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Paw Ubuntu/Mint Floral [Plymouth Themes]

Sun, 2017/12/10 - 9:22pm
Paw Ubuntu/Mint Floral theme No 4k version at the moment though. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you voted out of favour because you had a bad day or...

Paw Ubuntu/Mint Floral Choco Charco theme [Plymouth Themes]

Sun, 2017/12/10 - 9:21pm
Paw Ubuntu/Mint Floral Choco Charco theme No 4k version at the moment though. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you voted out of favour because you had a...

KDE-free your mind [Wallpapers KDE Plasma]

Sun, 2017/12/10 - 7:31pm
A new wallpaper from me for the community. Created with blender in 4K resolution. Share the store link, comment it or like it. Have fun.

Buttons Icon Theme [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2017/12/10 - 7:05pm
~ Buttons Icon Theme ~ Tested in Gnome 3.24 / Ubuntu 17.04 Contains all default and third party app icons, circular icon theme embedded...

HighContrast [Icon Themes]

Sun, 2017/12/10 - 1:29pm
A HighContrast icon theme for Xfce, recolorable to any color you want

Other Planet 0.0 [Plasma Screenshots]

Sat, 2017/12/09 - 2:11pm
Other Planet 0.0 on Mint 18.2

MyLinuxMint [Plymouth Themes]

Sat, 2017/12/09 - 11:58am
Plymouth theme with Tux, Linux Mint logo and smooth progress animation (57 frames). Installation shell script is included. After installation you...

KDEConnect SMS sender Plasmoid [Plasma 5 Widgets]

Sat, 2017/12/09 - 2:34am
Plasmoid for KDE Connect allowing SMS sending from your desktop. Demo:

KDE Material WIP [Plasma Screenshots]

Fri, 2017/12/08 - 8:54pm
Not finished yet.

MaryJane-Breeze [Aurorae Themes]

Fri, 2017/12/08 - 6:44pm
For me this is the window decorations for breeze. I find myself using it daily, without that addictive searching for a better window dressing. The...

Breeze No Shadows With Antu Icons [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Fri, 2017/12/08 - 8:59am
default kde breeze theme without panel shadows and with icons from antu icon theme. Installation: 1. from settings: - go to settings >...

Pop Dark for Plasma 5 [Plasma Color Schemes]

Thu, 2017/12/07 - 7:32pm
This is a re-creation of the Popdark theme that Pop_OS! by System76 uses. If you use this on your Plasma 5 install, and the popdark GTK theme, you...

Windoze95 [Plymouth Themes]

Thu, 2017/12/07 - 12:24pm
Retro boot screen imitation with a shell script for easy installation.

Adwaita (Fixed for Plasma 5 [Various KDE Styles]

Thu, 2017/12/07 - 11:53am
Plasma 5 GTK Widget Theme

Adwaita (Fixed for Plasma 5) [Various KDE Styles]

Thu, 2017/12/07 - 10:19am
Plasma 5 GTK Widget Theme

Open In VSCode [Dolphin Service Menus]

Thu, 2017/12/07 - 3:10am
Right-click and open in vscode if you want use it ,you can move 'openinvscode.desktop' into '~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/' may be...

55 wipe film strip [Kdenlive FX]

Thu, 2017/12/07 - 2:24am
55 wipe film strip. Play with the smoothness to improve the result of some sweeps. Full-HD 16:9

Breeze No Shadows Desktop Theme [Plasma Desktop Themes]

Wed, 2017/12/06 - 4:27pm
Panel, menu and widget shadows removed. I - Download .zip or pull. - Create directory and copy the contents to...

DamaDamas iCon theme mod [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/12/06 - 2:48pm
Sonakinci41's DamaDamas icon theme new mod

Soda Icons [Icon Themes]

Wed, 2017/12/06 - 5:14am
Soda is an icon theme based on the Pop!_OS icon set with recolored folders to match the Afflatus theme. The only other change made to the icons in...