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KDE 2.1-Beta2 Is Out

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Coinciding with the start of the LinuxWorld Expo here in New York, the KDE Team has announced today that KDE 2.1-beta2 is ready for your enjoyment. The attached press release goes into the details (and I can't help but throw in this cool screenshot of the new Konqueror splash page), and lists a number of pre-compiled packages. This all in prelude to the scheduled release of KDE 2.1 in mid-February. So what are you waiting for -- startcha 'loadin'.

KDE 2.0.1, Now Ready for Download

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The KDE Team has just announced the release of KDE 2.0.1. While the release is primarily for updated translations and documentation and for the addition of Japanese as a supported language, it also fixes many of the very annoying bugs in 2.0. A summary of the fixes and a KDE 2.0.1 Info Page are also available. As always, enjoy!

KDE Announces Launch of the KDE League

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The KDE Team today announced its collaboration with industry leaders to
form the KDE League. The League will focus on facilitating the promotion,
distribution and development of KDE, with the goal of establishing KDE
as a desktop standard for PCs, workstations and mobile devices. The
League will not be involved in KDE development.
The League will be holding a press conference at 2:00 pm Las Vegas (PST)
time on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, in Room B in the media tent in the

KDE.org: A New Site for a New KDE

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Hallelujah! The KDE site has quite a new
look! It's been completely redesigned and I like it, thank you very much!
But judge for yourself... Is the new layout better? Is
the new art better? Are things easier to find? We want to know what you think! I asked Kurt
, the KDE core developer behind the changes, a few questions you might have as well. Read what he had to say below.

KDE 2.0 is Out!

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It's official! KDE 2.0 has been released! Run, don't walk, to your nearest mirror or go directly to the source.
The full press release is below.



New KDE Release Is a Major Advance for Linux®

Next Generation of Leading Desktop for Linux®
and Other UNIXes® Ships

KDE Desktop 2.0 Final Release Candidate Available

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RC2, the (hopefully) final release candidate before the scheduled release of KDE 2.0 on October 23, is out, with binary packages available for Mandrake, RedHat (6.2 and 7.0) and SuSE (6.4 and 7.0). The full announcement is below. As the code will be frozen on October 16 for the KDE 2.0 release, here is your last chance to find show-stoppers, or you'll have to live with them for a while <grin>.

KDE Desktop 2.0 Final Release Candidate Available for Linux®

Final Release Candidate of Leading Desktop for Linux®
and Other UNIXes®