LinuxQuestions Members Choice Awards: KDE Best Desktop has just
the results of its 2002 Members Choice Award
. KDE took first place in the category
Desktop Environment of the Year with 59.14% of the votes.
KDE applications also did very well in virtually every other GUI category.
Congratulations to the many talented and dedicated developers whose
achievements have been recognized.


Web Development Editor of the Year
Quanta Plus
Second place (47.65%)
Bluefish took first place

Mail Client of the Year
Second place (26.76%)
Evolution took first place from KMail this year with 35.55%

Office Suite of the Year
Second place (10.16%)
OpenOffice was the big winner

Browser of the Year
Third place (15.61%)
Mozilla was the big winner; Galeon snuck into second

Word Processor of the Year
Third place (11.26%)
swriter (OpenOffice) and AbiWord took first and second

Speadsheet of the Year
Third place (10.55%)
scalc (OpenOffice) and Gnumeric took first and second

Editor of the Year
Fifth place (7.51%)
CLI editors were the big winners: Vim, Emacs, vi and pico

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by anon (not verified)

Your continued use of the third person is laughable galaxy ;) I also find it interesting that you resort to calling me a 'jackass' when you asserted that personal attacks are the refuge of those without real arguments. Another obvious hypocritical statement.

Contrary to your contention, I am not badmouthing you. I am simply pointing facts regarding the truthfullness of your posts and obvious contradictions and attempts to mislead.

I do have something to say about the context:

In the post where you clearly stated that you had chosen KDE and would no longer go back to GNOME you were responding to FooBar who stated that no WAR exists between the two desktops and choice was a good thing. You responded that you had chosen KDE and went on to state that GNOME was a worthless desktop. It is obvious from your statements in this post and in many others that you wish for a WAR to exist.

Now onto your second post where you lied and claimed that you had not chosen... You were responding to Robert who asked just how many times you have switched back and forth. And this is where you lied by saying that you hadn't really decided one way or another. A direct contradiction and lie from a post you had just made to FooBar in the same article right here on the dot.

So my advice in the future is try keeping your story straight and refrain from defending yourself in the third person.

by Ex GNOME user (not verified)

Ok Listen. I was only expressing my concerns about GNOME and these are my own opinions all I did was only comparing some tools between KDE and GNOME that's significantly all. Who are you some kind of judge ? Who actually gave you the right to judge about me as person and what I think is right or wrong and who are you judging about what I wrote ? You want to force me to say thinks that I don't belive in ? I bet it's not about my bad english that I used to learn in school. Until now you must have realized that it is not my native language. At the end It doesn't really matter for you what I have written or what I tried to express all you do right now is personally attacking me and I don't even know you, never hurt you, never personally met you! Nothing. Look I am just writing about software and that's almost it. Don't you think that people couldn't make their own opinion about what I have written or what not ? They don't need an minion. About the WAR shit you are writing here. I haven't taken the WAR argument in my wordings after all. What is wrong with you and what are you actually up to ? You are highly offensive, highly insulting and I can not tolerate such kind of slander and libel of my person. What did I do to you to deserve this ? What you actually do on the list is showing that the people in the GNOME community are indeed stupid and really narrowminded people and this is really sad. Until now I friendly asked you several times to reply to the real context I made such as having a nice discussion about the Tools or the Desktop we use but until now no sign. Look what you do right now is you make yourself look like a fool and nothing else and I'm no dumbstore for your personal and emotional and immature issues.

Friendly regards.

by Kostumer (not verified)

Very cool!!! Very cool!!! So it might just happen. =)

by reihal (not verified)

If The Kompany could break out HanComPainter from HanComOffice there would be a nice Photoshop clone for KDE.

by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

> If The Kompany could break out HanComPainter from HanComOffice there would be a nice Photoshop clone for KDE.

Puh-lease! First off I believe they worked with someone who was starting an app open source and contracted him. Once this is done I'd bet dollars to donuts they have a clause in his contract to keep him from releasing the same thing free and undercutting their product. Beyond that the two companies are no longer affiliated.

I for one would like to see Krita made usable. Pie in the sky won't do that and I have my hands full now with Quanta.

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

Eric - mind to your own business. You don't know what we do or what we are doing or what our business relationships are. Alex and Dima send their love and wanted to make sure you haven't removed their credits from Quanta+ since they wrote 90 odd percent of it.


by Kostumer (not verified)

=))) LOL, =)

by reihal (not verified)

Can I buy the HancomPainter only? What does the Koreans think about that?

by Andras Mantia (not verified)

Be sure that the credits for them are still there. There are some (one/two?) files completely rewritten where you cannot find their copyright notes anymore, and nor you can in the new files. And it's hard to say that 90 percent of the _current_ Quanta code is written by them. :-) The oldest copyright not is from Nov. 28, 1999. I joined the project in November 2001, so they worked 2 years on it. Now it's March 2003, so I worked almost one and a half year on it. Current CVS HEAD has 25125 lines of code (without Kommander), Quanta 2.0.1 (which already had some additions from me) has 16202 lines of code (without the kwrite fork). The meassuring was done with cxxmetric from the kdesdk. And there is a 341 lines long ChangeLog. Do I have to say more?

I'm thankfull to them for writing such a good code that I could improve, and I don't want to take any merits from them. Their names show up on our web page, in the Authors tab in About Quanta, after the "make install" is done and in lot of other places in the code and the informational files.


by Kostumer (not verified)

It was just a question, that's all.

by Super PET Troll (not verified)

I opened and I had a poll that rated KDE the best, please create a story for this. Also, I put "KDE R0>

by fty (not verified)

Bluefish better tan quanta LOL :P

by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

> Bluefish better tan quanta LOL :P

Thank you for your belated vote. ;-)

Eric Laffoon - Quanta+ Team Leader
Mailing list -

by Androgynous Howard (not verified)

I think most KDE applications are quite good.

-KMail and KNode work fine for me. I do not need/want any more integration.

-KOffice is IMHO much better for 95% of all tasks than OpenOffice. Sure, OO has
much more features, but KOffice is lean and mean and has all the features I

-The editor comparison is meaningless. emacs should be compared to kdevelop.

-Quanta Plus vs. Bluefish: They can't be serious! Quanta Plus is so much better
than Bluefish, they are not even in the same category.

-What about IDEs? KDevelop would certainly win.

But one category I missed was File Sharing Tools. Is there any mature File Sharing Tool for KDE? I mostly use Lopster, which is GTK based. In fact Lopster is the only GTK based app that runs on my KDE Desktop right now.

by Morty (not verified)

KNode has only one big problem - it does not have ofline mode. For us poor dial-up users:-)

File sharing, can Qtella do the job?

by Androgynous Howard (not verified)

Does it work? I never had much luck with the gnutella network. This does not have to do with the applications. I think the protocol just plain sucks!

What I would like would be something like knapster2 but capable of connecting to multiple servers like lopster.

by ac (not verified)

Use leafnode to get offline support with knode.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Use KRN from KDE 1.1.2. Hey, it *IS* a KDE app! ;-)

by Caoilte (not verified)


I want IM integration with my mail suite. I've been waiting years for it. I'm sure the developers will have run out of other things to do by kde 3.3....

by Datschge (not verified)

There are already plans to move Kopete into the Kontact framework (which inludes KMail, KOrganizer. KAddress etc.) after both of them are reasonably usable. Exact timeframe is still to be decided tho ;)

by Caoilte (not verified)


thass cool.
I thought it was just plans to go into kdenetwork at the moment.

by Alex Cooke (not verified)

I'd defintely have to agree with most of the poll results. While I love the speed that KDE gives to my older computer, and thus try to use QT apps exclusively, there are simply things that can only be done in OpenOffice and Mozilla and Evolution.

One of KDE's strength is in it's integration, but on the other hand, all of those 'big 3' productivity applications are cross-platform to varying extents (Evolution having better IMAP support, and some enterprise Exchange capabilities). They're just going for different goals. I like Koffice for some things, but whenever things get complicated I find myself reaching for swriter. Likewise, I use the new gnome2-based galeon frequently, as I find it just renders things better. Konqueror will improve, but I respect the Mozilla project and gecko immensely. KHTML is designed to be lighter, and faster, but sometimes I have to fall back on gecko for strange sites. It's just using the best tool for the job. Sometimes those tools are gtk/gnome based (like the amazing Straw, with no KDE counterpart in sight), and you gotta go with what works, regardless of environment.

You just have to be agnostic about these things sometimes. Some of the commentators on and just give the same arguments for diverse purposes.

by Maynard (not verified)

If you do not need such basic functions such as the LOOKUP functions, then maybe in your little world, Kofice will be better for 95% of the stuff out there. The problem is that the other 5% is pretty important. Openoffice has the 'problem' of being cross platform, therefore it has to have its own UI interface.

I think Eclipse would win the IDE wars. Its head and shoulder above the rest. It really competes with the Visual trashes of this world. I do not know how well you can make your GTK an QT apps on it though. But I think it just takes a plugin.

by Jim Dabell (not verified)

"Openoffice has the 'problem' of being cross platform, therefore it has to have its own UI interface."

Unfortunately, projects like OpenOffice and Mozilla have propogated this myth. It's completely untrue. Take a look at anything done in QT, for example.

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Qt based applications DO have their own interface, which is Qt :-)

It just so happens that Qt is

a) very good at mimicking the native UI
b) a native ui on X (because it is popular and there is no official ui in X!)

by Maynard (not verified)

Opera is written in Qt.

On Linux it looks anything but at home. Still stands I am sorry. That is what the 'problem' of being cross platform entails. Mozilla now mimics very well the GTK interface. Anyway, I think that it overrated, the look factor. On Windows, many apps look quite different. I think there are the core apps, which should look the same, and then also work together. If its a standalone app, I don't mind it looking different, if it is good and functional. I think variety is teh spice of life.

by Sad Eagle (not verified)

It doesn't look at home not because it uses Qt, but because it fails to use it fully. Half the widgets it uses are nonstandard/custom. If it did use standard widgets, all you would have to do is tell it to use a KDE style, and it'd look the same, as happens with i.e. the various Qt tools like designer, assistant, linguist, and the QSA IDE.

I do agree with you on your second point though.

by Jim Dabell (not verified)

> Opera is written in Qt. On Linux it looks anything but at home.

Define "Linux". It certainly wouldn't look at home on a text-only terminal. It could well look different if you use GNOME. But it looks at home in KDE.

> Mozilla now mimics very well the GTK interface.

Mozilla reimplements standard GUI features like toolbars, ensuring it doesn't look at home/work the same anywhere. It doesn't look like a normal Windows app, it doesn't look like a normal Mac app, it doesn't look like a normal KDE app. I don't even see a lot of similarity between it and other GTK/GNOME apps. If I tried dragging the toolbar about like I do with virtually every other app I use, it simply wouldn't work. I've heard a defense that Mozilla does this to be consistent across multiple platforms, but that's not at all useful - I only use one platform at a time.

> I think variety is teh spice of life.

True, except with interfaces. I only want to learn how to manipulate one toolbar, not a dozen. The same applies across the board - scrollbars, menus, even non-computer interfaces like doors and cars. Consistency aids usability.

by pieter philipse (not verified)

They must be kidding!!
What does their audience look like!

by Per (not verified)

KWin got third place in the "Window Manager of the Year" category with 13.87% of te votes. Fluxbox won and MetaCity edged out KWin by three votes. Congratulations to all developers.

by x3ja (not verified)

Red Hat also won the best distro in these awards... I'm not sure it's a compliment to have been voted best by those very same people!

My preference of distros is: Gentoo, Debian and Red Hat... but RH only comes third cos it's the only other one I have much experience using...

by anon (not verified)

My preference of distros is: Debian, Gentoo, Mandrake, SuSE, Slackware, Lycoris, Xandros, Lindows, Yoper, ..., ..., FreeBSD, OpenBSD, ..., ..., Windows* (just kidding ;) ..., ..., RedHat

heh heh