Interview With Netbook Master Marco Martin From the KDE Plasma Team

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A while ago, Giovanni Venturi interviewed Marco Martin for an Italian KDE blog (so if you read Italian, please see there for the authentic version). For our Italian-challenged readers, we are pleased to present an English translation below.

Marco "Notmart" Martin is of course well known as one of the primary developers of the new Plasma Netbook workspace and for his habit of teasing us via his blog with news of new features for the X+1 release of our Software Compilation just before version X is released...

Interview with KDABian Stephen Kelly

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KDAB have published an interview with Akonadi-hacker Stephen Kelly, who also recently won a Qt contribution award. In the interview, Stephen explains how his contributions to the Model/View infrastructure in Qt make dealing with complex models, such as those used in Akonadi to display emails and other personal data, easier. In the interview, Steve also hints at the future of note-taking in KDE.

Using KDE Software to Empower Cultural Diversity - an Interview With Vox Humanitatis

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Among the broad selection of software offered in the KDE Software Compilation is Parley, an application for vocabulary training. Recently people from Vox Humanitatis came in and provided a set of vocabulary data files for Parley for less known languages. This piqued our curiosity, so we did an interview with Sabine Emmy Eller, CCO of Vox Humanitatis.

Exploring New Nepomuk Features in Mandriva Linux 2010

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You have probably heard of Nepomuk, the semantic desktop technology we've been shipping for a while as part of the KDE Platform. However, so far, you may not have noticed it really doing very much useful for you. So what is this thing called Nepomuk, what can it do for us now and what will it bring us in the future? We asked two of the driving forces behind Nepomuk, Stéphane Laurière and Sebastian Trüg of Mandriva, to tell us about the real Nepomuk features that are already available in KDE software and those that have been introduced with Mandriva Linux 2010.

LabPlot and SciDAVis Collaborate on the Future of Free Scientific Plotting

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If you are a scientist and KDE user, you may already have been impressed by the range and quality of specialist software available for your use. But you may not be aware of the scientific graph plotting applications LabPlot (stable KDE 3 release with a KDE 4 version in progress) and SciDAVis (Qt4). The two projects have announced a collaboration to share common backend code to accelerate their development. We contacted the developers to get their take on their applications, the collaboration and the future of their projects. Read on to find out about the future of free software plotting.

KDE Community Forums Awarded Featured phpBB For August 2009

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Over the last year the KDE Community Forums have served as a premier platform for the KDE community to communicate with each other. With over 13,000 registered users generating more than 15,000 topics of discussion the site is growing by the minute. A little over a month ago, the forums introduced a new look while moving over to the phpBB forum software. These improvements have clearly caught the attention of many people as KDE's Community Forums were selected as the Featured phpBB for the month of August 2009.

Read on for an interview with Patrick O'Keefe, admin and webmaster at the phpBB hacks forum.

People Behind KDE: Luboš Luňák

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In the latest People Behind KDE interview, we cover someone who has been with us for a long time. Alternately known as "Evil Genius" or "Rock Star with an International Fan Club". He still has his plushy lion, but has to now rectify his work on KWin with a dislike of fancy graphics and reveals the story behind his blue hair appearance. These are the publishable parts from our interview with our current star of People Behind KDE: Luboš Luňák.

Interview with Developer Dario Freddi

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It is with great pleasure that we publish this interview with Dario Freddi, the developer known as drf in the KDE community. For those who do not know, Dario dedicates his time to many aspects of KDE 4; PowerDevil for example, the power manager that has debuted in KDE 4.2, is the result of his hard work. Other projects which he contributes are Arch Linux and the Chakra Project, DeviceSync and PolicyKit-KDE! You can find much interesting information in his blog and in the various links here and there in this interview which comes from KDE Italia from last December.