Quickies: XML Plugin For Kate, Pixie Plus, KDEdevelopers.net

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Daniel Naber wrote in some time
ago to
inform us of a new XML plugin for
Kate. "The plugin gives hints about what's allowed at a certain position in
an XML file, according to the file's DTD. It will list possible
elements, attributes, attribute values or entities, depending on the
cursor position. You can also close an open element with a keyboard

Quickies: Sphinx for KMail, Rosegarden, KDE/GNOME@ALS

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Jan-Oliver Wagner writes:
"We are happy to announce that the German Federal Agency for IT Security, BSI, has contracted us (Intevation, Klarälvdalens Datakonsult and g10 Code) to ensure Free Software support for their email security standard, Sphinx. Sphinx basically consists of S/MIME, a PKIX compatible X.509 profile, together with certificate revocation lists (CRLs) based on LDAP. The code developed will be modular allowing inclusion in several MUAs released under the GNU GPL."

Quickies: The Ones We Missed

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Some time ago, Bowie J. Poag wrote in with a link to the System 26 GUI Component Stockpile, a large public repository of raw materials such as individual sounds (clicks, beeps, bells and whistles) and images (buttons, textures, pixmaps, etc) specifically geared for use within GUIs. This may to be a good place to start if one were building a new KDE theme.