Qt 3.0.0 Beta6 out, QCom gone

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Normally a new beta wouldn't be dot news, but the new Qt 3.0.0 beta6 release is notable for one reason: QCom is gone. In a mail sent to qt-interest, Trolltech explains, "The feedback we received on this module during the 3.0 beta phase has been mixed. Many users think this module lacks the intuitiveness and compactness that they have learned to expect from a Qt API. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision

Trolltech Previews Qt 3.0

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Trolltech is now previewing Qt 3.0: "Among the new capabilities in Qt 3.0 are: database support; data-aware widgets that provide automotive synchronization between the GUI and the underlying database; a new version of Qt Designer that has become a full-function GUI builder; comprehensive internationalization; and a host of other improvements."