People Behind KDE: Matthias Kretz

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After a short break, we return to the next interview in the People Behind KDE series, travelling back to Germany to talk to a developer who wants to make things as simple as possible - for both users and developers. The recent winner of an aKademy Award for Best Non-Application for his work on Phonon - tonight's star of People Behind KDE is Matthias Kretz.

Amarok 2.0 Interview: Jeff Mitchell

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In the lead-up to KDE 4, Amarok will be undergoing a number of large changes both under the hood, and cosmetically with the user interface. I managed to interview a developer, Jeff Mitchell, to talk about the things changing in Amarok from the 1.4 stable branch to version 2.0, including the playlist redesign, the context view and the new web services framework. Read on for the interview.

Amara Emerson: Amarok is the flagship audio player for KDE and Linux. What in your opinion sets it apart from other similar players?

Interview with the KTorrent developers

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One of the most hotly debated topics on the Internet today is, without a doubt, BitTorrent: the most popular peer-to-peer network protocol today. Within KDE, the primary BitTorrent client is KTorrent. Joris Guisson and Ivan Vasić - the developers of KTorrent - have done an awesome job, so the least they deserve is public recognition - we're pleased to have them as guests today.

Josh Berkus: KDE Aids The PostgreSQL Team

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During FISL 8.0 I caught up with PostgreSQL contributor Josh Berkus who was there to present on PostgreSQL and meet up with the local PostgreSQL community. Josh is a member of the PostgreSQL core team and works at Sun Microsystems as part of their open source database team. Over lunch, Josh shared how KDE plays an important role in the release coordination process which Josh oversees.