KDE 2.2 Ships (Visit an FTP Server Near You)

After some delay caused by a severe hardware failure on KDE's ftp server,
the KDE Project has announced
the official release of KDE 2.2. This release brings a lot of goodies,
including: faster startup times (using the experimental
) and performance; numerous improvements to HTML rendering
and JavaScript support; the addition of IMAP support (including SSL and
TLS) to KMail; a new plugin-based print architecture with integrated
filter and page layout capabilities; a number of new plugins for Konqueror
(including a Babelfish translator, an image gallery generator, an HTML
validator and a web archiver); native iCalendar support in KOrganizer; and
a new personalization wizard. Compaq
has also announced the addition of KDE to
Tru64. Time to tell the boss to forget XP, and use KDE (hmmmm, back in my college days that would have made a nice chant: 'Forget XP, use KDE', . . .).

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by belochitski (not verified)

It seems I have some terrible configuration problem. Konqueror crashes on almost any site. Even on slashdot , even though I am sure Konq was tested on it :). It says when it dies:

kdecore(KLibLoader): WARNING: library=kjs_html: file=/opt/kde2.2/lib/kde2/kjshtml.la :/opt/kde2.2/lib/libkjs.so.1 :undefined symbol : _Q23KJS9ObjectImp.Info
KCrash: crashing ...

Is libkjs.so.1 somehow related to javascript ?
Also, it takes forever for Noatun to load a short list of names of mp3 from the directory. Everything was compiled from sources on patched RH6.2 with gcc2.95.2, qt2.3.1 with openssl-0.9.6b, lesstif-0.93.0 and pcre-3.4 added.
Anyone run into anything similar ? Any ideas ?

by belochitski (not verified)

it turned out that libpcre (which has to do with regular expressions parsing in kde's javascript implementation) by deafault creates and installes itself into /usr/local/lib which was not present in /etc/ld.so.conf for some reason. thanks everyone.

by Kimmo (not verified)

Hmm... I have been hoping to see some added flexibility in the KHTML component regarding middle mouse button-pasted URLs. For example selecting a whole row in the terminal window by triple clicking will include a trailing newline character that confuses KHTML and the URL will not open properly when pasted to a Konqueror window... =(

If possbile without serious side-effects, it would be most useful to see a "guessing" algorithm for these pasted URLs as well, for example "www.foo.com" without the protocol prefix would ideally be assumed to be "http://www.foo.com/" and so on.

Maybe in the next versions... =8-) Keep up the excellent work!

by Funny Tux (not verified)


Mi pc es una pentium200 y con KDE va bien, estuve casi una semana compilando KDE 2.2beta1 y cuando lo observé parecia que estaba soñando, desde el principio cuando salio el configurador de kde quede perplejo de tal kalidad grafika (K!!!) Micro$oft Window$ XP queda en la basura (creo que es mucho para el ) una sugerencia pongan los RPMS de RedHat (rpm4 y 3)


by Olaf Bergner (not verified)

I just installed the RPMs for SuSE 6.4. Upon trying to launch KDE 2.2 via the new KDM I just find /var/log/messages complaining about not being able to execute /usr/X11R6/lib/xdm/Xstartup and ../Xsetup.
And indeed, my installation of SuSE 6.4 (which I deem to be pretty much standard) misses these scripts.
Switching back to KDE 2.1.0 and it's KDM I find myself even unable to start fvwm2, at least as a non-root user.
I can hardly imagine that a distro of KDE 2.2 explicitly packaged for SuSE 6.4 should make false assumptions about the underlying OS. So what did I do wrong? Oh yes, I started SuSEConfig, but I think from this day on I will refrain from doing so.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,


by Reggie (not verified)

Does anybody know of someone, or has anyone tried the opjprelink with FreeBSD, or where I can find information about it working or not.



by Tom Vilot (not verified)

I just installed KDE 2.2. It was virtually a no-brainer from RPMS on RedHat 7.1. I'm impressed.

Thank you all for your hard work. KDE is a fine environment. Stable, clean, fast, pretty. I think I could even get my wife to use it ;-)

This is enough to make an old C hack like me want to contribute to KDE 2.3...

by Anony-Moose (not verified)

Try KDE 2.2.1 or KDE 3.0. There will be no 2.3.

by Andy Rayner (not verified)

First let me say that I really appreciate all the hard work and quality of the KDE programmers, KDE2.2 is very impressive.

I'm having trouble with konqueror, sometimes it won't start. If i kill kded then it starts...Restarting kded gives a fatal DCOP communication problem. I had the problem with mandrake 8 and rpms, so I installed from source and the problem is still there.
All source components installed except kdeadmin, gives an error can't find lbz2, but that component doesn't look essential (?)
Andy ideas ??

thanks Andy

by ForgiveR (not verified)

I was unable to get Konqueror to run also, with a kded error on the console. I was working with a clean 7.1 RedHat install. I had not yet loaded kdegraphics or kedutils due to a couple failed dependencies (libsane.so.1, zip, unzip, efax). After I loaded those missing RPM's, and loaded kdegraphics and kdeutils, konqueror started working correctly.

Hope this helps!


by Eduardo Sanchez (not verified)

I had the same problem *after* installing all the RPM packages and satisfy the dependencies in RH 7.1. This is a major showstopper :(

by Michael Wardle (not verified)

I also can not open konqueror. The konqueror loading icon disappears from the taskbar after 30 seconds (as per user prefs) and it never loads when run from the command line (it just keeps loading indefinitely).

This is a shame, since I had just started using konqueror as my default browser. :-(

As previously mentioned, killing kded seems to allow konqueror to start, but I do not receive kded-related errors so thanks for mentioning the workaround. Any ideas for a more permanent solution? What does kded do?

Also, my thanks to all the KDE developers, things are looking really good.

by Michael Wardle (not verified)

I found out that kded now uses FAM, and I noticed
some FAM error messages in my system log file
such as the following:

fam[1518]: Client "client 10", whose requests are being serviced as uid 99, was denied access on /home/michael/.kde/share. If this client might be running as uid 99 because it failed authentication, you might disable authentication. See the fam(1M) man page.

Upgrading to the latest FAM Red Hat Raw Hide
(Rawhide?) package (fam-2.6.4-10) seems to have
fixed the problem.

If you don't want to install the Red Hat package,
ensure that you have a working FAM installation.
In many cases, you should be able to fix the
problem by changing "rpc_version = 1-2" to "rpc_version = 2" in /etc/xinetd.d/sgi_fam.

Let me know how you go.

by Gert-Jan van de... (not verified)

It worked for me.

I use Red Hat 7.1 on an i386.

Konqueror didn't startup the first time I logged in. But when I pressed CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE and logged in again konqueror did launch. Konqueror also started when I killed kded.

Anyway changing rpc_version to 2 solved the problem on my machine.


by kujo (not verified)

I did an apt-get install and installed KDE (debian is sweet) but my true type fonts don't show up as an option in kde, they work fine in Mozilla, and in all other X apps. Did I miss something??

by aaron leahman (not verified)

edit your XftConfig, kde/qt when antialiased, use freetype/xrender to draw fonts

by Kujo (not verified)

True Types work in KDE now!! Thanks very much, it was something so simple yet I would never have known.

Thanks a lot.

by Yuri Gotra (not verified)

Thanks to KDE team, nice work!

here is a sample order of rpm install I used in Red Hat 7.1:

pcre-3.4-2.i386.rpm (--force,--nodeps)
kdelibs-2.2-5.i386.rpm (--force,--nodeps)
arts-2.2-5.i386.rpm (--nodeps)
krb5-libs-1.2.2-12.i386.rpm (--force,--nodeps)


by Florin Cremenescu (not verified)

Hello !

I have installed KDE2.2 (great!) but I still have some problems.

1. Sound : the sound server doesn't work fine. When KDE starts, during the 'Loading Window Manager' phase, it pauses some seconds and then it pops up a message , 'Sound server fatal error, cpu overload, aborting'. After that I have a crash of Knotify (if useful, I can send you the stack trace). Noatun doesn't play , it tries to launch the sound server, doesn't succed and crashes.
I have compiled KDE with support for oss and nas, without alsa (maybe a mistake ?). The sound is compiled into the kernel 2.4.5 (it is not a module).
What's strange that all non-kde sound applications perform correctly : gqmpeg, aviplay, realplay...

2. konqueror https does not work. I have compiled kde with openssl 0.9.6 support, I can see all the modules listed in Settings/SSL, but in Setting/OpenSSL it asks me for the path to open ssl (shared library). I have only the .a version of libssl. I have tried to convert it to .so (gcc -shared libssl.a -o libssl.so) but this solution doesn't work. Should I recompile to obtain a .so version ? When connection to a secure server, konqueror tells me that it cannot connect to the proxy server. Netscape works fine.

3. When I lock the screen , I cannot reenter anymore. It tells me 'Password fail' (or something like that), and I have to kill the X server. I am sure that I am typing correctly.

4. Konqueror terminal emulation doesn't display correctly (in fact does not clear correctly). Any ideas (its a great add-on and I would like to use it). The same is true for the kdevelop konsole.

5. Does konqueror support dynamic html ? Nothing works at www.dynamicdrive.com . Is it a problem of identification or dhtml is not implemented ?

6. PS/PDF viewer doesn't work. When I try to open a file (from konqueror or from File/Open) it tells me : 'Error openning file /path/to/file/file.pdf). No such file or directory. Success'. Acroread has no problem reading it.

7. ViewFilter refuses to appear in konqueror main toolbar.

8. Copy/Paste does not work with jbuilder4.0. Also if numlock is on, double click doesn't work anymore inside jbuilder. If I put it off, everything goes fine. I had the same problem with KDE2.1.1

9. When I execute a program from konqueror using CTRL+E (Tools/Execute shell command), if it has a large output, finally it will crash. For example, try 'make'. Also the scrollbar remains up during command execution, and I cannot see the last output.

10. And, finally, is there a possibility to set a proxy for kdict ?

I think that's all for the moment. Beside these (small) problems, I tell you that I am impressed by the great leap forward from KDE2.1.1 to KDE2.2 Just waiting for KDE3


by belochitski (not verified)

did you remember to add paths to openssl directory and kdelibs directory to /etc/ld.so.conf and run /sbin/ldconfig then ? openssl installs itself into /usr/local/ssl. so , you'll have to have something like
in your ld.so.conf

by Florin Cremenescu (not verified)

Indeed, I have forgotten to add /usr/local/ssl/lib. Now, when I click on the button Test in Settings/Crypto/OpenSsl, it tells me 'OpenSsl loaded successfully'. But this change nothing : I cannot connect to a secure site. Have you been successful in installing SSL with KDE22 ?

by belochitski (not verified)

you should probably provide more information on error messages you're getting. try switching to first virtual console and see what konqueror says after it couldn't connect to secure site.

by Florin Cremenescu (not verified)

I got the error :

kdeinit: Got EXEC_NEW 'kio_http' from launcher.
kio (KLauncher): kio_http (pid 1822) up and running.
kdecore (KLibLoader): Loading the next library global with flag 257.
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/local/ssl/libcrypto.so.0: undefined symbol: X509_free
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/local/ssl/libcrypto.so.0: undefined symbol: RAND_egd
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/local/ssl/libcrypto.so.0: undefined symbol: CRYPTO_free
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/local/ssl/libcrypto.so.0: undefined symbol: d2i_X509
kdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/local/ssl/libcrypto.so.0: undefined symbol: i2d_X509

I think there are some problems with libcrypto and libssl. I obtained them from the .a version :
gcc -shared libcrypto.a -o libcrypto.so

Where can I find a tar.gz with sources which compiles directly to .so ?


by belochitski (not verified)

afer runninig its confugure script with 'shared' option:
config shared
You may want to look into INSTALL file for details.
After that you'll have .so's in you openssl dir.

by 2WhyNo (not verified)

Have you put your openssl libs directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or in /etc/ld.so.conf ?

by Florin Cremenescu (not verified)

Yes, I have put them.
I put as attachment the output of kfmclient when I try to connect to a secure site. Maybe someone has an idea...


by julo (not verified)


I've got exactly the same bug using aRts on a Mdk 8.0 and a mainboard-integrated sound card. It's REALLY annoying because I can't listen to music within KDE apps whereas I can use mpg123 without any problem.

Another problem I have is that kdm doesn't work anymore. It doesn"t start, telling me that it idled and will start again in 5 minutes (or something like that... sorry).

For the terminal problem, I had the same but I managed to fix it. In fact, you have to change the font. I changed all the fonts to TTF fonts and now, I don't have any problem with them.

By the way : is there a reason why no TTF font is provided with KDE ? why not including Verdana,Times New Roman, Adobe Helvetica and so on without having to install them from a windows partition ? I think it's more than a little request: fonts are a big weakness of linux now while it should not be.

by Florin Cremenescu (not verified)

Some urls which do not work well with konqueror :

1. news.bbc.co.uk . Normally, this site shows the latest news in the up left corner of the browser. Konqueror shows only the word 'Latest'.

2. http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-341072.html?tag=rltdnws

This address blocks in nsplugin. Oh, no !

3. This address do not allow me to continue after completing the form.

One Katastroph :
- Kate was an editor I was waiting for. Alas, it is bugged :
-- A very irritating and ridiculous bug : Task bar always appears on top, with text. It is impossible to keep it in vertical and with icons only
-- A big bug caused I lost a big file... It's easy to reproduce (perhaps there is a simpler way) :
--- put on the destop a copy of a big file
--- modify it with Kate and save it
--- exit Kate
--- rename the file
--- open the file in Kate : there is only 4 ou 5 lines, all the text is lost
OK, it was not easy to find, because the trouble exists only when the file is on the desktop... But many users like to have some important text files directly on the desktop. It is the worse bug I have never seen in KDE...

Troubles that I succeed to fix :
- bad fonts, in menus, Konqui... 3 times I have to update font parameters... Now it seems stable...
- lost favicons. Now good, after removing $HOME/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/faviconrc
- all icons of destop aligned on the left side

Troubles I didn't succed to fix :
- applets cannot stay on Kicker when the bar is vertical, so I put it horizontal
- KNewsTicker don't launch Konqueror, so I now not use this program
- Quanta + crashes when exiting (and it is impossible to save the taskbars configuration - in 2.1.1 too)

Old troubles always present in the new version :
- After installation, some Konqueror functionnalities are unavalable (some ones would say it is normal, I feel abnormal that only a minority of end users can implement these functions, Konqueror is for anybody, no ?)
-- Flash (I spent many time to fix it in the old version, and now I have to do it again...)
-- Java
-- Local Network
- in Konqueror it is impossible to display (in an editor) the source of a page, when this page is in a frame (with mouse right button) (excepted by doing many clicks with "Open with...")

Old troubles now fixed :
- in Konqui, it is now possible to put the bookmark toolbar beside the URL toolbar (only if the bookmark toolbar is narrow...)
- In Kicker, child panels now are well memorized

Very good stuff (for my use, of course) :
- Launcher and taskbar applets in Kicker
- "Stop animation" in Konqui (I hope a "Stop sound" or "Never sound" in the next version...)
- CD-Audio services in Konqueror
- Print preview and PDF printer

Good stuff :
- extended bar in Konqui
- better display, better speed in Khtml (but still don't work...)
- Automatic Preview in "Open file" windows
- View filter in Konqui
- many good little improvements, like the "initial level" in KSirtet. I enjoy when I feel that developpers like to regularly improve their program...

Some things I still don't understand :
- KDict

And, of course, some improvements I don't use (for example group similar tasks in toolbar, I need to see the favicons ;-)... And the virtual desktops minimize the number of tasks per desktop...)

I hope, now, that it is finished for bad things and that I have many new good ones to discover... Happily I have not the troubles of Florin (sound, PDF....).

I am not glad, but I am happy to see it's going in a good direction of consistent improvements. Congratulations !

by Alain (not verified)

Waaahh... I now loose a second important file !!!
It is not Kate, as I thought, now it is with Kedit ! And the bug is on the desktop.

May anybody reproduce it, to know if it is specific of my installation :
- create on the destop a file Text1.txt, containing the line "This is my text". Save and exit the editor.
- on the desktop change the name Text1.txt to Text2.txt
- See the content of Text2.txt, now it is :
[Desktop Entry]

So the bug is in the Desktop renomination !
Two important texts file removed, really a Katastroph... Hope it is specific for my installation. Hope there is something to do for quickly correct such a thing...

by Carsten Pfeiffer (not verified)

wow, indeed, that's a bad bug :/ I'm sorry that your files got trashed. This will certainly get fixed for 2.2.1.

by Alain (not verified)

Ah, I am not alone...

Yes, what a dangerous bug. If possible, it would be interesting to have a patch...

Happily I have find a backup of my second file.

So I don't post a bug report... But I have others ;-), often little things... However the last is very surprising : Ctrl C - Ctrl X - Ctrl V don't work in Kate... (Kate is still almost a great editor !...)

Also it would be fine that in all KDE programs the key F3 does "Find next"... (for me, it disturbs in Kate and Konqui...) (and F2 = Begin in all KDEgames...)

by Carsten Pfeiffer (not verified)

> Yes, what a dangerous bug. If possible, it would be interesting to have a patch...

Thanks to Kurt, here's a patch.

> Ctrl C - Ctrl X - Ctrl V don't work in Kate...

Hm? Certainly works for me.

3 days later :

- the "Katastroph" : the bug seems only for me, so I can't call this a bug (?)...

- Konqueror is OK for Flash (without doing something...)

- Often, Kmail is unable to send/receive mail. I must close and open it...

- I do not reach to replace Kmid (with error) by Kmidi (OK) when clicking on a .mid in Konqueror...

- I said : "in Konqueror it is impossible to display (in an editor) the source of a page, when this page is in a frame (with mouse right button) (excepted by doing many clicks with "Open with...")"
It is good by using "Display the code Html". The old bug is fixed (it was the temporary file which was opened). Very good for me !

- Kate : the problem of Taskbar icons and position exists in several programs (Quanta Plus, Hexexedit...). I feel that such a thing is a very annoyant bug. I hope it will be updated with KDE 2.2.1...

Well, so I will use Kate (although, too, it is not translated in french). I will manage my Web pages with Kate for small updates and Quanta Plus for big updates...

Cada vez que sale una version de kde ya sea alpha, beta o estable voy corriendo al ftp y me la bajo para probarla pero es que cada vez se me hace mas dificil la instalacion.Con la beta1 ya tuve algunos problemillas y ahora con la 2.2 definitiva ni te cuento.No hay problema, despues de forzar un par de paquetes y no satisfacer un par de dependencias ya ta instalada, claro esta q hay algunas cosas que no funcionan correctamente.
A pesar de todo es el escritorio que mas me gusta y que utilizo normalmente.

Buen trabajo

by Plato (not verified)

I installed KDE 2.2 on SuSE 7.2; however, now I have only one choice when I try to select different fonts. Noteworthy, when I log in as root I do not have this problem.

How can I fix this issue?


by Scott (not verified)

I am haveing the same trouble as either root or plain user. Here is a detailed desciption:

Just installed KDE 2.2 on my Suse 7.2 system. Everything was fine till I logged out of KDE and back in. Then all my fonts defaulted to E Serif font. This is the only font that shows when I try to change the fonts. After reading some messages I decided to delete the .kde2 directory from my user (root) directory. All was fine, except that I had to run through the options again for initial kde setup. Many fonts showed up in the font setup menu. Then after logging out. The font is back to E Serif again. No other fonts is listed.

At first I was not sure if a file or directory in my .kde2 was causing the problem. So tried coping things back only to find the font messed up on the next log in. So just did a fresh configure after deleting the .kde2 directory. Logged out and back in and poof! Screwed up font again! Also there seems to be something that is taking a long time to load in the background as the mouse has a light bulb that is pulsating by it for a about 30 seconds and then disappears. My Suse has a little console window that has messages. It was saying something about:

Console log for linux
Aug 18 20:05:24 linux modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-116
Aug 18 20:05:25 linux last message repeated 15 times

No sure if this is related to the problem.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


Let me know how to debug (as simple as possible) this to find out what might be missing or added in to cause this?



by simon (not verified)

hmh, it looks like that you have enabled
font anti-aliasing. ("E Serif" is a true
type font)

1.) look in the control panel, section "style" (i think thats the name in english)
and disable font anti-aliasing, restart kde
and everything should be fine.
(font anti-aliasing needs true type fonts, a
standart install has only one, so thats
why you only see one font)

2.) you can also download truetype fonts,
suse 7.2 has a script called "fetchmsttfonts"
wich downloads the fonts.

and you can ignore the:
> Aug 18 20:05:24 linux modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-116
> Aug 18 20:05:25 linux last message repeated 15
this has nothing to do with kde, this only
says that modprobe can't findt a module for
sound, as long as your soundcard works fine
this can be ignored.


by Plato (not verified)

Thanks, I appreciate the help. In addition, my sound card does not work. Would you know how to fix this issue? Thanks Very Very Much, Rob

by simon (not verified)

the easy way to get a soundcard to work
under suse 7.2 is to use yast 2,
yast 2 will setup the soundcard using
the alsa soundsystem, if yast 2 is unable
to get the soundcard to work, have a look at:


this is a list of soundcards that are
currently supported by alsa.


by Plato (not verified)

Your problem sounds like my problem. Because root has access to all the fonts, but no other users do-- I think that something is messed up with the file permissions.


by 2WhyNo (not verified)

It's been more than a month since my NT is broken, but still I don't miss it.
And now that KDE 2.2 is out, I'm thinking of deleting my NTFS.
I compiled it from soure tarballs and got many features I need: https, netscape plugin, cookie management, java applet, unicode (in konqueror).
Font AA with xfree 4.1.0 works fine.
Konsole+zsh made me rarely use konqueror as file manager.
For this time I'll stick with gvim than kate, it got better syntax highlighting, opens gzipped and bzipped files transparently (Or maybe I can do that too with kate ?)
But I think I end up with broken arts, each time arts apps executed, it always ends up with SIGABRT and this:
anyref.cc:49: void ::Arts::AnyRefHelperStartup::startup(): Assertion `anyRefHelper == 0' failed.
I even chmod 000 knotify (I've turned off system notification but still knotify is launched), the same with noatun.
And, I compiled kdelibs with alsa support, but I don't see alsa option in sound server setting. It's the same when I compiled with gcc 2.96 or egcs 1.1.2+objprelink.
Any suggestions ?
It doesn't bother me though, I can still use xmms, timidity, realplayer and kwintv as long as it doesn't use arts.

by dingodonkey (not verified)

One thing that has been getting on my nerves for a while is the need to go to other sites to see nice screenshots showing off KDE. Why is it the screenshots section of the KDE site are always out of date? You should post a new set of pictures for each release, then link to old pictures. Otherwise, people coming to the site having never used KDE are seeing outdated pictures lacking many of the newer features, and that's never good.

by in RedHatHell (not verified)

Now, first, yes, all you Debian users are superior (make you all feel better now? hehe). But look, after scouring through many of the posts on this topic, I must say 2 things:

1) why, oh why were the RPM's for RedHat 7.x built under rawhide? It makes no sense. How many of the average users who would want KDE 2.2 are bound to be using a beta release of RedHat Linux? Not many. And certainly not me. I like my server to be as stable as possible thank you very much. But I do expect one thing from RedHat (whom yes, I actually do go out and buy CD's from, well, did for 6.1 and 7.1)... please continue to support the current non-beta distrib, and don't focus all of your energy/manpower on the upcoming, not-yet-stable one. Argh!

2) while I realize that it's definately not up to the KDE folks to package their desktop for all the distribs... it does reflect very poorly on 'em when distribs have lousy packages that don't install. While some slick installer (aka the ximian one, even though I kinda don't like that) would be totally sweet... at least do some quality control over the packages that you get. It looks very bad for KDE when I download RedHat 7.x RPM's that refuse to work w/o tons of silly dependancies for a not-outta-beta version of RedHat. A simple requirement to the packagers to make sure it works on the latest STABLE release of their distribution would be fantabulous. :)

However, after a LOT of frustration, and then some luck (thanx to Ranger Rick for building actual 7.1 packages) I got KDE 2.2 on my RedHat 7.1 system... and while there are some minor issues, overall it's a definite improvement over 2.1... thanx guys!


by Dominic Baines (not verified)

Can you ellaborate ?

I have all the 2.2 rpm's but no doc or note on the 2.1 to 2.2 upgrade path ?

RedHat 7.1 vanila KDE install.



by in RedHatHell (not verified)

hey, I also had a vanilla RedHat 7.1 setup. The RPM's that I grabbed from ftp.kde.org wouldn't work w/o having RPM 4.0.3, and a new version of glibc, which I tried and it hosed my server... so I rebuilt and didn't wanna work with those RPM's anymore (since they were clearly built for RedHat 7.2beta)...

Fortunately I'd found a post on this topic on the dot, by Ranger Rick, here's the URL:

you can just go there, grab all his 7.1 rolled RPMs and then rpm -e your current KDE stuff (starting with games, multimedia, etc, working your way back towards your kdebase, kdelibs, and kdesupport), then in the directory you grabbed all the RPM's from the above URL, you can pretty safely do a rpm -Uvh *.rpm... if you try doing that before you uninstall kde 2.1, you can see more details about what you might be missing... then go over to rpmfind.net and track 'em down.

Ranger Rick did say that when he made these RPMs, he had Ximian Gnome installed, so there may be some libs or something that come into play...

hope this helps...

If nothing else, I guess we all wait for either A) real, honest-to-God RedHat 7.1 RPM's to be made, or B) RedHat 7.2 to come out, and we all upgrade... grrrrr...

anyway, good luck, read other postings on this topic here on the dot for more info... that's where I found everything I needed...


by Plato (not verified)

After installing KDE 2.2 everytime I restart linux I need to reconfigure my sound sound card and re-start the sound server in order to have the sound work. How can I fix this issue? Thanks, Robert

by simon (not verified)

sounds a little bit strange,
hmh, have a look at /etc/rc.config
if START_ALSA is set "yes"

does it help when you just restart alsa (instead
of configure the soundcard everytime again):

./etc/rc.d/alsasound restart

if you still have the problem, have a look
at suse's mailinglists, i think you will get
there any help you need.

german --> http://www.suse.de/de/support/mailinglists/index.html
english --> http://www.suse.com/us/support/mailinglists/index.html


by Marc Haisenko (not verified)

Well, at the 2.1 release I complained about a showstopper: Kicker's childpanels don't show up at login, have to launch Kasbar to show it. It didn't get better with 2.1.1. Now with 2.2 Kicker's childpanels show up but at what cost ? Kicker crashes so often it's a real shame ! Kicker is one of the most important parts of KDE, and I find it really disappointing that it's such a nuisance.

Not only does Kicker crash extremely often, it also has refresh/display problems when I (re-)start it: I've installed the Acqua theme, and all I see from Kicker is a nice blue bar with a gradient to cyan. All applets and icons only show up when I get my mouse over them.

The big problem is not me, I use KDE since 1.x, but the newbies: what does a newbie do if his Kicker/Taskbar vanishes repeatedly ? In the worst case, he'll delete the Linux partition. Kicker/Taskbar are more important to the user than any other programm, IMHO.

I think what the KDE-Project is missing is Quality Assurance. The first start of KDE 2.2 cleaned my desktop, all my links are gone, and the Kicker problems drive me nuts

But kudos go the Konquerer/KHTML teams, which did a good job, IMHO. No crash so far, but still some Java problems. Also all other applications seem to run just fine (e.g. KMail), which makes the Kicker disaster even bigger, IMHO.

by Carsten Pfeiffer (not verified)

> Not only does Kicker crash extremely often, it > also has refresh/display problems when I
> (re-)start it: I've installed the Acqua theme, > and all I see from Kicker is a nice blue bar
> with a gradient to cyan. All applets and icons > only show up when I get my mouse over them.

Well, then the Acqua theme is obviously buggy. Write a bugreport to the author, I don't think he can be expected to read your bugreport here.

Regarding the crashes: are you one of the
"rpm -Uvh --nodeps --force" guys? No wonder everything's crashing. I haven't had kicker crashes for ages.

> I think what the KDE-Project is missing is
> Quality Assurance. The first start of KDE 2.2 > cleaned my desktop, all my links are gone, and > the Kicker problems drive me nuts

Which distribution is that? Maybe the directory has changed (I think e.g. SuSE names it ~/KDesktop, while, originally it is ~/Desktop.
Maybe all your links are in the other dir.