communication between nautilus and the current gnome framework really sucks. e.g. you cant set any backgrounds etc.

i dont say that gnome generally sucks or something and i dont say that the programmers did a bad job. but why should i wait for gnome becomming at least partially as usable as kde 3 is today. i mean having a gnome desktop installed and waiting for it to get usable is a waste of time. people want to use a desktop TODAY and not 'in one day' so basically there is nothing elese and nothing that advanced as kde 3 is.

well kde 3 has everything i need. a browser, filemanager, mailer, cool framework. what do i want more ?

by Stof (not verified)

> excuse me, this is more or less a sick joke isnt it ?

No it isn't.

> i mean gnome has no real framework, no real usability.

I don't know in what way you're thinking, but I can't possibly imagine how you could have meant that when you say "GNOME's reason to exist is to destroy KDE."

OK, so KDE is better than GNOME in some ways. In your opinion KDE is 95% better than GNOME because you think GNOME only offers 5% of what KDE has. OK, then that's your opinion.
But I stil fail to understand why you mention GNOME at all. What does KDE 3, being a great desktop environment, has to do with GNOME?

by ac (not verified)

I said that, not Largo.

If you know nothing about GNOME history then maybe you should read up on it instead of entertaining us with your uninformed opinions and "hurt" feelings instead of facing the truth.

You are the same dc that has been trolling this site before?

by Stof (not verified)

OK, GNOME originally started as an alternative for KDE, because KDE was linked to QT, which wasn't GPL'ed. And you are saying that, because of the reason why GNOME started, GNOME's only pupose is to destroy KDE.
But that is simply not true anymore. Today, GNOME's reason isn't to provide an alternative to KDE, or to kill KDE or whatever you call it.

If GNOME's only purpose is to kill KDE, then it will suddenly disappear once KDE is gone. Don't you think that's a little unlikely?

by ac (not verified)

GNOME is already gone, otherwise you wouldn't be here, you would be with GNOME.

by Stof (not verified)

So one must be using KDE just to be able to view KDE site?

I'm posting this using Galeon 1.2.0 in GNOME 1.4.0 in case you don't know.
And I'm running Licq (with KDE support) inside GNOME.

by ac (not verified)

If you are so happy with GNOME why do you troll a KDE site?

by Stof (not verified)

I'm not trolling, I am asking Largo to stop trolling about GNOME.

And I am happy about both Gnome AND kde.

by fault (not verified)

He made himself clear that he wasn't a troll, even though some of his comments sounded trollish. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion; trolls typically voice their opinion to annoy people.

Thanks, drive through.

by Stof (not verified)

Oh yeah, he sure wasn't annoying, was he...

by andre (not verified)

GTK is obsolete, QT is light years ahead of GTK.

by ac (not verified)

Well, I guess some good has come from this discussion afterall.

These are many interesting details of GNOME development. It is often impossible to GNOME development news, REAL NEWS I mean not stupid publicity announcements.

For a long time I have been trying to follow GNOME development lists but ZERO real development seems to happen there. Suddenly from your one post I konw a lot more.

Thanks for the info.

by fredintor (not verified)

gnome is worse than kde - it looks worse, and is not as easy to use and is slower. yet all linux distros should have a choice of gnome or kde

by me (not verified)

ok... i'll say it S L O W L Y
if u don't like it! ignore it/don't read it/close u'r browser/press the power button or whatever.

i just can't see why u think saying 'GNOME sucks' is an insult.
if it sucks (in there opinion) someone got to say it. surely u don't want the gnomes to think everything is ok with there desktop do u?

KDE Rules!!!!!

GNOME sucks :)

by Spamo (not verified)


by Talua (not verified)

I don't have a problem with people criticising GNOME or saying it sucks (after all, this is a KDE board :) )

What I do have a problem with, is if someone misrepresents themselves. If they say that they are a GNOME developer, and they are not, or if they say they are a GNOME user that has just switched to KDE, and they have never been, then that makes them a troll.

by Largo (not verified)

look you whining brat. i did contribute a lot of code to certain gnome projects, either way its fixing shit etc. i think this makes me a GNOME DEVELOPER since i developed for gnome. that is if someone sits at home and wastes his time for you fucking unthankfull assholes. i for sure didnt contribute that much to name myself a GNOME _CORE_ DEVELOPER. but i never said this. so why dont you just fuck off. you dont know me and i dont know you so shut up.

by Carg (not verified)

All the changelogs for GNOME projects can be browsed in cvs.gnome.org/lxr/source.

Please tell me which project you contributed to.

by Largo (not verified)

ah, i must admit you trapped me with this. but the main reason for you to ask for this is not 'what stuff i contributed to gnome' the main reason is to figure out who i really am, so you can make more sick jokes out of it. i am not willing to run into this trap no matter if i look like a fool now or not but belive me when it becomes hard then you will look like a fool. if you figure out my name one day then you can look up the changelogs ;-)

so far anal carlsson, i wish you good luck to figure out. hey whats up with nautilus are the people able to dive into symlinked directories now or copy files/directories off of ftp servers ?

by Stof (not verified)

You are that "aged person" allright. Just like him, you refuge to tell us who you are, yet you still claim that you are a GNOME developer...
Sorry, that has disqualified yourself. Say whatever you want, I won't believe any of your nonsense anymore.

Yes, go ahead, insult me. I know you will, just like you insult everybody else, who is trying to discuss things, for no good reason. I could care less.

by Stof (not verified)

OK, you win.
But I have to say that I am VERY disappointed in you KDE people's attitude...

by Stof (not verified)

What? That's actually "Aged Person"? That explains everything. I can remember him very well. Thanks to people like him, Gnotices is now force to moderate comments.

by Largo (not verified)

yeah but this is not gnotices and that i did't wrote anthing wrong so why don't you just fuck off. no wait. please continue to reply and show everyone what kind of sick weirdo you are. i am largo and i only said how much i like kde over gnome and i am talking from my personal opinion here. if you can't stand these things then go back.

besides. the reason why gnotices went moderate is because they couldn't stand the true comments from all the people saying how much nautilus sucked. they simply can't stand negative comments so they filter the crap and today we get only 'nice' 'wonderfull' 'true' 'thankfull' comments on gnotices.

now you all come here and continue riding. my apologizes again if i hurt someone or itched his back with something. but if you all HATE me that much then why don't you simply accept that i left gnome and went to some serious desktop environment. i mean there is nothing better that could happen to you than getting rid of a troll ?. but now that you all continue the same shit HERE on dot.kde as you previously did on gnome then we all SEE who the real tolls are.

thats my sentence for it. take it as is and i don't care if you give a fuck.

by Stof (not verified)

It's you allright. Pretending that you're a reasonable person but in the meantime saying all kinds of insults things...
Is it really that hard to just not to mention GNOME? That is all! Is it really that hard to only say "KDE is great" and nothing else?

by Largo (not verified)

i dont know what you are up to. as written in a reply above. go out and get some friends. maybe some girls find you attractive who knows. get a fuck and calm down.

by Stof (not verified)

Will you just answer me instead of telling me your useless insults?

by Largo (not verified)

dont you think its becomming boring now ? i mean how long do you think you want to continue this cat and mouse game ?

by Stof (not verified)

OK, have it your way.
But let me tell you that at Gnotices, unlike here, people don't say negative things about the other desktop project just because they like their own. And I believe that anybody who says bad things about the competition just to show how great his own desktop environment is, is a real jerk.

by Largo (not verified)

> But let me tell you that at Gnotices, unlike here, people don't say negative things about the other
> desktop project just because they like their own.

yeah on gnotices they started to filter things thats why there are NO (and i mean no single) negative things. thats why everyone pulls their frustration on /. whenever a gnome announcement comes out.

by Stof (not verified)

So Gnotices should accept comments like "GNOME sucks ass" or "Ximian is GAY" ?

by Largo (not verified)

you like that right ?

by ac (not verified)

GNOME is a closed community, why should it have an open board?

by Stof (not verified)

Because GNOME *should* be an open community, and an open board is the first step to achieve that?

by Oliver Strutynski (not verified)

Just installed KDE 3 for the first time: Very nice job! Two questions though: Is it possible to turn off folder animation in the file manager (these jumping folders on mouse-over) and can you change the delay before file tooltips are displayed?

File tooltips seem to be pretty useful, but they can be annoying if they pop up too fast (and they do for me...) Maybe I am too slow...

Again: Way to go!

by Moritz Moeller-... (not verified)

You can turn the animation off in kcontrol -> LooknFeel->Symbols
-> Advanced -> Symbol Animation.

You can turn the tool tips off in kcontrol->LoooknFeel->
Style->Miscellanious->Activate Tooltips.

I think the delay of either is not configurable by GUI.

and to be complete
you can turn off 'File tooltips' in
kontrol-> File Browsing-> File Manager-> Show file tips


by thanx (not verified)

just that !

by harald (not verified)

ein dickesdankeschön für die geleistete arbeit

by Malcolm Agnew (not verified)

KDE3 really is a wonderful desktop ... but
I tried one or two of the things which were not running correctly in the release canditate, i.e. read a pdf file in konqueror and then print it (this has NEVER worked in KDE1, KDE2 nor any of the beta KDE3's. Pleasant surprise: it worked.
But ... the release candidate did not produce a pdf file from a html page. So access the site (my favourite)http://news.bbc.co.uk, and try to create a pdf file - crash :-(

Restart konquror and create the pdf file from the same html page ... OK.

by dr. schiwago (not verified)

now honestly.. i am a new kde user and found the help->report a bug button within some minutes after going through the menues, dont you think its better posting bugreports on bugs.kde.org than posting them here where no one really cares. or are you one of these people that want to demonstrate something to the public ? i mean its sad that some people are such fools that have nothing better to do than reporting bugs on places where they shouldnt belong.

by Malcolm Agnew (not verified)

"i (sic) mean its (sic) sad that some people are such fools that have nothing better to do than reporting bugs on places where they shouldnt (sic) belong"

I was taught at school that a sentance begins with a capital letter and that an occasional apostrophe is sometimes required in the English language. But more important I was taught not to lightly call strangers "fools" at the drop of a hat. Perhaps it may surprise you, but I do know how to report a bug in the official way - I have often done this.

There is nothing (at least in the area of computer technology) that would please me more than that KDE/LINUX succeed in destroying the Microsoft monopoly - not just because it's free or open but because it's better.

The reason I reported this bug here (and Konqueror has crashed 3 more times on me this morning), is that I have the sneaking fealing that fellow aficionados of KDE/LINUX often do not criticise enough on the principal, perhaps, of "don't rock the boat".

>I was taught not to lightly call strangers "fools"

Shame you weren't taught about split infinitives ;-)

If you are going to criticise someone else's grammar, it pays to get your own correct.

by Malcolm Agnew (not verified)

Ouch! Old fool me :-)

KDE3 really is beautiful - but kooka crashs too.