Qt Software Releases LGPL'ed Qt 4.5 and Creator 1.0, Provides SDK

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Qt Software has made Qt 4.5 and the Qt Creator 1.0 IDE available for download. For the first time, Qt SDK is available, a convenient bundle of the two. Qt Software will be opening up their development process by making it easier for people to contribute patches and add-ons in the forthcoming weeks. Both Qt and Creator now come with the an LGPL licensing option along with the current GPL and commercial licenses.

Qt 4.5 brings many new features such as a new pluggable graphics system, ODF support and an updated WebKit component which features HTML 5, Netscape-Plugin (e.g. Flash) support and the SquirrelFish JavaScript engine. Find out more in the Qt release blog, the Qt Creator release blog and feel free to join the new #qt-labs IRC channel on Freenode.

Qt Everywhere: 4.5 To Be Relicensed As LGPL

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Nokia has announced that starting with version 4.5, Qt will be available under the LGPL 2.1. From the announcement,

The move to LGPL licensing will provide open source and commercial developers with more permissive licensing than GPL and so increase flexibility for developers. In addition, Qt source code repositories will be made publicly available and will encourage contributions from desktop and embedded developer communities. With these changes, developers will be able to actively drive the evolution of the Qt framework.

This exciting change, made with consultation of the
KDE Free Qt Foundation
, should encourage KDE and Qt use among commercial and proprietary developers and makes the philosophy of "Qt Everywhere" complete.

New Qt Creator IDE from Qt Software

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News emerged recently that Qt Software (formerly Trolltech) were working on their first IDE
for Qt, code named Project Greenhouse. Today saw the release of the
first technical preview under the name Qt Creator. The initial
release is binary only, and under the terms of the Qt preview license,
but the final release will be released with source code under a GPL
compatible license. The initial release is available for Linux, Mac OS
X and MS Windows. Read on for a users review.

Qt 4.5 to Dramatically Improve QtWebKit and QGraphicsView Through Animations and Speed Ups

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At Akademy 2008 in Belgium, Qt developers Simon Hausmann and Andreas Aardal Hanssen announced dramatic improvements in the web browser engine in Qt and the canvas that is used by, for example, the Plasma desktop shell. Video support, animations and transitions, optimisations to speed up painting and animations, and new graphical effects open up nearly endless new possibilities for developers to present their user interfaces with. Read on for more details.

Reflecting a video in QtWebKit

Qt Jambi 4.4 Has Been Released

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Trolltech today announced the launch of Qt Jambi 4.4 – the latest version of its application framework for Java development.
Qt Jambi is based on the recently-launched Qt 4.4, and brings its benefits to Java developers: including the ability to develop web and multimedia enriched applications across desktop operating systems.

Among the new features in Qt Jambi 4.4 you can find: