Guademy 2007 Event Report

The first Guademy event finished yesterday at the university of A Coruña, Spain. Organized by the GPUL (Grupo de Programadores y Usuarios de Linux), the Linux User Group of A Coruña, it was an event which brought together people from the GNOME and KDE camp (thus the combination of "GUADEC" and "aKademy" that forms the name of the event). Read on for a short report of the event.

The Guademy started on the 23rd of March and concluded on the 25th, and was sponsored by Trolltech and Igalia. The three days of the conference were filled with talks about KDE and GNOME as well as talks about co-operation between the projects. For a first-hand account of the talks, you can read Rafael Fernandez blog entries here and here.

Guademy Group Photo

After all the talks on Friday, a Queimada was organized, including the traditional chants that are sung while it's prepared. In order to "release stress", the organizers of the event set up a soccer match between KDE and GNOME developers for the Saturday afternoon. The result of the game is better left unwritten :). On Saturday night, we had a great dinner in a local restaurant, with lots of really nice food from the local area and drinks that forced many people miss the first talks on Sunday.

All the talks were recorded on video and will be published on the conference site, at together with the slides and related information.

We would like to thank the organizers, who did a great job with the event - everyone had a great time. We hope it is the first of a long series of Guademy co-operative events!

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by Martin (not verified)

Are you good at soccer? Want an email address. Please sign up for the team right now. No development skills needed!

Did somebody file a critical bug report on this yet?

by Juanjo Iglesias (not verified)

Next year I will work more. First I am speaking with a pair of professional football players. Second, arbiter will not be a Gnome user on next Guademy. ;)

by Pau Garcia i Quiles (not verified)

Let's assume it: either we develop great KDE code, or we train to win a soccer match. It looks like KDE people like the former and Gnome people the latter :-)

by Henry Miller (not verified)

It comes as no surprise to me that Gnome people would prefer training for a soccer match to writing great KDE code. I'm sure KDE people would prefer to train for a soccer match if the alternative was writing great Gnome code. :)

by Vlad (not verified)

Events like these really excite me when I hear them! Thanks a ton GPUL, and I hope KDE & Gnome developers can continue the good will by supporting each other in the linux/desktop world!

- Vlad

by Rafael Fernánde... (not verified)

This was just a really really nice experience :)) Thx to everybuddy !!

by sup (not verified)

There are not many international open source-related events in Galiza. I hope there are more in the near future :D