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Integrated Data Management: Kexi 0.1 Beta 2 Released

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Months after the previous beta version and a lot of framework changes later, the Kexi Team is pleased to announce Beta 2 of Kexi, the integrated data management environment for KDE. This is a preview release for interested developers and experienced users; changes from the previous beta include an integrated kexisql engine and an improved user interface.

KOffice 1.3 Christmas Preview

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The official release of KOffice 1.3 was originally planned for this week
but since many people are already preparing themselves for the upcoming
end-of-year festivities we are afraid that binary packages may not become
available for all platforms in time. For that reason we have decided to
release a special KOffice 1.3 Christmas Preview for all of you who can't wait

theKompany.com: Rekall Now Available Under GPL

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theKompany.com has just announced that Rekall, the rapid application development database tool for Linux, similar in concept to MS Access, has been released under the GPL. Rekall can be built with KDE3 support as well as Qt-only. "Rekall will be supported via a community portal www.rekallrevealed.org.